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  1. Meulebeest


    Looks like a nice and challenging terrain, good on you. For the Video, IMHO a bit more scenery and a bit less gravel
  2. Hi @Seba, I know that in the past there was an google sheet that was maintained on speed limits (I forgot who it was from, sorry): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xgCTmNf7e2NzRWzMMsX19YQW9pGEMtPJM3KXfz19DZg/edit#gid=0
  3. Ow, I am one of those drivers - once ... a few years (more than a decade) ago I had to cross an intersection, and it was a familiar place (knew it was dangerous), looked (and I am certain I did) both sides, came to the middle and looked again, continued and WHAM (not the group) ... another car in my side steering (not a motorcycle). So I did a SMIDSY ... and it was true ... I apologized and took my responsibility. My observation afterwards on this one, because I wondered how this could have happened, is that: while looking to the right at 2 separate points in time the other driver was partially hidden behind the light pillars. The good news: they changed the intersection a few years later ... When driving a non-shielded vehicle (non-car) I drive more defensively and anticipating, I believe that a majority of incidents takes 2 (full responsibility on the idiot) and me for not assessing the situation correctly. I am not saying you can avoid all, but you can avoid some. Like: this car just parked, hurray for doors that will fly open. Or this truck is turning right, let's make some noise in advance and reduce my speed (not staying on his side). Or this car is looking for a parking spot in the city, (s)he will turn right whenever there is a space available (forgetting everyone else who is on the road) ... These are the moments in life I curse a lot and loud ... But anyways, we are fragile on our EUC (and other means of transport), even when geared up. It won't be my first and it won't be my last .
  4. My bad, correctomundo, it was indeed a few more meters (I thought I saw less and a higher speed somewhere - but hey) ... Done and reset in EUC World worked as intended. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Anyone an idea how to remove the 20 kmh restriction on the KingSong S18 ? Yes, yes, We did ride the 5 km first So the meters / gauges go further than 20 (to 50),but do not seem to transmit modifications to the wheel. And No No, I tried in EUC.World and KingSong app ... (android player here) ... No luck. Thanks for helping out, or pointing in the right direction. PS: Looking back I found my Z10 rather intuitive in setup
  6. Good tip, and I tried it ... but it seems the are fixed together very strongly ... Glued (see white powder residu) ? Not corrosion according to me, (wheel out of the box and only became visible when trying to unwind)
  7. Nice, amazed by all the work you put in. Just a Q, why did you take the DNM 38RC ?
  8. Confirmed - easy to unlock in EUC World. Long live @Seba, again for the 15th time !!!
  9. I believe you can spot one "Cut off" (and recovery), on this video of @EcoDrift (on the 5:15 mark):
  10. Meulebeest


    Nice those takeover sequences, really a group :-)
  11. Did I miss something, or are we already a stage further in the erratic #LockSong (KingSong Geolocking), the notice read "... officially announcing that wheels that include the letter 'P' at the end of the serial number will be locked from use outside of China for example: KS16X28200507P00 ...", so what is with the "I" version locking ? This story gets worse over time ... But thank you for your perspective, which is similar to more people than just you and your friends.
  12. I looked further into the corporation and indeed: Classification of company - (national business register) Activity (NAF code) 4643Z: Wholesale (intercompany trade) of household electrical appliances
  13. Anyone knows what the role is of "KingSong Europe" https://www.kingsong-europe.com/fr And what the "login for resellers" section is about ? (FR: Distributeur Exclusif de la marque Kingsong en Europe .)
  14. Yeah, your one of the fun countries. There are some advantages in TAX in overall too, but your VAT is one of those in the highest bracket. I feel for you ... [ sympathy, but it is not gonna help ya in the financial department] PS: I used to buy memory / SD a few years ago, before the final push for super VAT ...
  15. To be honest, I am a bit curious what the current EUC influencers state ... if anything. Most are probably not personally affected (and /or have good relationships with KS /reseller), but a part of their interested audience/viewers/subscribers is impacted ... A good showcase barometer of a community, or maybe a bunch of individuals interested in a same hobby, exchanging info ...
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