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That lady obviously has a problem. Ideally you two could have responded a bit more politely though.

In an escalating conflict we euc riders would most likely lose as we don't fit the traffic rules. I like to stay humble and understanding to try and set an example to one day allow us in with bicycles or something.

Do you live in a place where bells are used frequently on bikes? That could be an idea to try and implement somehow.

I remember when I used to live in Germany people got annoyed when asking permission to pass. They are so used to the bell over there.

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8 minutes ago, Eddie A. Steiner said:

Rude people do not get a pass. If they get called on it enough, they will rethink their attitude.

Sorry Eddie, but I think your response was out of line relative to the situation. The pedestrian called your girlfriend a name and she replied back in kind. That seems appropriate. You on the other hand getting in the ped's face and yelling does not. Yes you were trying to politely pass and the ped instigated the situation. But you escalated it farther than I (and presumably Joker) think it needed to go. My opinion wouldn't change if the ped was a guy instead of a girl.

As far as telling people to grow a pair, I'm reminded of this quote: "Don't try to attack other people's strengths through your own weaknesses." If you feel your girlfriend can't handle situations on her own, that's you. I'm confident my wife can deal with any level of verbal harassment and a good number of physical situations as well.

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