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Noob App questions (Gotway/Android)

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SoI I'm keen to use my Tesla in this lockdown period (in the hope that there will be a relaxation on PEV in the UK).

One thing I don't understand is how to best use the different apps with it. On scanning here I found the Gotway App is generally disliked (although this does have the ride and light settings). Unfortunately I can only find the non-English language version!

It seems most Android users use Wheellog. But this is where I am having problems - it appears to me it's just an app to track data rather than adjust settings. Am I missing something here?

Yesterday I was riding with the voice alert and I kept getting a current warning. This was coming on everytime I either was wobbling to pull a tight circle or accelerating away. It made me feel super paranoid that something was going to fail so I stopped riding.

  • Is there a way to actually affect settings of the wheel in the app. Eg, titltback, warning notification speeds etc?
  • Also is this still the preferred app for Gotways on Android?
  • What are the safe ranges for current and voltage on the wheel? I don't want to ride it if I feel like it's not setup properly. Seems to me the app is quite an important factor in doing this.

Worth mentioning my tire pressure might be very low (hopefully I haven't damaged the rim) so I don't know whether that has an impact on current.

Appreciate any help you guys can give. I want to capitalise on my enthusiasm to make this work!

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Euc World (sucessor to Wheel Log) can indeed adjust all the parameters that the Gotwap app can.

Not sure what eucw current alarms are best for the Tesla, I use 90A with 120A as peak on my MSX if that gives you a rough idea.

You can set whatever speed alarms you want, I dont use them though and only rely on the final 80% (wheel beep) alarm which cant be turned off. So all eucw and gotway speed alarms are off for me. I do use the current and over voltage ones though.

Eucw is brilliant. Use it, and donate to the designer :)


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Thanks Planemo. I've signed up and downloaded it 

If I take a loose calculation that the MSX is about 30% more powerful than the Tesla and drop my ranges for the alarms accordingly I guess that will be about right.

But for my understanding. Am I right is saying that overloading the current will effectively lead to cutoff. And to do this you will need to effectively overload the wheel with you're asking of it?

So basically if I was to try to superlean to get it accelerating quickly this could do it?

I am not sure why when I was turning circles slowly that it puts more load on? Made me nervous.

I'm hoping that as long as I do everything not exceeding 30mph and not dropping to 30% battery I will be okay. Does this sound like safe working parameters?

I'm paranoid about the amount of fall stories I've read on here!

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@rinzler- current alarm at this 90-120A at low speeds are to protect mosfets and wires.

One should not be able to overlean the wheel at low speeds - current reserves are "unlimited".

At higher speeds this looks different - the limit for current (torque, "power") drops straight down to zero at lift cut off speed.

And lift cut off speed is no constant - it xhanges directly with battery voltage (~charge percent)

18 minutes ago, rinzler said:

I'm hoping that as long as I do everything not exceeding 30mph and not dropping to 30% battery I will be okay. Does this sound like safe working parameters?

If one super-superleans it to 30mph with 30% it could get tight...

Just remember that burden limits get less with speed - so the faster one drives the less one should accelerate (take inclines,...)

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Thanks guys. I've been experimenting with the app. Much nicer to be able to control things in one place.

That said I cant get the beep alarms to work either on the wheel of through my headphones. I tested the alarm and only get vibrate.

I don't get suspension settings either. They don't seem to do anything on the Tesla!

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