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Red wheelie

Red wheelie

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Can some one give me a tool list of what i need to be able to break down my KS 14M and the pads I assume snap off ? Or how do I remove them with out damaging them I’ve seen a video where someone is taking apart a 14 D or a S  witch look like my 14m but video is sped up and they just play music while it’s being done .. so if any one can help 🙂

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Hey... That's me!!!   :D   (thanks @meepmeepmayer).

The KS-14D and KS14-M are physically identical. It's the batteries that are different.

And the KS-14S is also the same, except for the (larger) batteries and outer shells (which are "stretched" to fit the extra cells).

But the instructions in the video above are 100% accurate for the 14M, 14D and 14S. There are two more videos in this playlist that I (still) need to finish. I will hopefully get back to these soon...

@Red wheelie - if you have any questions, feel free to post them here (tag me in), message me directly or email me at the.fat.unicyclist@roll.nz .

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