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  1. I do ride on some back roads. I live quite centrally so my couple of jaunts have been along the river Tate Modern, South Bank side. Very wide footway and the cycle lanes going across London. I don't think it would be safe to use roads around London other than side roads. This is actually how I got into kick scooters/escooters/EUCs - because I wanted a safer transport option than being on a bicycle on the roads (avoiding the underground was also joint 1st!). I definitely pad up. Bike helmet, Knee pads, one lead arm wrist guard...my tests showing it's harder for me to grab the wheel within my wrist guard because of the skid plate. I definitely take @Planemos approach to avoidance. I turned back on myself a few weeks ago just to avoid a stationary cop car. 2016 - the golden age of hassle free PEV use... I wish for those simpler times. As side note, how fast do you generally go? I feel comfortable at 20mph and don't anticipate going beyond 26mph since I'm all about not getting personal with the pavement!
  2. So are you guys still riding around? I've taken my Tesla out a few times around London. I went past the Police once.... Sheepishly.... Fortunately they didn't say anything. I want to start using it on longer commutes around London and in the suburbs and on the pavement (probably 6-8mph in those cases which is jogging speed). The press coverage is.making me feel nervous again about doing so. The first time I used my EUC was when there was a clampdown. I got a verbal warning so back in the box it went. I have been riding an escooter (on the pavement) for many years (when people used to always be curious in a positive way and ask about speed, range and cost). These days I see loads of people flying around on their escooters on the road. This is where the negative perception has come from in my opinion. It also makes me look bad for being on the pavement. I'm now feeling nervous again about taking my wheel out. How can you enjoy it if you're always worried about getting stopped/fined/points on your licence. The whole insurance, road tax thing is also annoying. I just want to jump on ride to my nearby destination and not worry about it. If I have to pay to use it then I'll just get rid and stick with a bicycle.
  3. I work with agile/scrum and I love this. Stealing it to show my stakeholders. ✌️👍
  4. I think it's naive to think being niche won't mean there are push backs against the use of EUCs. In the UK last year there was a major clampdown on all PEVs after a few rider deaths. If a member of the public dies as a result of a PEV you can bet your ass there will be a witch hunt against all riders. For all the defending of the riders in question and these examples, people need to accept is that no rider can anticipate how the other pedestrian/driver/cyclist would react. Why take the risk of Russian roulette? The problem is about being aware and considerate. There will always be asshole cyclists, drivers, PEV riders. Just don't be one of them. In the case of the demo, if they really thought about it. They could have got better footage and tested the limit further if they'd even considered the time. What would the footfall be like at 7AM. I'm sure the kid and casual cyclists would not have been there. Use some common sense. I don't think it should be a witch hunt against NYC or riders pushing the limit. But everyone has to be more accountable for their actions. This thread has a bit too much "yeah but they do this and those other do that". Life is simple, you wouldn't like it if some zoomed past you at 20mph let alone 40mph on a pedestrian walkway. So just don't do it to someone else.
  5. I also have the v1. But the 2019. I think they tweaked the board from the original Took it out this morning. Nothing to compare it to and a lot of my nerves are based on the outlier examples of cutting out and/or random crashes. I like the wheel. Spent a lot of time thinking about it before taking the plunge. Shifting from thinking about a ninebot1 then a V5f then the battle between KS16S and Tesla. In the end I went with the Tesla because I didn't like the idea of throttled speed from 50% battery. If the 16X was actually available at the time then I might have been tempted not least because I think it's the best looking wheel out there. The Tesla design does feel a little dated and the ergonomics aren't great to me. Mainly I like the shape just the bulging sides look weird. I would have loved the cut off switch. I don't think the BT speaker add much other than annoying your fellow human. I think if they woudl be able to get the MCM5 shell for the Tesla it would look better. I love your Porsche analogy. I mentioned this in the comments on YouTube. And this kind of makes me think I made the right.choice. Also. 19kg is just about doable. I came from electric scooters where mine weighs a nice 8kg. Unfortunately that secote has gone the other way and producing performance over convenience. Why have a 50mph top speed but make it 80kg to carry. I guess same could be said about EUC but I think this is why the camps will split into extreme EUC and commuter/leisure. . I hope to have my Tesla for a while konger. A slimmer version would be the only thing to tempt me away from the v1 for now.
