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3000 Miles


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I hope that everyone is having a great day. I wanted to ask the community what I should be concerned about as my InMotion V10 now has 3000 miles of usage? The last time I reinstalled my G3's charge port cover I noticed that I needed to tighten several internal screws/bolts, but it only has around 1100 miles which was a bit concerning. Any suggestions on preventive maintenance or any risks that I should be concerned about with high mileage? Thanks.

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Check tire tread.

Check for noises/rattle when riding. If you have loose bolts/cracks riding with one leg putting side pressure can change the sound. It shouldn't. Also if you have motor problems you'll have jerky power if you for example ride up a steeper incline at very slow speed (slower than walking).

Check that battery charges 100%.

Check that your alarms are audible.

You can check that the mainboard/battery compartment is clean and doesn't leak in water. You can try to seal it.


My V8 has 10000km on it and rides fine. If you avoid dropping off curbs and such then your wheel lasts longer.

I feel safer riding my 10kkm wheel than a new wheel because I know my wheel has passed the test of time/weather/weight/riding habits.

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tire is shot so I will have to replace that in the near future, might as well do the tube as well. All bolts and screws will be re-tightened during tire/tube refresh.

Battery has been compromised for a while (88% max charge). I have the repair dongle, but it does not seem to work with my hardware...

no looseness/jerkiness/rattles in any fashion.

no need to upgrade at this point in time IMHO...

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The bms boards in the batteries are limited. If you think a new battery is expensive and wish to extend the life of the old battery you can open it and solder on some balance wires to the bms board. It's a fairly easy task. With the balance wires you can then -temporarily- solve the 88% charge issue with a cheap hobby charger for 10usd.

As the battery degrades it will need balancing more and more often. In the beginning just a little. Maybe once every 3 months.

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4 hours ago, gon2fast said:

Battery has been compromised for a while (88% max charge).

This could be the charger not delivering full voltage, too.

If the charger is fine this 88% could be already some cells beeing dead and in (dire) need of replacement.

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