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Is missing IP rating/protection a dealbreaker?

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Hello everybody!

The goal is to sell my car and start driving with electric device (scooter, skateboard, unicycle, surfboard, hoverboard) to work and home. At first, I thought that EUC is just the right choice for it, but because I have read forum posts, I am starting to doubt. The problem is the quality (build quality, reliability, durability, longevity) of the EUC and protection from rain. I also want to get to work and home even when it is raining. In my country, its like raining all the time.

Segway-Ninebot is the only company with IP certifications, but that company no longer manufactures self-balancing equipment. Of the remaining companies, InMotion is the only one that promises IP protection on unicycles. They do not really have an official certificate. They have done their own testing and claim that they would get an IP certificate if the devices ended up officially testing. None of the remaining companies - King Song, Gotway, etc. - own any kind of IP certificates. The situation seems to be bad. Or what do you think about it? What experience do you have regarding with moisture and rain?

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For me, yes. A wheel that can't be ridden in the rain and snow is not going to be on my buy list. A wheel used for recreation or part time commute while weather is good may not need to be as good on weather resistance. But for a car replacement wheel, I need it to be able to go in any weather a car can drive in. So far, my V8 has been able to handle all the weather I encountered.

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On 7/28/2020 at 9:56 PM, Wolverine said:

official certificate.

 IP is not a certificate, it’s just a rating. It is always tested and determined by the manufacturers themselves.

 GotWay is probably the worst with it’s waterproof levels, yet I have used the MSX all year long for two years without issues. I only have a piece of tape on top of the power button. The case is crooked from multiple low speed falls, and does let a bit of water in during rains. But as long as I keep it sensible and not let the control board get wet, it will do just fine.

I did not clean or dry the wheel from snow all winter. No issues from that either.

 I’m absolutely confident that for example the V11 will be just fine for any weather I throw at it. The 2nd batch even more so with the rubber sealed bearings.

As long as you choose a wheel that has the control board at the top and has a sealed power button and sensible front light design, I’d expect zero issues from occasionally riding in the rain.

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On Saturday we had three MSX 1600 on our group ride out in heavy rain and with very wet ground.  We also had my V10F and a KS-18L (not XL, if that matters).

Of the three MSXs two died in the wet and both had catastrophic and permanent control board failures.  I've had my V10F apart and there are three layers of waterproofing:

  • The outer case acts as a splash guard with visible drainage channels.  This stops most of the water getting anywhere near the board.
  • The control board is protected by a plastic box with a rubber seal.  I'm not convinced that this protection is perfect, I think water could get in around the cable entry glands.
  • The control board PCB is covered in a conformal coating.

I saw some photos of one of the MSXs that died and it seemed to have none of the above protections.  I'm surprised that the third one didn't die too given how heavy the rain was.

Ideally I don't think the V10F should be ridden in heavy rain either, the above protections are a good start but they're not perfect.  Looking at the build quality of the MSX I wouldn't ride it in a gentle shower :unsure:

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