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Gotway Tesla 2 Bluetooth LED lights dead


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Hey Guys,

Been riding my Tesla v2 for about 9 months, about 3 months ago the LED and Bluetooth would go out if I went off-road, but eventually come back.  Now they won't come back at all.  I was fine to just keep riding, but after going out on one of these really hot days I must have drained the battery good because I couldn't do more than 6 mph with severe tilt-back.

Now I'm stuck because I can't re-calibrate the wheel without bluetooth on.  Does anyone have any troubleshooting I can do to isolate the problem?  It could just be a bad connection, but I've wiggled the wires and I'm afraid to do more without knowing what I'm looking for.

I tried jumping two pins to reroute the power, but that only enabled the BT speaker and not the main wheel connection.


Picture with speaker working briefly.


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