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  1. What is the weight of the hex pedals compared to the stock ones?
  2. The beeps come from this very speaker. They don't have a separate for sounds and beeps.
  3. The speaker stays open for the duration of the charge and it emits a static hissing. I think they do this to not lose time "waking up" the speaker for urgent alerts. In any case, you can lower the sound completely and see if you can still listen it.
  4. This is definitely not a necessity, but a bms that reports voltages for each individual cell would be cool. We could observe the balancing happening at real time when charging and help preserve the lifetime of the battery packs.
  5. Thanks InMotion for helping V11 owners to maintain trust at their wheel. You are a great company and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
  6. For your information, vee had a cutout with the gotway RS at 80 km/h with just one beep. Does this mean that the RS is a bad wheel in general or bad if you want to cruise at 80km/h? Every wheel has its limits, not even 126volt will save you if you drive at the limits all the time.
  7. Dual chargers do not make sense to me. The need for fast charger usually arises in long trips, that you want to rest for 1-2 hours in a coffee / food place and continue. Carrying 2 chargers takes more space and weight in the backpack (plus you need to find 2 wall sockets). At home there is less need for fast charging. Also, you can find a fast charger for far cheaper than the standard one.
  8. I have tried 5a charger through one port. I got around 30% worth of charge in 60 minutes. The charger was running cooler than the stock (2 fans) and no temperature sensor was out of the ordinary. I would be surprised if the ports couldn't handle 5a.
  9. I made a similar poll few weeks ago: I preferred commuting @ 100% or off-road @ 60% until i put power pads on. With all that leverage from the power pads I now have off-road @ 100% and the added bonus of less dip in steep inclines.
  10. Another cheap and popular alternative in Europe: https://www.skatepro.uk/116-11108.htm I have them and they feel comfortable and supportive. I hope I never have to test them in a spill...
  11. Alright, I cleared my browser's cache and now I can see it in my own tours as well.
  12. I don't see the consumption graph (inmotion wheel and recorded tour with latest version). Is it live yet?
  13. It was actually not clear to me at first either. You have to scroll right in the last screen (4th) and find the tour screen there
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