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2nd Generation Suspension


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IMHO,  based on the current reviews I can see what we are going to get from the 2 new suspension models. I want to focus on what is next now that we have established that incorporating suspension is a valid option.

1. Off-road specific models

2. Coil suspension

3. Valid clearance/adjustment for knobby tires

4. Adjustable pedal angle

5. Universally accessible valves (suspension and tire)

6. Bolts, not screws

7. 1500-1800wh battery


***My personal preferences/requests, don't take it personal if you feel differently, lol***

Be constructive, not critical  - gon2fast



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For me personaly S18 is disqualified because batery size. I want ubgrade from v10f witch have same range. And i want change because range and mileage. V11 i think is more polished product with longer development cycle. S18 look too prototype or concept. Weatherresistance is great move forward specialy after 16x water/dust proof diaster. V11 expect inmotion high standard in weatherproof. For me like 120kg geared rider i need time to see how good all mechanical parts handle wear and tear. There are some plastic moving parts or metal to metal conections. I need to know how both euc handle low temerature if some parts can broken or damaged if they are almost frozen. My plan is wait to late sumer and collect data and information about suspension euc. In that time i expect more batches potentionaly new whell or remake what we can call 2th generation. In ideal world i want own. both v11 and S18  too. But things is not ideal and decisions decisions we all know this feel. 

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I understand your stance concerning the fact that neither first generation suspension wheel has been released, but my requests are not part of what is being delivered with the S18 and V11 currently. There is no harm in enhancement requests. 

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1 hour ago, mrelwood said:

What I’d love to see on a future suspension wheel is a 16x3” tire, 1500+ Wh battery, and 22kg or less weight,

I'm enamored with the design of the S18. It just looks fun, and it's designed to be fun too. I'd really like if it had smaller wheel, too, but I'd be more aggressive and ask for a 14x3".  I absolutely love the absurdly nimble MTen3, but that 10x3" wheel is a bit troublesome sometimes.  I figured a 14" would be a good compromise, but add suspension and it would be a impulse buy for me. :D

The S18 doesn't quite have the range for a lot of the group rides, especially as I'd be riding it hard to keep up. It's not light enough for an anytime anywhere grab and go.  I want the S16, but I just can't justify another 18" wheel ... yet.



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