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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to let everybody know that I was waiting for my order of a tube and a tire for my ninebot one E and got impatient, thought that I would try a trick that I read on the forum. I bought a tube from Walmart with a straight stem and used about 4 rubber washers on the inside of the rim... Worked great!! Cost me $5.00.
  2. Just got my new king song delivered and can't wait to try it out
  3. Honestly the wheel is a tank....I'd buy another one, very dependable, not the fastest but a great wheel.
  4. Thanks for ALL the comments....you guys rock!........sarcasticly
  5. I have a chance to pick up a NEW batman S2 for around $600, thinking about it, what do you veterans think? I currently learned on my NB1 E and have my NEW KS 18L on the way but this seems like a pretty good deal, what do you think? Seems like I'm starting my collection early lol!
  6. CORRECTION...My NB1 E does 12 - 12.5 with beeps of course...respect the beep!! Yea, I cruise about 11 on mine and I have seen the hack out there but honestly, it looks like alot of work and $30 for some kind of code?? If anybody has a simpler way to modify the wheel, let me know. I'm interested!
  7. OK, so an update. I went ahead and shipped the bent unit back to him at my expense...$58.00. The seller contacted me and we talked, actually a great guy, he told me he had an KS 18L he would send me instead brand new if I wanted that wheel. Well, figuring that wheel costs about $1800 I said ok. He's shipping it out this morning after he checks it out totally he said. So, happy ending after all. I will be going from a NB1 at 12mph to a KS 18L going 30mph.........holy s#@&!!!!!
  8. Guys, just received my new 16S and upon inspection found a bent rim (see pic). I purchased from an Ebay source who sold me the "demo model" for $1,000 US. He stated that the unit was "perfect" with only 5 miles on it. I contacted the seller immediately and got a call back to discuss the situation. I got the distinct impression the seller thought I'd damaged the rim and was trying to get another one. I assured him I was an honest buyer and wouldn't pull some crap like this. He told me he had ridden it before shipping and it rode fine. I told him that may be and the rim possibly did not effect the ride but I still could't accept it. He told me he would have to send me a NEW one to replace it as he had no other demo models. I feel bad for the seller but it is what it is. Since he is going to send me a NEW one I'm going to go ahead and eat the shipping cost which would actually be his concern, but like I said I feel bad. I thought I'd share this story with my fellow riders. Cheers. Eddie
  9. New design for my NB1.....industrial look!!
  10. Spent a few hours cleaning up my ride and slapped some new graphics on her for the summer....went with an industrial look with mesh and metal plating....what do you think....too much??
  11. Thanks guys,this forum and forums in general are such an invaluable source of info for everything....my new wheel will be here soon,going from 12mph to 22mph wow.
  12. Hey guys I've been hearing on this forum that the king song app is no good. I also know that there is an app called wheel log.... My wheel should be here soon which app would you guys recommend that I load??
  13. Thanks guys for replying to my post. Yes the NB1 is an antique But it is still very fun to ride even though it only goes 12 miles per hour. You're also right that it is a great wheel to teach newbies. I'm gonna keep writing this wheel for now and keeping an eye on my battery and my temperature. I just ordered a king song 16S and it should be here very soon but I still won't forget about my old wheel.....👍
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