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  1. We use 3 M1-S Plus here and they have made the rides so much more enjoyable. We can call out something to watch out for without having to ride super close together. Or we can just chill and chat easily.
  2. From my point of view, mods' only job is to keep a forum turning into total anarchy, which the mods here have done a great job. They don't need to promote nor steer the conversation in any direction. The forum should just be a place for anyone to speak freely within rules. The quality of a community is made of entirely of the users. If you desire the forum to be of higher quality or more attractive to newcomers, feel free to contribute the way you desired, as other will contribute the way they desired.
  3. I rode through the last winter everyday going to work on my V8. Rain, snow, salt, it doesn't matter. Stock tire works just fine if you take extra care on snow and ice.
  4. Falling or not is really up to the kind of that particular ride. I've never fell during commute rides because it's just not that type of ride. On a commute ride, I follow the traffic, be predictable to others, and none of the trick moves that increase chance of danger. On the other the hand, when I am doing tricks or offroad trails, I expect I will get off the wheel at some point just like a skater trying a new trick. At this point I feel safer on a wheel than on a scooter.
  5. Sorry to hear about your scooter being stolen. I also switched from a D3 to EUC for commute purpose. 1. You would want to be comfortable with it before taking it onto the road, especially hills. Not because hills are that much harder to ride once you have learnt how to ride a wheel, but as a new rider, if you have to jump off, the wheel can roll down hill and away from you. I wouldn't worry about wetness. EUC works better in wet than scooter IMO. Snow on hill is a different issue though. 2. Depends on your weight, the grade of the hill, and how long is the sustained climb. There are
  6. I just can't do "yukes." All I can think about when I hear that way of saying EUCs is "youts" from the movie my cousin vinny. I am really not a fan of calling it electric unicycle either. It's too long. But that's what I say to people who have no idea about EUCs because It gets the idea across instantly without further explanation.
  7. Yeah, something like that. But besides it being hard to live with in a day to day with the wheel, it's also not optimized for our riding pose. It's designed and cut to fit well in a hunched over, bent arm, bent knee pose. It's not comfortable standing up in at all. I know there are places that do custom track suit. Maybe custom making one that fits a euc riding position is possible.
  8. I think that basically describes a track suit/jacket. Most of the higher end one consist of D3O or similar proprietary material at mentioned locations, TPU/nylon/metal shell/slider. My 10 year old track jacket has most of those features. But I don't wear that while riding a wheel as it's simply to cumbersome for the condition I am riding.
  9. This is also how I turn at speed, but with the outer "straight leg" still slightly bent. This type of turn gave me instant familiarity and comfort as it is the same feeling hanging off the tank when I used to ride sportbikes. I only turn with weight on the inside leg when doing slower speed maneuver.
  10. If you ever want to have multiple wheels, my opinion is that one should be a MTen3. It's such a fun wheel which I can mess around in a parking lot for hours. It just so different from a regular sized or larger wheel.
  11. Reddit probably has the largest English electric scooter forum with 20k users. https://old.reddit.com/r/ElectricScooters/
  12. I have done it on my V8. It helped for light scuffs but does not hold up if the wheel falls and slides on the ground. At 10mph jump of, it ripped all the way through and the shell had slight scuffs. I am sure the shell will be worse if it was bare. However, due to it's almost like a one time light use, I've since opted for something else. I use adhesive backed neoprene sheet now as it protects better for both scratches and impact. It is also more comfortable. The disadvantage is I lose the side lights.
  13. It's hard to say without going through the tube inch by inch or do the soapy water test. If you reinflate the tube, does it leak air somewhere identifiable? Or is there a big cut already, which sealant won't be able to help? Also to note that not all sealants are created equal. Some drys out and others last years. Some have larger fibers that seals bigger hole, etc. another place where sealant won't help much is around the valve area.
  14. Not necessarily. I put Ride-On in all my PEVs when I get them. The point is to prevent small punctures, and not just to fix when puncture already happened.
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