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  1. I will try that. Thank you 😁 if that does not work I'm just going to go for it and open it all the way, I know I can do it it's just a lot of work :/
  2. Hey guys, I'm changing the tire in my Tesla v2, and I have gotten both the side covers of, and disconnected the batteries. But I have 2 problems. First, I don't see how I can disconnect the motor wires without taking the main board out or opening the wheel more. In the animation on the ewheels youtube account they show that you can easily disconnect them. And the second and bigger problem, is that in every video I have seen, the wheel just slides out from the shell when you have unscrewed the 6 screws on each side holding the pedal hangers on to the shell. But I don't see that happening on my
  3. just curious what the max power the control board can put out is. the motor should be able to handle around 5kw peaks.
  4. the v5f is actually quite powerfull, it is also very easy to test the limits. my friend has a v5f and i have a tesla v2 and he keeps up with me up the hills. he weighs the same as me, of course i am not pushing my tesla to the limits, not even close. but i can ask my friend to overload the v5f and he will do it easy and will not fall, he is a crazy guy
  5. haha in my dialect (tromsø) we can say "d e d d e" "det er det det er" in oslo dialect, it means "it is what it is", we sure have some crazy dialects over here. yes a meet up would be epic, though i think getting people to travel that "far" for "just a meet up" can be a challenge.
  6. i did not know about that! i am happy norway is not in the EU! we are some sneaky bitches that get all the benefits and non of the disadvantages
  7. i have only ever had 1 flat in around 2000km (lucky me ). it was a TINY metal shaving on my old inmotion v5 with a tire that had gone around 1000km, it was JUST enough to puncture the inner tube (not lucky me ). it was very fun for a 14 year old to find out how to open and fix an inmotion by my self hehe, i managed to do it after messing up the outer shell. it seems metal is the reason therefore all metal should be banned!!! (sarcasm obviously)
  8. Mark Lee, it's awesome to see a post from someone just discovering euc's and their amazingnes and seeing that you are now a big member of this forum and still (as far as I can tell) an avid euc rider. I think all of us had this feeling when we learned to ride and had the freedom it gives us.
  9. I'm buying a new wheel, I was going to buy a used Tesla v2 but it did not work out and in my country there are not a lot of used wheels. My only choice is basically to buy new. Is the gw Tesla still the best bang for your buck under 2000 dollars? If not, wich wheel is?
  10. i think so to, just people say so many different things, as you can see reading through this thread
  11. hei kai, det er en facebook grupe som heter "euc norway" den har mye hjelp og flinke folk for non scandinavian people you can ignore this comment
  12. in my experience all wheels look way better in person. in pictures it looks HORID, but the new 2019 and later looks good in real life, and it is a lot better looking with sidepads.
  13. nope, he showed in the video (at ca. 10 mins) the wheel dipping forward because of not enough power, the mcm5 does not beep when overloaded, it beeps if the lean angle forward/sideways exeeds 35/45 degrees and if you push it to 80% of its top speed, first class and second class speed alarms can be turned off.
  14. he managed to overpower the mcm5 without power pads, and could not overpower the msp WITH power pads, i think that rules the mcm5 out of the question. and yes, my question was climbing ability not effortless acceleration, i have an mcm5 and i know how powerfull it feels. and lets forget what power rating these wheels have, that is part of the "competition". i have been able to climb 25 degrees from a slow speed and keeping that speed on my 67v mcm5 (900w nominal motor) so i think the 84 volt would be able to climb closer to 30-35. i only weigh 65 kg with my gear though.
  15. i have seen videos of wrong way doing hill climbs with an msp and he got to 40(?) degrees. i am wondering what wheel is able to climb the steepest. i have heard people say that the mcm5 is the best at climbing, i have heard tesla i have heard everything, it seems no one agrees.
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