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  1. Got the MSX a few days ago and have been trying to adjust after riding the 14'' thin wheel IPS I5. MSX is the compete opposite! Am still figuring things out but I noticed when changing direction at over 30kmh my outside leg has a lot of weight on it and I'm leaning heavily into the "turn". The feet seem to be opposite of turning at slow speeds on my i5 where I tip everything, foot and body into sharp turns. It feels like I am pressing the MSX wheel with my feet in the opposite direction of my body lean. Am I doing something wrong? I'm away on a trip now but I thought I would ask for some help so I can try different things when I get home. Thanks for the help!
  2. Print PC or PC Blend (Like PC MAX or Filaments PC-CPE), 6 perimeters and 40%+ infill. Nylon is good too, like Alloy 910
  3. I have a Lulzbot Mini 2 and this is too big for it to print I printed the one without the parking feature and it's a very tight fit (wheel rubber scraping against the fender in certain spots), I had to break off the bottom tabs and just use double sided 3M tape and some gaff tape to hold it in place. Works for now with no scraping. I would recommend making sure the fender has more clearance for the wheel as it's really really tight. I just designed a simple "kick stand", not super stable but works if no one touches the wheel, I will post the STL after I test it out if anyone is interested.
  4. Well that's great I just bought the current version. Oh well, always something new coming out!
  5. I watched some videos and learned on my own as well, took me hours before I could do a wobbly straight line. Took me 2 weeks to get muscle memory down and ride relatively decently. I almost threw my EUC away after the first hour. Then I spent some time on the internet until I found the steering tip and that got me going in hour 2.
  6. Probably, still want to see that hill and overheat test though!
  7. sacrebleu! can't wait for the comparisons between ks16x, nikola, mcm5 and msx for hill climbs
  8. Lifting a large 20kg wheel on and off the bus twice a day would not be very fun at all! If you are not going far get a small wheel. IPS I5 isn't the best but it's certainly the lightest, around 7kg, about half of everything else. I use mine all the time, but I don't go fast or "far", Thinking about the 16X for fun and for off road stuff.
  9. Vancouver, BC. IPS I5! Sticking to the side streets for the most part.
  10. I bought the i5 almost 6 months ago as my first EUC. No regrets. Someone told me I would get rid of it quickly because it's "too slow" but I have no plans to get rid of it until it dies. I got it because it was light weight, portable, and small. I can take it most places no problem and don't attract as much attention as a huge wheel or scooter. The lack of speed also prevents me from killing myself so that is a plus. This has been very practical for me. That being said, I have no plans of going fast on an EUC, I just don't trust any of these single axis balancing devices. If you do have the need for speed then this is not for you, but if you need something convenient, practical, and lightweight for short hops this thing is amazing.
  11. My suggestion is read the other thread about EUC dynamics and tips for beginners. It's very helpful. There's a whole bunch of beginner EUC videos - you should do those exercises (spin in place with one foot, get on and off, moving forward with one foot on EUC and other "hopping" along ground - only takes like 20mins). The "hard" part for me was just trying to go straight for the first time - the actual balancing part. For me, I had to learn not to "balance" by shifting my weight left and right (the "natural" thing to do). I had to learn to turn the EUC left and right like many others have said - think of the bicycle wheel. You don't need to go full tilt, just fast enough to get some forward momentum and maintain it. I dropped it maybe once during this process as I was careful with it, dismounting was simply getting one foot off to the side. I spent one hour not getting anywhere before revisiting the forums and some videos, that tip got me going and then finally I could go forward (not very far at first). Afterwards came learning to shift left and right on the wheel, but in the beginning you need to train your muscle memory to turn it left and right to balance. At first it's pretty hard, but after your muscles learn it, you can't even think about it anymore you just do it.
  12. Hello peoples! I got the IPS I5 a month or two back and it's my first wheel. The first hour on it I wanted to throw it out but over the last few months I've gotten pretty comfortable on it. Couple of questions! I've been having problems with the whole update the firmware for faster speeds things. I've used several versions of the app as linked to in the email and in the other thread, and downloaded the firmware during the 12h window. Currently on the old IPS app, I can select 20km/h, 25 and 30! I put 30 but doubt it even goes that fast. When I open the new app it only says max 20km/h. Weird, have I messed up the wheel? The more important question I have is regarding the feeling / horizontal angle / tilt of the wheel. For me it seems to be weirdly soft sometimes, like after slowing down and doing a sharpish turn, the foot pedals seem to be tilted forwards for a bit, then come back up to level. It also seems to occasionally feel tilted forward or back even when cruising. Since this is my first and only wheel I have no idea if this is normal or just in my head, or is the accelerometer messed up? In both apps I have it set to "Sport" mode, tire pressure around 60PSI now (started around 45). It makes me less confident on the wheel since it feels like the balance point changes sometimes and is unpredictable.
  13. I know, I set it to 80 but it keeps charging beyond 80% when I turn the dualtron on
  14. Anyone with the fast charger from ewheels? Do the knobs do anything? The voltage stays the same no matter what I switch it to, is that supposed to be the case? knob for 80/90/100 doesn't seem to do anything
  15. I wish they would have a welded loop or something for a bike lock
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