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  1. For speed 70kmh sounds good I wouldn't mind 60kmh cruising for short bursts which I'm afraid to do with 84v msx as it beeps around 50kmh for me. Everytime I want to push it I get insta beep! There's not many stretches of road you can do that on, but there are a few around me and it would be nice to max out on those. Once you get used to it the current "higher" speeds don't feel very fast on open smooth pavement. I normally ride 20-40, but when you want to go fast it's nice to have the option!
  2. Mine seems to always beep at 33mph / 84V version.
  3. The width makes a difference for me, I put them on MSX and its nice to have the space on the sides for wider stance and shifting around. The length doesn't really do anything though. I have like 1000km probably and I still get foot pain at the start of rides but if I take a break I'm usually good after that. It definitely does not make any difference to foot pain.
  4. Gotway doesn't need any permissions but it's still a POS and you have to make an account and have data to get it to work. Although apparently now wheel log can do almost everything.
  5. I 3d printed some shapes and just used baby bumper material. You could also use foam mats for floor padding. I ended up using 3m dual lock for the shapes so I could reposition them (expensive). For the pads any double sided tape works. I recommend putting the pads far forward so they don't interfere with normal riding - if they are too close they actually inhibit your ability to lean and shift weight properly. They only help with really steep hills and even then by the time you engage them you are halfway up so I don't know how much it's worth it. I have rear pads too and those I like as I feel braking really sucks on my wheel.
  6. Going backwards is easy, but riding backwards with controlled turns.. after a year I have gotten nowhere. I can go backwards but no real control, and I can idle ok, but not great. It's hard looking backwards!
  7. Lol, I can't really hear them so I assume it's the 5 beeps. I turned my music up today and hit 55.
  8. Pedal angle is about 11 degrees when sloppily measured with digital angle. Took around 1.5h with the setting up, measuring and putting everything away, but I think I spent like 30mins doing the actual filing, so not too bad. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to get things perfect, just good enough. I didn't want to move any glued on magnets so this works fine for me. Yeah the listings should say they changed the material, so annoying. That being said, didn't Marty complain when they got wet? That being said, the wider pedals are pretty nice, I like them, worth it.
  9. Over the course of a month I've gone from marvelling at the power of my MSX to hitting the 3rd alarm any time I want to go fast. Can't wait for bigger better 100v systems.
  10. MCM5 for sure. Smaller = more convenient.
  11. Update: I caved and took a file to them. No before/after but you can see I filed them down until they're almost touching the grip tape You have to add new magnets because Nikola has a different magnet position, I also added some extra magnets to the outside of the MSX as the magnets I had weren't strong enough. Peel back the grip tape (use a small precision screw driver to get started, I ripped one side a bit, oh well, 6 screws then lift from the grip tape to pull the metal off). The magnet is stuck in there, luckily I had some 20mmx2mm diameter/thickness neodynium on hand, these were almost too big to fit, I put in 2 and it's still not as strong as whatever they are using, I put that in the center position. I also added some to the outside case to increase magnetic pull. Also noticed some play in the pedals, so added a plastic shim. Hard to fit put it back together though. I will update after going for a ride, maybe in the next few days. I took a very slow ride from the place I did the grinding. Pedals do feel a bit bigger when riding, which is nice, but maybe it's all in my head.
  12. Nikola Pedal (notice grip tape) MSX Pedal Pedal Angle
  13. I don't think they are because I remember a post where someone had a squeaky pedal and they had to tighten the screws of the pedal, AND there is a magnet in there to hold the pedals up so it's probably hollow inside. Also I don't want to file it down because it's so imprecise it won't spread the load over the side of the pedal and will probably make a pressure hot spot. I don't have the tools to do this well. Mine looks like the picture, an unrideable angle. This was explained in the other thread about how Gotway changed the pedal hangers between the older and later model MSX. The pedal hangers are different, even 1mm is going to make huge difference. Kelec if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit, there is no solution except grinding down the metal to make it fit (either pedal or hanger), there is nothing else to understand. You could try to find the older pedal hangers, but that would probably cost too much and be too hard to find, not worth it.
  14. Update: I filed down the pedal side, about 1mm+ or so to get it to fit, see below for details. // Welp. I should have read the other thread until the end. My MSX was purchased just before the rear light change and the Nikola pedals DO NOT "fit" my MSX. Looks like this post: Hello @stephen, the angle is not too hard with nikola pedal ? Because my seller say to me it is complicated compared to original pedal Just be aware! I don't know what to do with these pedals now... The pedals would need about 3mm of metal shaved away, and I don't know if that would expose the interior of the pedal. AND, the pedals I received did not have the rubber surface on them but "normal" grip tape - the seller said Gotway changed back to this so take that how you want.
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