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  1. I use this: 3M SJ387B Dual Lock Flexible Press Lock 25 mm x 2.5 m Black One sided / stick it on the edges where it closes (not the whole surface)
  2. @fbhb Nicely done, Sir. Personally, I just removed the plastic thingies and put vicious griptape on top, works like a charm ... PS: But not for snow :-)
  3. Hi, Thanks to your message I noticed that there are 2 segway-ninebot apps in the Google Play Store. No idea as to what / why there is a difference. But 72 km/h is not correct, my app states (max 46 km/h). But as @Chriull states, most don't use the native app - I personally use EUC World.
  4. Sorry @mrelwood, but I don't fully agree with the statement. It is true that the support (from the beginning) of Ninebot / Segway has been lacking in support of their consumer-base. This support / interaction has become better over time with some other manufacturers ... But, don't forget that in some parts of Europe the Z10 is still actively promoted and sold, albeit somewhat pricey ... at this moment. You can contact the Segway for support services on the Z10, and go the official way (which can take some time before services get done - parts from China)... Or you can buy spare parts with several shops on Ali / ebay, cheaper / equal waiting times / do-it-yourself, but plenty available ... This will fade over time, as you need to consider: that EUC is a non-mainstream/niche market, so spare parts will only be available as long as there is a sustainable demand (bigger consumer-base /economically sustainable) But this goes for the multitude of manufacturers and models (not limited to Z10). as with most technology, the moment you buy it - its value has dropped significantly, and although it might remain functional its successor will be better / have more / ... the life cycle of any EUC is different (and maybe shorter) against other /or more sustainable transportation vehicles, ... (bicycles, or maybe other PEV, (electric) cars, ...) From my research on EUC's, the perfect EUC (and Services) are yet to be invented ... Although the future looks bright ... And yes, I drive a Ninebot Z10 (pleased and bought yet another one) - so maybe I'm biased
  5. I had a rant on Twitter/Facebook about this, during lockdown the rules state that a form of recreational / sport activity is allowed. However, motorized displacement vehicles (legal name) were not allowed - by not mentioning them as ok. So I wrote the following: "To the officials stating that EUC Driving is prohibited: please drive an EUC on some Belgian local roads or bicycle paths, you 'll be swinging for fun :-)" So certainly exercise ! And they need some follow-up on bicycle lanes :-p PS for the unfamiliar ones: coblestones are sometimes still around in local little towns, and bicycle paths are not all smooth paved roads (they try to improve by putting bicycle highways now) example of bicycle path: https://www.google.com/maps/@50.9397154,4.3259921,3a,75y,230.64h,82.78t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soq6Ko0CYxj3zfyXzb0iLkQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 or road: https://www.google.com/maps/@50.9331379,4.3537772,3a,75y,79.2h,81.72t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sodkcZu1Lx-MqPQ35fFJa_w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Google earth makes it look flat - but it ain't ...
  6. Hi, I've come across a video of @Kuji Rolls (believe it was on MSP topic), and I did the same thing to the Ninebot Z10. Bye stock grip tape, Bye rubber on pedals, just the vicious griptape, ... and to be honest I am very pleased with it. Did some off-roading (wet / mud / branches) and road, and ... very solid indeed.
  7. I agree, I thought I would abstain from political remarks, but I just couldn't resist ... It is true that sometimes not all facts can be communicated in order to steer human behavior, and the latest trend where some governmental leaders slap everything as #fakenews for (political) gain has set a worry-some trend. And I understand that some truly believe (as patriots) that their country government is the better example of leadership, leave alone if their leaders represent just that. But there are more similarities as you might think. As a small anecdote - A few years ago I saw one of the episodes where they follow airport security (Nat Geo?) and it went something like this: An American Citizen gets halted for inspection on luggage and gets questioned formally, correct and politely about his travel intentions and luggage (you know these random picks - you are lucky number 1000). Where the American citizen ranted that "it is no way to treat a US citizen, a friendly nation, ..." The other way around, ever been to America as a non US-citizen - even from a friendly (western) nation ? Equal objectives, equal approach, still a different feel in the eye of the beholder. And I observe on top of that: people are easily influenced and grasps quick and easy truths, and only a minority challenges (leave alone act on) it. We have a whole human history line proving this one :-) Only in a few months/years we might have some more objective timeline on the virus story, besides from who is telling it and if it doesn't have a confidential classification.
  8. Meestal on-line (Zoals @Kristof Willen): amazon.de, xlmoto.be en misschien ook 2dehands als je niet zeker bent ... Let wel op dat sommige artikelen meer persoonlijk zijn dan dat je zou verwachten, bv een helm is echt heel persoonlijk om een comforatabele te vinden (kin, voorhoofd, pluimage, ... ). Dus ook een beetje opletten met de aanbevelingen (best van verschillende bronnen), maar er zitten zeker goede tussen !!!
  9. Hi Jochem, Amazon FR (still Chinese supplier): Amazon FR - SPEDWHEL Or as Planemo states from Aliexpress (Chinese - careful with shipping and taxes). Delays are to be taken into account. I also had someone I spoke to on the MMWG 2020 in Brussels who had a small instruction video on how to change the tire (will have a look). Go 4th ...
  10. I considered the Insta360 GO for being more lightweight / easily installed, - but u need to turn it on then (no dashcam / continuous recording ... so far) - and too little battery autonomy so might not fit the purpose ...
  11. Hallo, en welkom. Maak je geen zorgen hoor, de meesten van ons hebben zijn allemaal op eenzelfde manier met EUC's in aanraking gekomen. Evenementen zijn wel leuk om uit te sluiten dat je niet de enige bent :-) En ook na lange studies kom je terecht op ... ; er bestaat geen ideale EUC (ze hebben allemaal hun quirks) en veel hangt af van persoonlijke voorkeur. Het weer om te rijden ... hangt ook af van voorkeur
  12. Hi @The Fat Unicyclist, Any news on the Z10 bodyguard progress ? Really would love one, certainly when always refixing these original stick-on pads, I 'd like more permanent solution And I know there is a market here in Europe :-)
  13. Hello @Seba Do you have form where we can put in feature requests, or are we going through the forum ? Some requests for us would like to improve privacy on tour publication. As you know some of us are restricted by law (see sheet) - and by country, and publication to a (foreign) authority, just opening up for discussions if they are not needed - nah .. thank you. Maybe it is handy to publish some of the road trips, on a tour per tour basis (not all or nothing :-)) And if the speed could be removed (as an absolute axis value), maybe not the graphics that would be great. (That way no-one can ask of you to publish information that people didn't want to show). I think that way a lot more would be published. Just my 5 cents.
  14. Meulebeest


    Man, real life traffic and hazards. I felt like I was riding it too ... Nice one. PS: you seem to wiggle back and forth, while I wiggle sideways
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