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  1. Found it on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1787326054746147&type=3&comment_id=1788058011339618
  2. I'm one. I'm 285 and I can go about 10 mi on my wheel before it's too painful on my feet. The torque is fine. Just like with any number of vehicles, you get to learn how responsive it is. I think proper shoes always help no matter how far you are riding. Would you guys mind taking a look at my post? I could really use some help.
  3. Hey Guys, Been riding my Tesla v2 for about 9 months, about 3 months ago the LED and Bluetooth would go out if I went off-road, but eventually come back. Now they won't come back at all. I was fine to just keep riding, but after going out on one of these really hot days I must have drained the battery good because I couldn't do more than 6 mph with severe tilt-back. Now I'm stuck because I can't re-calibrate the wheel without bluetooth on. Does anyone have any troubleshooting I can do to isolate the problem? It could just be a bad connection, but I've wiggled the wires and I'm afra
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