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  1. Hi @The Fat Unicyclist, Any news on the Z10 bodyguard progress ? Really would love one, certainly when always refixing these original stick-on pads, I 'd like more permanent solution And I know there is a market here in Europe :-)
  2. Hello @Seba Do you have form where we can put in feature requests, or are we going through the forum ? Some requests for us would like to improve privacy on tour publication. As you know some of us are restricted by law (see sheet) - and by country, and publication to a (foreign) authority, just opening up for discussions if they are not needed - nah .. thank you. Maybe it is handy to publish some of the road trips, on a tour per tour basis (not all or nothing :-)) And if the speed could be removed (as an absolute axis value), maybe not the graphics that would be great. (That way no-one can ask of you to publish information that people didn't want to show). I think that way a lot more would be published. Just my 5 cents.
  3. Man, real life traffic and hazards. I felt like I was riding it too ... Nice one. PS: you seem to wiggle back and forth, while I wiggle sideways
  4. Would EUC.World ( @Seba ) be representative for the geographical dispersion (not the number / amount of riders) ?
  5. Nice video, watched it several times together with ecodrift.ru screenshots. Also found a Ninebot "official" assembly video here (also downloadable): https://cloud.video.taobao.com/play/u/3820368190/p/1/e/6/t/10301/238058944538.mp4
  6. It is the same kinda people walking down the isle at the supermarket, they stop smack in the middle when they see their product and everything else ceases to exist. And there is lot of them, tried to re-educate them one at the time, but there is lots of them ... Was confronted with a car in my lane, had to maneuver out of his way and fell. His remark: you fell, not my fault <RANT ON> ... Next time I jump over your hood into your window, helmet on, you ... </RANT OFF>
  7. Hey Myk, Ecodrift has a good step by step disassembly video / screenshots (this is the Z6 link - but same build, there is also a Z10) https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fecodrift.ru%2F2018%2F08%2F10%2Fninebot-z6-razbiraem-izmeryaem-i-vzveshivaem%2F&sandbox=1 Upper handle is shown. Not sure this will solve your issue though.
  8. Hi, Currently wearing an alternative - not that lightweight though > 1450g, but very convenient I found (BE/EUROPE) for autumn / winter season, and reasonable price (200 EUR) / decent brand. https://www.airoh.com/helmets/executive-en/
  9. I 've come across some info, but maybe a French citizen can correct me where needed, but I believe that in France they are officially limited to 25 kph. And I have seen some links where all Ninebot Z's are limited to 25 kph: e.g. https://www.gyroroue-shop.fr/boutique/gyroroue-monoroue/segway-ninebot-one-z-6-z-8-z-10-1800-w But I believe it would be the most sensible of Ninebot to brick/lock this through software (firmware) and not hardware ... And this by means of demand by the reseller channel (in line with local regulations), my guess.
  10. The topic started of with a reasonable question - of speed "setting / limitation" Now, I wonder... apart from some sympathetic / empathic statements made in several fora ... So I am adding the following "imaginary" statements: Regulator: "Avoid as much bodily harm as possible ... because it costs the community / public backlash / ..." > Additional safety regulations, including speed limitation. Insurance: "Fees paid are welcome ... waiver on alimony amounts due ... " > speed led to this injury (or worse), and behind the scenes the calculation risk coverage versus benefits ... Scientists: "Among others Newtons laws versus internal organs ..." Creator/manufacturer: "Give the public what they want" > and pay for ... all creativity goes ... User/EUC rider: "Freedom !" > Joy versus If only I knew. Analogy: Let's go swim with the sharks, R: prohibited, I: add-on dangerous sport clause and premium, S: metal vs teeth vs human, C: 300 for the experience Now apart from the correct season for wishing, I believe most of us see where this goes ... Common sense and adoption through numbers ... So I believe @Inductores raised a valid question as feature request, aligning on risk adversity: speed setting and still include choice. PS: I have had some judgment passed upon me in the past, vehicle capable of going way too fast - what fun and in hindsight what risk .
  11. I hope some product (or marketing / sales) responsibles go a bit further than this reasoning (historical/current sales), for future product development. Certainly if you are at the beginning of some hype cycles and early adopter stages ... it can be the correct product at the wrong moment or for the wrong audience. (But of course you need means/resources to develop something) To be honest and imho, we are but the first niche batch of buyers, whereas current manufacturers aim for deeper adoption with a bigger audience :-) And our segment will always tend to compare with the newest / boldest / bravest / most spec-ed product out there.
  12. Reproduced it, same reason on my end... Maybe we should fill out a form on your site for bug reports (state what our config is, and what steps to reproduce) so you can troubleshoot better.
  13. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Weekend - Amazon (.de) offers the ticwatch Pro for 152 EUR. Have a look for those that wanna get EUC World compatible watch.
  14. Hi Seba, First of all, superb initiative ... I recently dedicated my old Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) as EUC phone, but with the LineageOS 16 and Android v9 (Pie) - since the factory android version did not work too well. Now my phone is, as expected, a bit slow but it works. In the past I also had the phenomena of EUC World crashing (prob v1.0.1 or 1.0.2) after a few seconds (also sent the crash log through Google Play), but now with your latest update (1.04) - it is stable and working (app stays on - not made any tour yet).
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