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  1. rinzler

    Riding an EUC on UK roads / pavements

    I looked at these and then rationalised that I don't want to go out with a change of clothes. Hence the low density armour. I can get a hoody or a jumper on comfortably enough to commute. Then on arrival I'd just throw the armour in a bag. Just thinking about it there is two very distinct schools of EUC rider here - commuter and freerider. The latter is likely to be less bothered about appearance. The former (me) needs to swiftly be able to go from protected to work/social mode very quickly and with the least amount of luggage given that the euc itself will be 15KG++.
  2. rinzler

    Riding an EUC on UK roads / pavements

    I've ordered a demon flex force x (d3o) https://demonsnow.com/store/DS 1650 Flex Force Pro top V2 top. Low density enough (apart from the slightly hump back) to sit under a hoody. I've also ordered the x2 https://demonsnow.com/store/X2-D3O-Mens-Top to compare the density. I'm not sure how foam will protect me so I'm leaning toward the X1. I now understand the steep learning curve of this hobby. I'm starting to see the benefit of a crappy starter wheel. As it stands I've gone all in so I'm going to make myself like it! With the steep learning curve I've realised I'm not going to venture out until I have slow figure 8 tunrs (clockwise and anti-clockwise) dialled in. Fortunately for me there is a car park at my property that I can practice in isolation. I'll use my bicycle helmet and wrist guards for now but will look to a full face if my speed starts to increase over 20mph. I knew there was a reason I went the escooter route years ago instead of this one... (I also never liked eskateboards like the boosted board too for this whole being thrown off reason - escooter you get an extra split second to to pivot off the handle bar)
  3. rinzler

    Riding an EUC on UK roads / pavements

    The be considerate and discreet is the key thing i think. Certainly on my escooter i manage my speed when i see the rozzers. I throw in the occasional kick scoot to add to the "nothing yo see here" ruse. With that being said I'm not sure how I'll be discreet riding a Tesla on the pavement (don't worry I'm not a bellend that will do silly speeds heck i can't even use one yet) wearing a full face helmet. I am paranoid about face planting but equally the more visually padded up (and i think a full face helmet looks hardcore) the more it will look out of place and attract attention. Not sure the route to take. Got my cycle helmet in the interim. Body armour, wrist guards and gloves can all be made discreet. But that chin guard...
  4. rinzler

    purchase advice (z10 vs GT16 vs Tesla)

    Would it be the ricochet off the pothole that would throw a rider off? I'm curious to understand how planted the 16" Tesla would be over crappy streets. I get that the 18" should always win in terms of comfort. But does it mean that one would definitely come of from a pothole at 40kmh? I noted the quality of the roads (in how crappy they can be) whilst driving in my car and wonder how that would affect an euc. Like what's upper limit for potholes in terms of depth/size to be able to run over on a 16" vs an 18"?
  5. rinzler

    Inmotion V10f vs Gotway Tesla

    Thanks. I guess to paraphrase @Marty Backe it really is wonderful time to be alive (in euc land) whereby either options are a great choice. I was looking at an excel of euc specs from another member on here and note that there seems to be a two year release cycle. That made think about not going with the Tesla since the v10f is a year younger and 2019 would be the next iteration year in the gotway time schedule (i assume this has manifested as the Nikola). I'm sure I'll be happy. Either way there are always pros and cons of either model. Still you got to just jump in at some point. I just hope the tesla water is good.
  6. rinzler

    Inmotion V10f vs Gotway Tesla

    Wow. Quite the one-sided show! I'm getting Tesla regret! It's not even left the warehouse yet. I didn't take into consideration the v10f has a wider tire. I'm sure i couldn't find the v10f under US$1500 though.
  7. rinzler

