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  1. Hi there, I had my first "gravity adjustment" and hamburger-ed my Z10 to the ground. My Macna motor vest (with elbow and shoulder-padding) worked fine - albeit with a slight color change to green ... But my chest (and therefore so was I) was looking for air after this encounter ... SO I added these to my guard-robe (:-)) : A bit colorful, but hey - live little ... longer.
  2. Nice to see the tail end too - where the group sticks together and helps out (traffic - u - debris). Wish u the best (and your wheel too :-) ) .
  3. Just for information (since I was looking into this particular EUC this week-end) it is approx 1400 USD to get a new one from China (Aliexpress) - but that means (almost) no warranty. An option for an US citizen is to buy it from ewheels (1599 USD): warranty / services / great community support. Brett's maybe has no miles on it and still some warranty left ... He 'll probably add the specifics to sell his. The problem with such intercontinental deals, is tax and shipping :-)
  4. Hi, Dommage, can I ask at what price you sold it and on what platform ? Cordialement, Kind regards, Pieter.
  5. Hi, I had some similar questions on waterproofing (read rain, not submerging it), and I use some references like: Ecodrift.ru (with some translate on top): these guys are an authority on disassembling EUC's, https://ecodrift.ru/2019/02/28/sravnenie-monokoles-ot-16-diametra/ ewheels: nice overviews and comparison https://www.ewheels.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/eWheels-Product-Lineup-29-Oct-18.jpg and proof-pudding-eating youtube video's, speedyfeet, chooch tech, madpack, Hsiang, Kuji, ...: and what does it mean in practice after xxx kilometers / miles ... Too many great links to add !!! And reading here of course ... :-)
  6. Hi, Since I 'm in Europe (Belgium) and didn't want to pay double import taxes (CN > US > EU), I ordered this one : https://eunicycles.eu/en/chargers/164-smart-charger-300w-588v-nb-z10.html Smart fast charger with some programming capabilities and display integrated (Kingsong derivate - manual mentions kingsong ?) Keep you posted on delivery and functioning ...
  7. Good idea, BTW tomorrow there are some deals on the Chinese / Russian sites as 11/11 promo's. (Albeit that some prices don't drop that much :-P )
  8. Hey, great work. Been looking for something like that for a while... And indeed on some sites the info is contradictory, which leads to further searches from potential buyers on "what spec is now correct" (and deviated sales for merchants) How do you feel about adding other criteria (more subjective) such as water / dust proofing, error rate ? We all know the EUC should not be used as a submarine, so any disclaimers going that direction is only beneficial to common law, but some people don't live in a sunshine state all the time :-p PS: One of the retractables is in the wrong color :-) (Z10)
  9. @The Fat Unicyclist Is the Ninebot Z series (Z6 / Z8 / Z10) also somewhere on that list ? Or did I miss something, a darker web link on your website mentioning it
  10. Hi, Just ordered with them, also on a price difference (and they had some references) Their logistics / delivery path is a bit strange ... I believe next time I will not take the "UPS Express saver", but a more direct channel - if offered. So far there is progress, but no idea on delivery ... which seems to be the overall trend in these Chinese / Asian shops on Aliexpress. This is indeed a bit different from European delivery - where you get a clear status and a real track and trace over the whole process, in less time. How was your experience ? BTW: Belgium (EU).
  11. Als je weet wat de krachten zijn binnen de verzekeringsmechanismes, dan weet je dat je met een 45+ km/h een groot risico loopt, en dat je op zoek moet gaan naar een specifieke verzekering (lees duale interpretatie van een motorsport risico of buitenlandse verzekering), indien je er een wenst natuurlijk (op maat riskeert onbetaalbaar te zijn). Ik had even snel de Terms & Conditions van KBC Insurance doorgegaan (beetje oubollig - niet to the point) , maar die hun standpunt is duidelijk : puntje bij paaltje > max 25 kmh, ook nagegaan met productmanager en waren correct en duidelijk in hun risicoprofiel (niet buiten het wettelijke). Dan ook maar even de T&C's van AG doorgegaan, en daar staat een duidelijkere omschrijving die voor de leden hier van toepassing is: "Artikel 5: Verplaatsingen en vervoermiddelen 1. We verzekeren u voor de schade die u veroorzaakt (ook als passagier) tijdens uw privé- of beroepsverplaatsingen en binnen de volgende limieten wat betreft gemotoriseerde voertuigen, zelfs als deze niet autonoom zijn: ... e. voor de schade veroorzaakt door gemotoriseerde voortbewegingstoestellen (zoals monowheels, segways, elektrische steps, hoverboards, …), voor zover hun maximumsnelheid minder is dan of gelijk is aan 45 km/uur, met uitzondering van bromfietsen klassen A en B;" So good luck out there :-)
  12. Hello All, Just bought me a Ninebot Z6, still in transit from China ... :-? But gearing up: gloves: Mechanix - M-Pact kneepads: triple 8 Vest (shoulder/elbow): Macna (2 types) Night Eye Helmet: Scorpion exo combat Visibility: noxgear tracer Got the AG insurance (through BNPPF) "Top Familiale" + Pack Omnimobility (same conclusions as others in this forum: 45 kmh insured, while public roads permitted speed is 25 kmh). So ready to start as a newbie pretty soon :-) Enjoy.
  13. No, the legal aspect stays the same - public roads is limited to 25 kmh (so whatever speed is on top, is "wasted"/officially non-usable). Private terrain / off-roading can benefit from other speeds (is "own risk" too, if you faceplant or so), only one specific insurance till 45 kmh. Do they not have different motors ? I though they had different motors (1800 W vs 1200W) and different battery packs. Don't think there is a big second hand market here, so I ll be (ab)using this one first :-p
  14. True that it isn't cheap, maybe if prices were be a bit less (through the technology peak :-) / second hand/ refurb / ...) The limitation I 'm confronted with, is that our national law (Belgium - EU) doesn't permit speeds above 25 kmh for an EUC on public roads (motorized propulsion devices). So at this point In time - bigger motors are wasted at us, so I can only optimize for comfort and range (not speed - "dead weight").
  15. Hi, Anyone ever tried putting Z10 batteries in a Z6, in order to extend range ? Curious whether it worked and what efforts you need to make to get it working.
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