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Z6 tire bubble

Jochem Smaal

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I would be a bit worried about that. Looks like there is a defect in the carcass. It might let go, it might go for years, especially if you run low pressure @ 15psi like I do.

Personally I would change it for peace of mind. I wouldn't want that on my mind at 28mph...

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21 hours ago, Jochem Smaal said:

yeh it's getting bigger now,  need a new tire :( Any recommendations for parts?

Hi Jochem,

Amazon FR (still Chinese supplier): Amazon FR - SPEDWHEL

Or as Planemo states from Aliexpress (Chinese - careful with shipping and taxes).

Delays are to be taken into account.


I also had someone I spoke to on the MMWG 2020 in Brussels who had a small instruction video on how to change the tire (will have a look).


Go 4th ...


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