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Wtb used starter wheel Washington state

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Electric Unicycle King Song KS 14M DEMO SALE eBay - metroorangeartinc (out of New York)

I offered ~60% of list price as I thought that was a fair price for the wheel, and we agreed on ~65% (plus $45 S/H). I took the wheel apart and it's like new (I think it was 0 miles?--I'm not sure, but was not even any dust inside the shell and the molding hairs were still on the tire!), with OEM King Song battery and room for a second battery on the other side, so it was an awesome deal and I greatly thank the seller. On KS-14SMD I got the battery connections are in parallel, so just plug in a 2nd battery and all should be well (as far as I can tell, I haven't done so yet). The shell had one small mar that is barely visible and would buff out if I cared. It came with everything a new wheel comes with, including charger. Warranty support is on the dealer, not the manufacturer, so that may be an issue, or may not--this wheel has been excellent so I don't know about warranty claims [fortunately].

Being 14" it is a "tiny" wheel (given I'm 6'3"), but being tiny it crashes well (if it were big it might break under its own weight). Being light it's easily "leashed" with a cutoff section from a neighbor's clothesline. It also goes really, really fast for a beginner--faster than you want to go without protective gear, so it's more than you need. I wrapped it in foam so the shell is protected and put a rope on the handle to use as a leash when I lose balance and jump off--works great! A bit more foam and it should be comfortable against my shin.

It is a basic wheel, nothing fancy, no sound other than beeps (no audio Bluetooth or speakers), and basic LEDs. It does connect via Bluetooth to the EUC World app super fast and all features (that the wheel has) are supported (thanks @Seba!). The Chinese innertube leaks air [slowly] as many do due to porosity, so you'll probably want to use 2 to 4oz of Slime 10004 Tube Repair Sealant right away.

Unlike a 10" wheel, a 14" wheel (which this is) is pretty smooth, 10" is kind of sketchy over bumps for a new guy. (I have over 600 miles on hoverboards with 10" wheels, which are big for hoverboards, but 14" is way smoother.)

I'm new to EUCs, and I really like this wheel. If you are patient I'm told the wheel can be bought used on eBay for about $300, though shipping may or may not make that a good deal. If I had it to do over I'd buy from metroorangeartinc again because the battery is new, the shell is undamaged, and I plan on letting others learn on and ride the KS-14 in addition to getting a season of use out if it myself, so having it last a while is important.

Hopefully this helps!

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174Wh / 20W/mi x 80% usable = 7 miles, enough for learning, and it's so light it's probably not going to break, which help$.

if you add a second pack it's 14 miles, which is a decent outing with a friend.

I think the newer KS-14D battery is 210Wh ($170) making for (174 + 210)Wh / 20W/mi x 80% usable = 15 miles, about the range of a miniPRO hoverboard, so I'll call it reasonable for a beginner wheel (especially given the price).

BUT, you could put KS-14S shells on for $80 and stick in (2) 14S 420Wh batteries ($295) for $700 total. (Then maybe sell off the 14D shells on eBay for a few $$$ and help someone out.)

420Wh x2 / 20W/mi x 80% usable = 34 miles

So for about $1,100 you're equal in price and most of the ability of a KS-16S ($1,175), but you didn't have to sell off your ~$400 KS-14D and reinvest the money in a KS-16S, saving you at least the shipping cost plus any loss you'd take due to selling a dinged-up wheel. (Mind you I padded the snot out of mine, but padding costs money too...)

The 14D speed is 17 MPH, which dang fast until one can afford safety gear. The world-record 4-minute-mile is running at 15 MPH, so if one dumps off a wheel at 15 MPH...good luck keeping your feet under you. If not wearing gear I like to cruise at 10.5 MPH, with a few 12.5 MPH bursts, and an average speed of about 7 MPH, so this seems to be a great beginner wheel (at least for me). In theory I can teach a bunch of people how to ride, they can use my old (like new) safety gear, and maybe sell them my next wheel at a big discount as I upgrade further--it hopefully grows the hobby around me for not a lot of money.

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