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  1. Why are people responding to this ad.....I bought and still own this EUC. Of course it took me a couple of hours to peel off all these crazy stickers and clean it up, also peeled off all the foot pedal tape as well. It cleaned up pretty good and is now the training wheel for my girlfriend.
  2. There is no way in hell I'm locking my wheel outside by the handle. You are asking for theft or vandalism. I wish we didn't have to worry about such things but this is the world we live in now.
  3. Good topic. I just checked my KS18L last night before a ride and it was down to 27psi. So that's why it felt so sluggish! Filled it up to 45 and wow what a difference. It actually felt squirly after that and I had to take it easy for a bit to get comfortable with the new feel. I will start checking more frequent.
  4. Thanks for the replies. If the lock function is basically for shipping only than they need to create a way to lock the wheel with the power off to be able to lean it against something without the wheel rotating. It seems like it would be easy and a needed option. My opinion. I'll try the USB music option and let you know.
  5. I've had my 18L for a bit now and love it but have two questions about it's features. I've been too afraid to try the lock feature on the app because I've read more than once that people have locked their wheel and couldn't unlock it....if I read that right. What does the lock do exactly? I would love something that locks the wheel so you can lean it against a wall without it rotating when the wheel is OFF. Next, does the 2 USB slots do more than charging your devices? I thought I read that it will auto play your MP3 music on the stick?? These are 2 questions I should already know but don't. I know these are newbie questions but still need to know...lol.
  6. I also have used cheap Walmart tubes on my NB1 E+, just put some o-rings on the inside of the valve and worked just fine. Forget the need for bent valves.
  7. A beautiful state like Florida and not one group or listing.....wow! We REALLY are a RARE breed. I've been all over Florida and never heard or seen another one here.
  8. Hey Dudes, I'm traveling to Thailand for the first time in December and wanted to know if anyone knows what the EUC situation is there? Can I rent, buy, borrow? Would love to bring my wheel but I know that's impossible with airline restrictions....too bad. Anybody been there to tell me the scene? Eddie
  9. UPDATE: Alright, I tried uninstalling the app and then, instead of grabbing the app from the android store, I got it directly from the website. Same version (3.1.9) and lo and behold it opened. I had to start from scratch to put in all the info like password and stuff but finally got it to open......stress relief. Anyhow, if anyone is having problems with theirs, that's how I solved it. Thanks Joker for the replies. Eddie
  10. Okay, so if the app doesn't work how do I get into the wheel to change my settings??? Can our Kingsong rep here on the forum do anything? I tried contacting Kingsong but you know how that is...what do I do? Suggestions please?
  11. Just saw your post.....android. I noticed I'm not the only one. Must be a bad update.
  12. I'm sorry, I don't know what that is. I've had my KS 18L for 3 or 4 months now and it worked fine up to last nite. Then all I get now is the intro screen for a bit then the error screen saying that the app is crashing. Servers down?????
  13. Hey Guys, Since yesterday my Kingsong App is sort of locked up....all I get is the first white screen for about 15 seconds and then an error screen that says the app keeps closing? Anybody else feel my pain? It was working fine up to yesterday, uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing. Are the servers down? What the hell?
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