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    I also considered waiting on the ks16x but as @mrelwood has noted the timing isnt great if you want it a. With good learning/riding weather and b. NOW! I can imagine learning it in cold rainy weather a real miserable and offputting experience! Specs aside you haven't what type of riding you want to do and the environment. E.g commuter and you live in a 3rd floor flat with no lift. All of a sudden the weight becomes a factor. KS16X is approx 25kg i think. I can barely carry my 8kg escooter for long periods so that put and end to that line of enquiry! The other thing to consider is available capacity ratios. This is something I didnt understand coming from an escooter where you can ride at the limit until the battery dies. On eucs there is a calculation for the max power relative to the battery level. So i believe on the Gotways you can ride full speed to 20% of the remaining battery. I've seen on here that the KS is higher thus preserving rider safety. I haven't even got one yet but i feel like I've read and watched enough for a lifetime. Now it's time for me to stop crunching the numbers and start trying the experience. That aside your route to entry is similar to mine: get the best you can afford now. Hopefully i won't regret that over the other school of thought which is progressive enhancement of wheels.
  8. You know, I'm really starting to think I didn't think this whole EUC malarkey through properly... I never worried about things on my escooter or kickscooter. Granted I have had a few falls and a couple of run offs. (PSA - kick scooter pu wheels in the wet is like being on ice) Anyway - I realise the reason euc riding has a slower update - the price of admission is high. Think about it; I'm already over $1300 down without even taking delivery of anything! It took me a number of years renting snowboarding equipment before I decided to take the plunge... anyway - this is off topic already! So, as per title. I have a decent Kask made dhb cycle helmet (https://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-aeron-road-helmet/). It's not the coolest but I am now starting to wear it regularly when cycling (even short journeys). A lot of you guys use skateboard, mtb, or motorcycle helmets. Is a 'measily' bicycle helmet going to be enough? As for the other kit, I've plumped for: Demon Flexmaster double sided wristguards (I feel lucky to have not broken my wrists snowboarding over the years even with my dakine wristguards) so this is a no-brainer Demon Flex Force X2 D30 top (thttps://demonsnow.com/store/MTB-BMX/MTB-BMX-Upper-Lower Body/DS 1650 Flex Force Pro top V2) - the plan is a fitted t-shirt, this on top and then my normal clothes. Get to destination, whip the armour off. POC Joint VPD 2.0 knee pads (stolen most of the research from this dude: https://esk8.nl/t/defensive-measures-protective-gear/314) - I've read the straps cut into the back of your knees. There is an 'air' version but both don't have quick ways to take them off (must come over the feet). Gloves - ??? I've seen too many pictures of cut-up hands and I'm just not good with that stuff since my mutant healing powers have slowed in older age and I just can't take that sh1t. I need to not get road rash but also to not look like I seemed to have forgotten my motorbike. Hi-tops - check! Bashed ankles is something I am familiar with from scooters! My aim is to wear my normal 'cool' or 'work' clothes. To look as regular as I can bar the gloves and helmet. Equally though I have accepted that it seems a few bad falls are par for the course with this hobby. I want to be able to get up without feeling like I've just been run over* Anybody got direct experience with the knee pad, gloves and armour? Why does this hobby seem inherently more dangerous than snowboarding or scooting!?! Why did I start this journey!?! *I plan to ride almost exclusively on the pavement and bicycle lanes - another reason to not appear to terrorise pedestrians.
  9. rinzler

    Tesla version confusion (and a few more Qs)

    £962 ish is what I ended up at - it's on promotion at the moment. Normally I think it's about £1000 If I could afford to I would have bought from Speedy Feet. I think Ian is really probably the number 1 promoter of euc riding in the UK. Really enjoy his youtube videos. I'm content with the risks of no warranty or needing to teardown the unit (moreso now that I've learnt how to repair brakes and how to fit an alternator on a car). Oh no! I can't possibly ruin my Air Jordans! I'll have to sacrifice a pair of trainers. I hope this hobby doesn't wreck ones footwear!?
  10. rinzler

    Tesla version confusion (and a few more Qs)

    Following an order I just need to deal with the rest that follows... Helmet, body armour, wrist guards...life insurance And most importantly, some sort of protective cover for the Tesla. I can't stand the idea of wrecking such an expensive item! Suggestions welcome!
  11. rinzler

    Tesla version confusion (and a few more Qs)

    Thanks @Rywokast for the assurances. Ali prices are around $1200US which is still expensive for me since this is my first wheel. However I am going with the rationale of buying once. Of course the bug might get me. Between my sneaker collection, my two cars and this I am not sure there is enough money to go around though so after all said and done it feels like the Tesla will satisfy any speed desires in that I will never reach the safe 30mph limit and also ensure range anxiety is never a thing (I am in London so furthest single journey is likely only 10 miles). The information about the Tesla II is super useful. I was really wary about ordering a piece of tech that is already 2-3years old. Not knowing the product lifecycle I was nervous that a newer/better thing would be released immediately after I pull the trigger. I think mobile phone/cellphone yearly cycles has made most tech people paranoid about that! I guess in some way this new tech in place with the KS16X. However for me I think the weight of these products is a massive issue for me. At 24KG the 16X is just unmanageable (thinking about it, that's more then British Airways international baggage allowance!!! - which is 23KG). This is why on my journey for the right wheel I was looking at all the <16KG options. I've rationalised that the 3KG extra relative to the performance and range increase is a tradeoff worth having. But based on my needs (10miles any given journey) I would not go more. Thank also in someway answers @meepmeepmayer suggestion of the KS18L. To me that size wheel is making the form factor no longer portable. I don't know the weight but I suspect it is around 25KG. I love my escooter and kick scooter because I can just jump on a bus and also still carry things alongside either scooter without feeling overloaded. I understand the smaller wheel eucs are more nimble. 14" too small for potholes and crappy roads (NYC/London) 18" comfy but more like a yacht which logically makes the 16" the sweetspot - the speedboat. On the speaker front, for the cruises that @Marty Backe does it is cool. But like a few of you I just can't stand tinny sounding music or any music/loud phone conversation that is effectively forced upon me! Me: my music, my headphones with low noise leakage - done. Interestingly I would have thought you guys would be all about weight saving to increase top speed or range (pick your poison). Or perhaps I'm mistaking car enthusiasts with the obsession around carbon fibre this and that. And perhaps assuming that the speakers are 1+kg things. I feel now a bit more content to order the wheel. I'm glad I learnt about the different versions and the next iteration doesn't equate to a performance increase. This settles me a bit more for spending a large amount of money on an untested pev (for me). It took me a while to plump for the £685 for my escooter (Nextdrive 2.0) some years back. I was originally in the market for another escooter but at least I will now have a different type of mode of transport/new experience. Car, bike, kick scooter, escooter and now euc. I think that's enough of a fleet for now!
  12. rinzler

