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  1. I'm not blaming anyone the idea sounded cool it's just not for me
  2. I tried it (not riding) at home. I hate it. The speakers don't get enough power so when bass notes hit, it sucks out the mids, like a weird side chain compressor. Sound quality is average, mids are practically non existent. That being said, if you like that kind of sound then it might work out for you. Blasting it at high volumes close to your ears seems like a recipe for hearing damage.
  3. I felt that way, and then I realized how a faceplant could happen at any time and now I no longer feel that way As much as I really enjoy riding, MSX is probably going to be my first and last big wheel, I will stick to small and slow wheels where falling off is not a recipe for disaster!
  4. Our local Vancouver guy is legit though I've never bought anything from him, the Vancouver crew gives him two thumbs up. Vaneuc.com Went on a few group rides so I know he's a real person.
  5. I own a lulzbot mini 2. I can definitely say that it's a love hate relationship for me. I like tinkering, but only so much. Currently 3D printing is still a long ways away from being consumer friendly, there are so many things that can go wrong and it can take a while to set up your printer. It's very annoying to me because if you want optimal print quality, you need to literally tune your printer for each type of filament - YES EVEN DIFFERENT COLORS. Now, for my case, I don't really need things to look pretty so I don't bother tuning for individual filament colors unless somethin
  6. You're fine with lugging an MSX indoors through different classes/room EVERY HOUR with your backpack and books? You bringing this into the bathroom too?! Classes on second or third floor, no elevator... what you going to do? I have locked my MSX up with u-lock through wheel, there's enough space for that, but I wouldn't leave that unattended all day.
  7. Ebike for communting to school is my vote, even though I love EUCs. It's easier to park and lock up a bike if you're going to be on campus, although of course you'll worry about getting an expensive e-bike stolen on campus... But if you get an EUC and try to lock it up you'll worry about it as well, and then if you choose to carry it around it's going to be a huge pain. For convenience sake the e-bike is the way to go since I'm assuming you're going to have classes in different locations throughout the day and can't just leave your EUC somewhere safe nearby like if you're working in
  8. I don't know about you but I have to add air into my smaller wheel every 2 weeks... So yeah it's gonna dry out if it reacts to air.
  9. I use ride-on balancer and sealant. So many stories of how crappy slime is, don't know it became so popular on EUCs but someone did good marketing... Slime dries out, why would you put that stuff in...
  10. I have the 84V MSX, just set the tiltback and it will be fine. For me the tiltback at 49km/h is "invisible" but the effects are very real, as you approach the limit you slowly feel it's harder and harder to go faster or lean forward, effectively "stopping" you from accelerating. I was wondering why I couldn't go faster than 48km/h then I remembered I left tiltback on. You really need to overlean to overcome it at that speed. The only beeps I have are the limiter beeps when riding at the limit. If you're not going to ride fast, just put the tiltback on and you will be fine (of cours
  11. I actually like a good stiff pair of high top basketball shoes. Has some abrasion protection for ankles and won't come off so easily. Stiffer shoes also let you get a bit wider positioning since it supports you more. If you watch motorcycle crashes, the squids always lose their shoes... to be fair they're going a lot faster but still... If you can just kick off your shoes when you take them off, imagine what might happen at >40km/h Motorcycle shoes are too stiff and I can't feel anything through them so those are out. To each their own!
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