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  1. 525rider

    Shipping batteries.

    I am planning a vacation in Hawaii and would like to have my MsuperV3 with me. The plan is to ship batteries over there few day before and put unicycle in check in luggage. Anybody has tried this?
  2. 525rider

    FIREWHEEL F528 Seattle area

    Free shipping in 48 states!
  3. 525rider

    FIREWHEEL F528 Seattle area

    I will consider a reasonable offer.
  4. 525rider

    FIREWHEEL F528 Seattle area

    It is a great wheel and has lots of miles left, it was originally for my son, he doesn't ride it anymore.
  5. Some minor scratches, 700miles on it. Asking $600 OBO.
  6. 525rider

    WheelLog total mileage

    You guys should say what machine you have.
  7. 525rider

    Pedal lift F350 firewheel

    My F528 has tilt back when the batteries are getting low especially going up hill, it can be violent, quite a surprise the first time, almost crashed.
  8. 525rider

    Most frequently asked questions?

    I got a good one today from a kid: how often do you fall?
  9. 525rider

    Kickstand MsuperV3

    No, it is out of the way.
  10. 525rider

    Kickstand MsuperV3

    These are actually in front but they can be on either side. I adjusted the allen wrench screw inside so the aluminum rod sits tight on it.
  11. 525rider

    Kickstand MsuperV3

    Made out of softer aluminum, cut M10 thread screwed it in. Works better than I expected.
  12. 525rider

    Mud guard MsuperV3

    Made out of a plunger from Home Depot, unbreakable, works great.
  13. 525rider

    Overcharge protection.

    I've read here about possible shut down starting with fully charged battery going down hill. Today I went carefully down a small hill and my MsuperV3 started beeping and did tilt back, so there is a protection against overcharge. Has anybody experienced that?
  14. 525rider

    Air travel

    Just an idea: how about to make a rental/lease part in this forum? Sort of Airbnb of unicycles. I'd be willing to let one of mine EUC for use to someone coming to visit my city.:) We would have to set some "rules" for this. What do you think?