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"next gen" features


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Seems like these days there's a pretty well-defined "package" of features expected on new mid-range and above wheels-

  • Bluetooth speakers on the side
  • LED headlights and brake lights
  • Some sort of RGB lighting (ring lights, strips, whatever)
  • Trolley handle
  • Lift switch/load cell
  • Awful mobile app everybody hates, with an interface that appears to be powered by Google Translate
  • USB ports for charging phones

We also seem to be approaching a solid baseline of performance, at least at the top end- 2kW sustained performance on anything above 16", max speed of 45+km/h, etc. Obviously Gotway can keep Gotwaying until we have 500V wheels that go 150km/h, but at some point it's just blatantly unsafe to go that fast- there's a natural upper limit for practical riding speeds.

What sort of *new* features might we see in a new high-end wheel trying to stand out from the pack? I have a few ideas-

  • Bluetooth speakers firing upwards- so the rider can play music for themselves without most of the sound going sideways (90 degrees away from the rider's ears). Send alarms through these speakers, nice and loud, too, so they're audible over wind noise.
  • An app that is good- well-localized, solid UI, support for alarms that vibrate wearables... something you'd actually use over WheelLog
  • Anti-theft features - could be as simple as a nice thick hardened steel post somewhere, attached solidly to the pedal handlers, that you can put a U-lock through, or something as fancy as built-in GPS tracking over 3G.
  • Trolley handle that's designed to be strong enough to lift the wheel safely even when extended
  • Even more powerful headlights for faster night riding
  • USB-C + USB PD support for rapid charging of modern phones
  • TPMS! No more guessing tire pressure by feel, no obnoxious gauges to carry around.
  • Water resistance with a real IP67 or at least IP66 certification
  • A commitment from the manufacturer or at least dealer to have ample supply of reasonably-priced spare parts for, say, 5 years after the launch of the wheel

Anything else in particular you'd like to see?

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Suspension system! 

KingSong has two USB ports, why not have one of them usb-c already?

More riding modes with easier adjustments. Why not simple buttons on the top for quick access? Maybe you could program different riding modes and adjustments  for your liking on different places and quickly switch from offroad to city. 

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I vote for better user experience. 

For example having the warning speaker/beeper be separate and much louder, pointed towards user (so you can hear it at high speeds). Make the volume correlate with speed. How is there still only one beeper and only one volume...

Easier / standard tire changes

Actual wiring jobs / quality of electronics.

Actual though into places for attaching lights etc. 

Actual thought and design of padding / adjustability. Why do so many people have to do diy pads, power pads, ankle pads... 

Better trolley handles

Standard seat / luggage attachment system.

Better led controls.

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Ease of Maintenance Features:

Access to inner components without having to risk stripping a dozen screws. A latch system like most modern computer tower cases would work.

All cables using labelled connectors.

Cable guides build into the case.

Ability to swap all components without soldering.

Easy access to tire valve.

Easy tire and inner tube replacement.


Quality of Life Features:

Seals to keep water and dust out of the wheel.

Vibration dampened, water resistant protective housing around batteries and control board.

Fire containment system in case batteries catch fire while charging.

Built-in stand for when the wheel is stationary.

Adjustable overlean angle for riding on pump tracks and stunts.

Adjustable headlight angle.

Built-in charger.

Battery status the can be read while riding.

Silent mode.

Customizable sounds.

Customizable LED light animations.

Vibration alerts in addition to beeps.

Updatable firmware.

Accurate mileage and speed data.

Configurable settings based on rider weight.

Extendable / hide-able fender.

Configurable firmware settings. I know that’s any oxymoron, but what if EUC manufacturers allowed you to customize your own control settings, similar to VESC in esk8?

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