  6. Hello all, So I finally took my Tesla out for a long journey along the river in London. A nice 6 mile round trip in which I finally got to feel a bit more comfortable riding amongst the public and over different terrain. One thing I noticed is that I very quickly was exceeding my beeps at 20mph and I also realised it was hard to hear with my BT headphones (for EUC world app audible notifications). I want to crank my speed alert limits but would like to do this in a safe way. I think I am overall still concerned about cut-offs and just my ability to control (had a couple of wobbles when feeling nervous at points in my journey). I have read mixed information on the top speeds of the Tesla - some saying 35mph and some saying 30mph. I wondered if people experienced with this wheel can advise on a some upper limits that I can ride without mentally worrying that I might cut out. Ideally I want to ride around 28mph at 30% battery and above. I also would like to know the top speed that still allows for head room for output spikes. I am keen to use tilt back to help me out. Rider weight 65kg Hopefully what my query is makes sense. Looking to hopefully go for a ride tomorrow. Before lockdown really eases off here and the public are out and about again. Thanks!
  7. Updating the UK BEIS consultation link for those who want it. https://beisgovuk.citizenspace.com/ccav/future-of-transport-regulatory-review/ I'm hopeful we can ride on the pavement at a respectable speed (like jogging speed). The roads of London seem to dangerous to me for a EUCs. I was using my electric scooter for a long time on the pavement (riding sensibly of course, and having years of experience on a kick scooter). The proliferation of escooters (and more powerful ones) makes me feel like I now will be forced on to the road. The whole purpose behind getting an escooter and EUC was to avoid getting a bike and having to use the roads. Fingers crossed some logic will prevail. I'm always surprised to see eskateboarders on the roads. I can't imagine it being comfortable with the crappy road surface!
  8. Thanks guys. I've been experimenting with the app. Much nicer to be able to control things in one place. That said I cant get the beep alarms to work either on the wheel of through my headphones. I tested the alarm and only get vibrate. I don't get suspension settings either. They don't seem to do anything on the Tesla!
  9. I use a kick scooter, an electric scooter and an EUC. The hazard part comes from the idiots riding them not the devices themselves. I think escooters have gone the wrong way with bigger and faster. Not so portable anymore! I feel much safer riding on the pavement managing my speed (no faster than a jogger in busier environments). I want the option to do the same on my EUC. Otherwise I might as well get a bicycle (although how long til it gets stolen is another story). It seems the only downside with increased number of users is we'll be pushed to the roads. Not a safe place in London. Still, I'm hoping the bottom line is that the 'turn a blind eye' approach comes back in to play and I can actually use my pevs again (currently cycling most places or using my kick scooter).
  10. Thanks Planemo. I've signed up and downloaded it If I take a loose calculation that the MSX is about 30% more powerful than the Tesla and drop my ranges for the alarms accordingly I guess that will be about right. But for my understanding. Am I right is saying that overloading the current will effectively lead to cutoff. And to do this you will need to effectively overload the wheel with you're asking of it? So basically if I was to try to superlean to get it accelerating quickly this could do it? I am not sure why when I was turning circles slowly that it puts more load on? Made me nervous. I'm hoping that as long as I do everything not exceeding 30mph and not dropping to 30% battery I will be okay. Does this sound like safe working parameters? I'm paranoid about the amount of fall stories I've read on here!
