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18l motor slippage?


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I was riding home today and stopping at the stop signs in the manner that you don’t have to put your foot down, stop the wheel while leaning back but your body keeps moving forward and then you step on it to get the wheel under you again.  I do this regularly but at one sign today when I tried to get the wheel moving again the wheel ( motor I am assuming) mad a strange noise and did not move forward when it should have, maybe a tenth of a second letter it sounded like it caught and then moved.  I thought I was going down but it got back under me.  I have never had this happen at stop signs or doing pendulums before, so I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.  If so does anyone know what it might be?  I stopped a couple of more times but just put my foot down.  Also I have not update to the newest firmware that was released last week or made any other changes for months.  Have right at 2000 miles on this wheel and this is the first time it has done anything unnerving.

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This sounds familiar. I said it was normal. It ended up getting worse. Someone said that it needed to be calibrated and that fixed it. So I will do my part ......... 

It sounds normal to me. My KS16 and KS18XL if pushed too hard or if they kinda get out of step with my movements, will do a little shutter/hesitation.  You get a motor electric lock up sound/feeling.  It almost feels like the axle slipped yet with resistance.   

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