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  1. Ya, you are right, thats what I am doing atm and I am monitoring battery température. So far everything seems normal.
  2. Ok, well that is a good news for me, It probably means that the problem come from the new Firmware and not from the wheel. Txh for the imput
  3. Thx for the info. So far it looks bad for my wheel... Anyone could take the same reading with a KS 16X v1 and firmware 2.03? It will help to confirm if there is a problem with my wheel Thx in advance
  4. Hi guys and girls, I did the firmware upgrade kind of by mistake but It also happend that my gf crashed my wheel badly (Before the upgrade). After some repairs, the wheel ride now perfect but there is a small problem and I wonder if its a bug caused by the new firmware or its a problem caused by the crash damages. When the wheel is charging, on every apps (Kingsong App, WheelLog, UEC World ) the amps reading is around 0.3A. With stock charger it sould normaly read around -1.5A. The problem does not come from the charger. My KS 16X is a V1 Anyone made the upgrade and can compare his results with mine. What is your amps reading when you are charging? Right now I suspect a firmware bug but it might also be a motherboard issue or a BMS issue. It will put my mind at ease if some of you get the same results as it will likely indicate that my wheel if just fine. Thx for your imput !
  5. Thx for your imputs. It is realy usefull. So I will remove the sides panel to be able to monitor better the batteries température while I fully charge theme and then I will check the voltage. But first I have the théory that it might simply be a bug induced by the new Firmware Update. I did upgrade the firmware just after the réparations. Anyone know how to revert to a previous version?
  6. Hi, I am hoping to get some help from someone who have knoledge on topic of batterier, BMS an KS16X repairs. My gf crash my wheel badly last week at probably around 20 miles/h. She didn't get hurt but the wheels did. I repaired a lot of things an put it back together. It now ride perfect but the problem is with charging... When it charge, led on the wheel lit up normaly showing the charge state. The led on the charger is red wich is also good. It means the wheel is charging. When I look at the voltage on all apps it is going up at what appears to be a normal rate. But... on every apps I use, the amp reading is 0.3A. It sould normaly read around -1.5A during the charge. When I ride, strangely the Amps reading is just fine. After the crash, 1 of the batterie pack blue envelope was crack. I fix it with some Gorilla tape. While resting on the side during the fixes, the other pack just fall of the wheel, it was resting 1 side on the floor and the other side holding by the wires. It did not appear to have any damage appart from the 3M tape they use to hold it. On both pack I cleaned the tape and put new 1. Does anyone know where the problem could come from? Is it a BMS or a Motherboard issue. More importantly, is there a safety issue there? I read that cells that are not well balanced are at risk of catching fire. Should I be concerned about that in that particular case? Any feedback will be greatly appréciated.Txh
  7. Well, I did order mine the 2nd of june and, 3 month later, still no news from my dealer. At least I bought a 16x to keep me compagny during the long waiting
  8. Hi Joe, I might be interested. Can you ship it to east Canada (Québec)
  9. Ya you are right, 2+kw from a V5F is dangerous but it is reasuring to see that such a small wheel can work that hard to keep you upright. Thx @Bill Kolk for the link. 5000+ is some nice number
  10. Hi man, I might be interested but I live in Québec City. Would you consider shipping it to canada? Thx!
  11. Hy guys, I am brand new to EUC realm. Just started 3 weeks ago with a second handed V5F. I am alredy completly adicted. Im am looking for feedback from more advanced rider. As I am getting more comfortable my riding style is getting more agressive an I am testing the wheel. The motor on the V5F is rated at 550w only. I understand that this is the max sustain safe operation limite but that we can peak higher. Today I was surprised when I hit a peak at 2643.8w. Of course the machine scream at me PLEASE SLOW DOWN (I wasent going to fast just accelerating hard with a battery under 40%). 2643w is way higher than 550w so i am quite surprise of this result. What is the maximum power draw that you guys got or that I can expect? (I know that playing in that reginon is not exactly safe ) Also, I ordered a V11 about 5 weaks ago. The motor is rated for 2200w with a max of 3000w. Seeing the results from the V5F am I correct to assume that the V11 can peak way higher than 3000w if need be? Im am curious to hear your thoughts on that Thx!
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