  11. Hello, SoI I'm keen to use my Tesla in this lockdown period (in the hope that there will be a relaxation on PEV in the UK). One thing I don't understand is how to best use the different apps with it. On scanning here I found the Gotway App is generally disliked (although this does have the ride and light settings). Unfortunately I can only find the non-English language version! It seems most Android users use Wheellog. But this is where I am having problems - it appears to me it's just an app to track data rather than adjust settings. Am I missing something here? Yesterday I was riding with the voice alert and I kept getting a current warning. This was coming on everytime I either was wobbling to pull a tight circle or accelerating away. It made me feel super paranoid that something was going to fail so I stopped riding. Is there a way to actually affect settings of the wheel in the app. Eg, titltback, warning notification speeds etc? Also is this still the preferred app for Gotways on Android? What are the safe ranges for current and voltage on the wheel? I don't want to ride it if I feel like it's not setup properly. Seems to me the app is quite an important factor in doing this. Worth mentioning my tire pressure might be very low (hopefully I haven't damaged the rim) so I don't know whether that has an impact on current. Appreciate any help you guys can give. I want to capitalise on my enthusiasm to make this work!
  12. I can't find a supplier though! The main reason I want to upgrade is I am nervous of slipping on road debris. I'm currently practicing in the underground car park where I live (staying home people). When I do smaller circumference turns or slightly more sharper/aggressive turns I feel worried it's going to slip and thus I tense up. Maybe it's just in my mind.
  13. I actually did this for my Tesla. Took ages and I had to do it manually. I'm still pretty pleased with my handy work even though it is a little rough around the edges. My main advice for anyone who wants to attempt it (the roll.nz is definitely the one if unlike me you don't spend all your money on other hobbies) is to use 3mm neoprene instead of my 5mm. It made it a nightmare to sew and actually shifted my position on the pedals a bit. I'm sure a more experience rider would be fine. But for me as a beginner it felt a little off putting to not be able to get to my safe spot.
  14. Having a drink to loosen up is something the skiing and snowboarding community have been doing for years. In Europe they encourage a shot of schnapps to take the tension out of your legs. I agree that there is a fine line. I've been drunk/hungover snowboarding before and a hard slam due to slow brain to body reaction soon put an end to anything like that ever happening again. I also am not at the skill level to consider it and I also think the added dimension of being on the road (vs a slope) is a recipe to get EUC'ing banned outright. Of course that would probably depend on us all being p!ssheads riding drunk all the time. I've been drunk on a bike and like some others I felt it was the wrong side of 'loosened up' so I know I will avoid that in future. Agree with the comment from @GothamMike no chance I'm going to let a drunk guy on my wheel. He would have fallen or dropped the wheel (being drunk he probably would have been like : "washtt ver problam, maaayte. Ishhh jushht a sssratch" Sober or drunk people still see these as toys and I think do not quite understand the ability they have. I think generally people equate them with hoverboards.
  15. So with the Covid situation I decided to dust off my Tesla. 35miles use only in a private car park. I continued with more of the same and was quite pleased to see that I was still able to ride it. I think having some years of snowboarding experience and a lot of time on kick/e-scooters perhaps has given me a better sense of balance than a complete noob. It felt good. I enjoyed the sensation and if I knew I wouldn't get in trouble using it ('illegal' in the UK) I would probably ride it. Seeing the changes in power output, wheel sizes/tyre thickness and now suspension I wondering if my Tesla is still fit-for-purpose? I understand the that max speed is 35mph (37mph I think is the quoted top speed). The main desire for more power I understand is to give the rider greater bandwidth for the motor to not be overworked. I'm guess running at around 80% of the wheels capability is ideal to give your the wiggle room for unforseen pedal dip, voltage spikes and terrain changes. Using this bandwidth rationale that would put the max speed of the Tesla at 28mph. Whilst I haven't built the confidence or skill to get anywhere near there I can imagine hopefully eventually getting to it (although I don't know if anyone does this in the UK/London). I suppose to tech geek in me is paranoid that my Tesla is out of date and things are way better now. I have had the same experience recently finding out that no one really rides regular camber snowboards anymore (I still do). So just wondering what the better experience riders wisdom would be? Does it still hold up to today's mid-higher range wheels? Does my bandwidth theory make sense and is correct? I am considering doing the 2.5" tyre upgrade so at least maybe that would modernise it a bit...
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