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  1. Liquid Loctite eats plastic because it's designed to penetrate. Paste is different. https://www.amazon.com/Loctite-506166-Medium-Strength-Threadlocker/dp/B0053ZNMDE
  2. Sorry, but you're flat out wrong. There are some states like Texas where you can use lethal force to protect property in addition to protecting life, but the key here is "protect life". Not "defend from any injury". Please feel free to quote any state code or statute that you think proves you can kill someone who merely punches you. Good luck. I'm not sure what you mean, but unjustified use of pepper spray (meaning not in lawful self-defense) is an illegal physical assault. It is a crime.
  3. DIY tips? Photos are free. Take lots as you disassemble stuff so you can see how it's supposed to go back together. If you have the space, lay the screws and parts you take off around the device approximately where it came from. Sorta like an exploded diagram view. That makes it easier to know where it should go back. It's better to have too many screws/materials/whatever than be short just one. It also helps you build up stock over time which makes future DIY projects easier. Good tools are important, but more tools are better. One tactic is to buy cheap stuff first and when it breaks upgrade. That way you don't spend money on expensive stuff you don't use often. You also have a better idea of what you want when you buy the replacement as well. Put your tools and everything back neatly once you're done using them. Leave them lying around and you will waste more time looking for them the next time than it would have taken to put them away. Neatness does count. Wear safety glasses and other safety gear as appropriate when using power tools. It's easy to skip. It's also easy to injure yourself.
  4. I use a helmet mirror, both with EUC and scooter. It took me a couple tries to find one I liked.
  5. Sorry Eddie, but I think your response was out of line relative to the situation. The pedestrian called your girlfriend a name and she replied back in kind. That seems appropriate. You on the other hand getting in the ped's face and yelling does not. Yes you were trying to politely pass and the ped instigated the situation. But you escalated it farther than I (and presumably Joker) think it needed to go. My opinion wouldn't change if the ped was a guy instead of a girl. As far as telling people to grow a pair, I'm reminded of this quote: "Don't try to attack other people's strengths through your own weaknesses." If you feel your girlfriend can't handle situations on her own, that's you. I'm confident my wife can deal with any level of verbal harassment and a good number of physical situations as well.
  6. There are no state-wide laws regulating bicycles (and other personal devices); it's up to individual municipalities to enact codes. In this case SDMC 84.09 regulates bicycles and 84.12 regulates everything else. Here's 84.12 in its entirety: (a) It is unlawful for any person riding on roller skates or by means of a coaster, skateboard, toy vehicle, or similar device to go upon an open roadway in the City of San Diego, or upon the sidewalk or public plaza in any business district, or upon any inclined surface area of any City–owned or privately owned parkade where signs forbidding such activity are displayed at the ground level elevator entrance and at each vehicular entrance to the parkade. b) Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., it is unlawful for any person riding on or by means of a coaster, skateboard, toy vehicle, or similar device to go upon: (1) any portion of public rights–of–way within the Mission Beach community, as defined by the Community Planning Area Map, as designated on Map Drawing No. C–637.1, on file in the office of the City Clerk as Document No. 768482; or, (2) any portion of the most westerly public walkway between San Diego Place on the south and Law Street on the north, known as Ocean Front Walk or Ocean Boulevard, or to go upon the public walkway immediately adjacent to the bay extending from the Mission Beach community, around Sail Bay, through Crown Point Shores, as designated on the map on file in the office of the City Clerk as Document No. 00–18425. (c) Any person upon roller skates or riding on or by means of a coaster, skateboard, toy vehicle or similar device on any sidewalk or right of way not open to public vehicular traffic shall exercise due care and shall yield the right of way to pedestrians. (d) No person shall go upon roller skates or ride on or by means of a coaster, skateboard, toy vehicle or similar device on any sidewalk or right of way not open to public vehicular traffic at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent having due regard for pedestrian traffic and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property. (e) Except for school–sanctioned events authorized by a school site administrator, no person shall ride any skateboard, roller– blade, roller–skate or similar type device on any property owned by any school district which has a policy prohibiting such use, and display
  7. Reminds me of this old vid: It's "just" a 2hp motor.
  8. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/jimdalrympleii/public-drug-use-san-francisco
  9. https://sfbay.ca/2019/07/16/skateboarder-tomoko-oikawa-suffers-head-injury-in-dolores-park-hill-bomb/
  10. People in SF ignore lights and walk across the intersection whenever, openly shoot up drugs on the street, hold impromptu hill bombs down Delores St. and break all manner of other laws. I don't know what SF Police do, but it sure doesn't seem like policing. So if none of those things merit their attention I don't think EUCs are a high priority for them either.
  11. Look up the California vehicle code definition of "electrically motorized board". eScooters, EUCs, onewheels and eSkates all fit that definition for a given motor/speed/floorboard size. If that task force stops you on a EUC you can be pretty sure they know you're riding an electrically motorized board and all the relevant vehicle codes.
  12. Different cities, different norms. My guess is pedestrians (and cars for that matter) behave differently in Montgomery than they do in New York city. This is why I will not ride a EUC in downtown San Francisco. Yes some people are comfortable doing so but I am not.
  13. Nope, no license. It's been a good learning experience regarding insurance coverage. At the moment it appears to fall under the same guidelines as an electric bicycle, in that you're considered a pedestrian. However there's a chance you may not be since it's a motorized device. I'm waiting for a final decision from my car insurance company.
  14. Nope. Hit and run. He knew he was at fault and didn't want to face the consequences.
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