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51 minutes ago, atdlzpae said:

Mods acknowledged that it's not ok and that it won't happen again. What more do you want?

I summed up the course of events. I didn't claim I want more regarding the IP issue:

1 hour ago, Mono said:

As the panel of moderators changed, the IP issue is hopefully solved.

What I could want more? Regarding the IP discussion, that all the engaged other mods call out their peer on doubling down approximately five times on that exposing IP addresses of members is just fine, because they are public anyways. Most of them just didn't dare and regular members had to help out.

More importantly, what I actually want more is written in bold above.

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22 minutes ago, John Eucist said:

What you have in bold is an official rule stated in mod guidelines now.

Excellent, thanks! That will do it for me.

10 minutes ago, John Eucist said:

That said, I think it's okay to reveal when multiple accounts used the same IP but not to actually reveal the IP. This is to tackle shills.

I think revealing the same location is OK, if one knows without reasonable doubt that it comes from the same person. Otherwise, actually, and I didn't think about that before as well, it's also not a good idea: whether two people are likely to be physically located in the same house is their private matter and you should not reveal this publicly without their consent. If you feel people act as close allies or come from the same company you can state this suspicion publicly, but probably still should not say that you have good reason to believe that they are sitting in the same house. One reason for this: one of them might be cool revealing their address and do so, while the other might not and is now exposed.

In our case it wasn't a problem, though it is quite clear that it should have been better dealt behind the curtain. The "fake" accounts didn't post anything outrageous or important to be dealt with on the spot. These are those regular mistakes that just happen once in a while.

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