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  1. Best to contact someone of http://www.belgiumwheelers.club They are also on facebook, and u can see whether someone is close by. Alternative, I am in Meise with a KS S18,also 84v charger.
  2. Hallo, Je kan hem limiteren hoor (in Frankrijk is het robuster - de eigenaar kan de settings niet makkelijk wijzigen), dus als je soft speed limiting toepast moet het lukken. Het is ook nog iets te recent opdat de politie er moeilijk over doet. Gedraag je hoffelijk en correct is misschien regel nr 1 om problemen te vermijden. Ikzelf heb nog een bijkomende verzekering bij AG voor mijn EUC's.
  3. Hallo, Ik had destijds een verwijzing gemaakt naar wat het juridisch kader is in BE, terug te vinden in de sheet met alle referenties aangevuld door de community. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xgCTmNf7e2NzRWzMMsX19YQW9pGEMtPJM3KXfz19DZg/edit#gid=0 Kort komt het er op neer, dat de meesten niet toegelaten zijn op de openbare weg. Maar de wet is ook niet een juist weergave, want mocht je de exacte limitering volgen (25 km max eigen aan het voertuig), dan ging je bij de eerste put a 25 km/h (en zelfcorrectie met noodzakelijke hogere snelheid) sowieso op je ...
  4. Apart from everyone sharing his experience as an EUC rider, I like how everyone puts his personal touch on the MUSIC accompanying his / her videos. I like it a lot, the different flavors
  5. I’m not sure what is going on. I assume the fender is mounted correctly? Here is mine. Mmmh, here is mine ( and I replaced joints - but not taking it apart in full). @Rehab1, did you not replace your shock ? (did it have diff. dimesions ?) Maybe something to do with pos / neg chamber inflation. I ll try some more this WE.
  6. Hello @Seba, Is the "street legal"feature getting incorporated in EUC World ? Any idea on timing ? And with the push of a toggle button :-) ? Maybe let the community maintain a sheet for you, which you sync (manually) every (minor) release ?
  7. Hi, It seems like a waste if it is a brand new Z10 and you have to buy a new Z6 to get it working. I have no idea what the issue can be from here ... and how much experience you have with opening up EUC's. But you switched out both boards ( MOS and controller) with new ones, correct ? Did you get the app from @MRN76 too to reset the Serial Number - ninetool ( http://mrn76.ru/index.php/en/ninetool-en/nenetoolzlo-en ). > You will need this too if you want to merge and change from Z6 > Z10 Are the led's still blinking on the battery pack ? You can charge them, if they
  8. For those interested - placed my adventure on the KingSong S18 suspension (joint replacement), working better now
  9. Hi, First of all, hats off to all these members with great engineering skill sets, posting here. Really nice work. Myself being a somewhat newbie at all this stuff, I had to buy, try, wait 4 delivery, re-buy, retry, ... (the fun iterations), so it took longer as expected to do small overhaul on the KingSong S18 suspension. I just did the joints and replaced them, then added some PTFE dry spray. I went from this: (ali referral - furniture screws ) (seems like they are glued together) Replaced the set with this: (S TORX sleeve NUT M
  10. Looks like a nice and challenging terrain, good on you. For the Video, IMHO a bit more scenery and a bit less gravel
  11. Hi @Seba, I know that in the past there was an google sheet that was maintained on speed limits (I forgot who it was from, sorry): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xgCTmNf7e2NzRWzMMsX19YQW9pGEMtPJM3KXfz19DZg/edit#gid=0
  12. Ow, I am one of those drivers - once ... a few years (more than a decade) ago I had to cross an intersection, and it was a familiar place (knew it was dangerous), looked (and I am certain I did) both sides, came to the middle and looked again, continued and WHAM (not the group) ... another car in my side steering (not a motorcycle). So I did a SMIDSY ... and it was true ... I apologized and took my responsibility. My observation afterwards on this one, because I wondered how this could have happened, is that: while looking to the right at 2 separate points in time the other driver wa
  13. My bad, correctomundo, it was indeed a few more meters (I thought I saw less and a higher speed somewhere - but hey) ... Done and reset in EUC World worked as intended. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Anyone an idea how to remove the 20 kmh restriction on the KingSong S18 ? Yes, yes, We did ride the 5 km first So the meters / gauges go further than 20 (to 50),but do not seem to transmit modifications to the wheel. And No No, I tried in EUC.World and KingSong app ... (android player here) ... No luck. Thanks for helping out, or pointing in the right direction. PS: Looking back I found my Z10 rather intuitive in setup
  15. Good tip, and I tried it ... but it seems the are fixed together very strongly ... Glued (see white powder residu) ? Not corrosion according to me, (wheel out of the box and only became visible when trying to unwind)
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