    Tesla version confusion (and a few more Qs)

    Argh! When is due to release? I don't really care for the speakers (I'll stop there on my opinion on that...!). The cut off is the most important part. I have seen more experience people use the shortcut of just lifting and keeping it perpendicular to the ground. If there is no other technical improvements and a heavy price increase then i might just stick with what @Rywokast calls the rev 3 (hopefully that's what I'm getting!?) Although the pads sound like a bummer. If on the other hand there is a marginal price hike but a much better all round technical improvement then it seems silly for me to buy an obsolete model. The downside of tech. Jumping on this speeding train is never easy! Any ideas on pricing/ availability?
  13. rinzler

    Tesla version confusion (and a few more Qs)

    Ha. And you've not been blownup or set on fire by it! Thanks for your input. I've been watching a lot of your youtube videos. Most helpful. I haven't seen a speaker and handle cut off version mentioned on any spec I've seen. The latter would be fantastic. I will check with my vendor to confirm this. I checked the info about the batteries. Basically both the same one Panasonic one Sanyo. The Sanyo is marginally better and apparently better over charge cycles. Hope the version clarification will help others. Just been listening to very interesting @Afeez Kay and @Tishawn Fahie youtube interview. I'm a little worried that they both say the Tesla is more if you're an expert level. 😓🤑😬. Me and my 'future-proofing' mentality! Hopefully my experience on a snowboard and on kick and escooter will give a learning curve advantage! Watch out streets of London!
  14. rinzler

    Foot Pain - Cycling Shoes - TIP

    What about 'bouncy' trainers/ sneakers. My other hobby (though this is technically not one yet!) Is collecting trainers. Adidas has a cushioning system called boost. The ultra boost and pure boost are super comfy. Trust could help. Nike has a slightly less comfy version called React foam. For those with plantar fasciitis this might help reduce discomfort. Hope that helps. I assume softer midsoles would be better for longer riding but not too soft since (like snowboarding) you don't want lag introduced by the cushioning absorbing your impact? On the subject of shoes. Does riding and euc ruin/dirty your shoes/ trainers/ sneakers quicker? I have a lot of brand new trainers/ sneakers that ib dont wear if I'm cycling or on my kick scooter because they cease and get damaged. Not cool for a sneaker collector!
  15. I've taken all the great worldly advice and experiences on here and plumped to make the Gotway Tesla my weapon of choice. However looking on the different seller sites I'm now confused by the number of versions ood this wheel. In this case I'm specifically talking about revisions to the model not the power variants. In this example I'm looking at the 84v 1020wh variant. Figured this topic might also help some others in their journey. So can someone confirm how many versions/ revisions of this wheel exist? Amd what those revisions are. @Marty Backe i suspect you'll be a great knowledge source for this. As a starter what I have seen (not for accuracy): Month? 2017 - Tesla original rev1: dodgy electrics and all that other scary QC stuff Month? 2017 - Tesla rev1.1: revised mainboard Month? 2018 - Tesla rev2: 1020wh version introduced, black plastic shell changed to carbon fibre look all over. Month? 2019 - Tesla rev3: ???? this is listed on Ali by but I don't know what is different (see below). Not sure the battery source might be it??? 2019 NEW GOTWAY Tesla Detailed parameters motor:2000W battery:850WH/1020WH battert life:60-80km battery model:NCR18650PF/NCR18650GA max speed:55km/h+ No load speed: 68km/h max load:120kg max slope:25°(90kg test) weight:about 19kg Pedal ground height:15cm wheel:16inch Body size:420mm*200*563mm Speed alarm: 1 level alarm, 30km/h, two alarm, 35km/h, three alarm, 80% power alarm Also to just confirm am I right in saying that no version has a wheel cut off sensor for when you lift it (like the kingsong/inmotions)? Kind of annoying if so since they have the nice carry handle. Would be great to understand jusy what i need to check when i buy/ receive mine.