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  1. Hey all, One for the London riders on here. I got a bit of a firm but advisory word today from Police in an unmarked van (they were right behind me!). My first commute to work (very slowly due to only having 30 miles experience and the sheer volume of people around Bank). It made me feel uncomfortable enough to more or less walk it home. I think I've decided to hang back on ewheeling for now as it just seems to much in the firing line at the moment. I was wondering what other London EUC riders have experienced and approach based on the current climate of PEVs being tagged as dangerous. I feel like EUC riders are more likely to get stopped since we're even more of a minority compared to the mass of Mijia riders (i.e. too hard to stop them without another rider going passed). Back to my escooter it is (small wheels, super stealth, pavement use without hassle). Just seen @Afeez Kay news on the Tesla slim. So tempted to sell on my current Tesla, wait for the bureaucrats to make their minds up on PEVs then buy the sim (assuming PEVs are allowed in the UK/London).
  2. What's the Tesla's tolerance to dusty or wet ground relative to turning/angled tilting of thr wheel? I am super scare of the wheel slipping from underneath me in these instances. Still trying to learn to not panic over bumps.
  3. I wanted to do this on my Tesla. I think it's the major selling point of the v2. However hearing it not always work all the time sounds like you need to be quite cautious lifting it up. Maybe better to just accept have to power it off/on. That said it is annoying for short flights of stairs or big kerbs when wheeling it around.
  4. I think you'll get a wide rangeof answers to this. There are so many variables too from previous board sports experience to risk appetite. I was really worried about learning. I used a combination of the knowledge from all learning videos and in particular @Kuji Rolls video which is very practical and full of useful tips. For me i did about 2hrs in my appartment going up and down the length of it, using the hallway to pinball myself from side to side. The latter helped not have a learnt bias to one side of a wall (stationary mount) to another. I then moved to my car park which after another 1hr or 2hr felt more natural with the wheel. Figure 8s and doing slow controlled circles were part of my training. I'm at the part now where i want to go out in the real world. But I'm kinda scared since terrain and obstacles (people) will be involved. Thinking of using a leash to keep the wheel in some sort of control if i fall off. To my point experience. I am comfortable cyxle and idling on the peddles. I also have a number of years snowboarding experience which i think has helped greatly with balance and body movement. Whilst it's a forward position on an ewheel the principle of your feet being bound to one another and needing to work in harmony with each other is what feels familiar. Hope that helps. Check out @Kuji Rolls tutorial.
  5. I'd be surprised if the board and general construction would have changed from the v1. Why would it? Essentially it's just the cut iff and speakers that are new. Has anyone compared the v1 board and the v2 board? I'm curious if they tried to downgrade parts or build to cost cut.
  6. I was looking for this same topic. I figured it was about tension in the body. I've moved from my carpeted flat to the car park. So smoother and more unforgiving surface (I'm lessening to loosen up to accommodate the small changes in terrain (of a smooth car park floor). I agree with the beer as @The Fat Unicyclist suggests. This is similiar to skiers and snowboarders in Europe. And they've been doing it for years. I did wonder though. Does tire pressure have an impact on wobble? I'm riding my Tesla on soft setting with a reduced psi whilst i get my balance right.
  7. Said yes to the first three. I wanted a charge doctor based on the knowledge here recommending to keep batteries between 20 and 90% for longevity in health.
  8. The seller Green and Fashion travelling has washed their hands of it. I raised a dispute and only got a partial refund. I wanted to exchange for a new unit but the seller refused asking me to post it back. That means I'd be down money having to post a 20kg package abroad. I'll just say it now. He has acted like a right 'cant'. Really, really dented my first foray into eucs.
  9. Just read a thread about another forum user having their tesla fail after a few miles. I opened up one side and couldnt see anything looking out of place. Probably need to open up the other side. I'm hoping it's just some wires vibrating against the plastic shell. Here's some more video for a collective assessment. Tesla Asthma 1 Tesla Asthma 2
  10. Hi @Marty Backe. Yes it is a brand new Tesla. This is part of the issue I was having with my ali vendor. I'll take a peak inside. I know the low hum should be there as discussed earlier (and I found an old 2017 youtube review in which I could hear a similar pitch). But the more noisy part is a concern. I guess I've nothing to lose opening the side panels. Not like my vendor gives a sh!t with post sales service! I just didn't to accidentally break something before I've even put a couple of miles on it!
  11. I'm sure my Tesla has asthma. I've noticed it seems to make a loud rumble when I'm leaning to one side before getting on. Also at slow speed. I've only done one kilometre inside my flat but just worried my unit is not running as it should. Sounds like it's under load without me even on it. Quick short audio clip for actual sounds. https://drive.google.com/file/d/103ndVUmjFSX2VTJXvIfbcmmNH1Pq5P_v/view?usp=drivesdk
  12. I'm hoping the later Tesla v1s have the bp coupe plug. I notice mine shares the same tire as the v2. I'm sure there are other shared components. Just not sure about the motherboard. @Hansolo how long did it take to fit? And where did you source your button? Oh, also, it looks like the button is pressed and then stays in the active (or coupe) position. I like this approach as it allows you to adjust your hand grip when carrying the wheel without disengaging the coupe. Just fyi i use coupe instead of cut off just to match the image.
  13. I'm curious what the actual cost price of a unit is. Any ideas? I get that business wise there would be a time to recover staffing, HQ, r&d etc. But i know from my escooter the retail price was 50% above wholesale price. I'd have been interested but i think i just want to get good with one wheel first before considering a new one. Heck it took me 7year of snowboarding before i actually committed to buying one (obvs rental isnt an option with eucs).
  14. That sounds very much like the voice of possibly painful experience! I mentioned that number range as i noticed mine a 0.5km on the clock when i got it. I assume that was there little obstacle course qc I've seen on YouTube (not necessarily GW but some euc company). And it's also why i wondered if it was possible to clock them like older cars. I like 'new new' things. As for the joke of their QC, it seems fine to me.. but this coming from bitter and consistent misery of deal with Nike quality control (my most recent pick up has a wonky 'E' in NIKE...you know, only their own logo! The QC point does make me wonder whether I should open the unit to check what it all kooks like inside (I saw a youtube guy do that). Maybe even use some blue loctite on the screws and put lithium grease on the annoyingly squeaky peddles. Is that the done thing for GW wheels?
  15. Hi all, I was wondering about a second euc recently and it got me wondering about mileage. I know there are threads with how many miles people have done and it seems this, like for a car is a big deciding factor in purchasing. Is the app info on an euc mileage (gotway in my case) something that is always fact? I.e is it like a car odometer which cant be reset our tampered with (by joe public). So if i bought a brand new euc i can expect 300-800metres on the clock which is their quality control. Is that correct or is there the possibility that they could clock 5 or 10miles or even more and then reset the odometer/ mileage. I'm curious as it emphasises the importance of picking a good seller and or accepting that the true mileage is more a measure of different aspects off the when (rider weight, terrain, mileage etc). Thoughts?
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