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  1. Not sure how fast you're going at, but if if it's relatively slowly (<20km/h) then there's no problem with anything... But try going down a road that's pitted and bumpy over 30km/h... any bump you hit launches you up way more than on flat ground (relatively, because the road drops away so now you have all that extra distance to drop). Going up is the reverse, any bump you hit, the vertical is reduced since the ground in front of you is closer. Not to mention how crappy braking is on the MSX in a normal stance, making it even harder going downhill if you didn't switch your stance up. The thing practically pushes me forward on steep downhills and I have to push back extra extra and even when I do the braking is still worse than on flats because of the extra 50lbs of weight. All of this to say, if you go downhill fast on crap pavement, you're gonna have a bad time. The cure like everything else, is just slowing down.
  2. Yes, I meant live without I took them off because I lost one side and those were a horrible few rides until I made another.
  3. MSX brakes like poop so watch out on those descents. If it's smooth and clear it's fine, otherwise take it slow. I have DIY pads front and rear and the ones I can't live without are the rear ones, not the front. For forwards acceleration you can get away with squeezing the shell with your legs and bending your torso forwards (like downhill skiing or race bike style). For braking I find it much more difficult as I can't get enough mass behind me for powerful braking without feeling the tips of my feet lift and feeling like I'm going to fall over backwards. The rear pads really help! If you are going into a huge downhill you can also do an asymetrical stance so you can put a bit more weight to the back. Taking bumps on a steep downhill while braking and going fast is pretty scary and I avoid it by just going slow
  4. I printed mine and I couldn't get the bottom two in at first, and then when I did it would scrape the wheel. I ended up pushing the top up as far as it could go and leaving the bottom unclipped, but taped it to the rest of the shell. Haven't had any problems for the last few months.
  5. We should protest by all driving big smelly cars around parliament wherever we are.
  6. It's just muscle memory, you need to keep riding it will come eventually
  7. Mostly convenience, I like scooters too but they're too annoying for me to bring up to the apartment and lock/unlock, whereas for lots of places I can bring my EUC inside. On the other hand, I really like the fact that cutting out on a scooter leads to... nothing. If I had a house and garage then maybe I'd use the scooter more!
  8. For the bicycle study it is because most people don't wear their helmet correctly and driver's tend to be less careful around helmeted users. If the helmets were actually worn correctly they would probably do their job. As for mandating helmet use, if someone gets a TBI the costs of providing health care are insane and you end up stressing the already over taxed healthcare system that everyone shares even more, so... Maybe just wear the helmet in our shared society. If we had the option to not provide care to non helmeted users suffering brain injuries then fine, otherwise it affects everyone. Unless you are riding <20 kmh
  9. I ordered a 360, still in the mail.
  10. Well to be fair, big and heavy euc with high pedal clearance isn't the easiest thing to flick around...if I had knee problems I wouldn't want to ride my MSX. But there are lots of other options that wouldn't be hard to ride!
  11. Yes, for enclosed safe area it's fine, I meant like riding backwards on a sidewalk or street!
  12. So... how are you seeing what's behind you? Are you just practicing for trick riding in enclosed area where you don't need to look?
  13. Am I doing it wrong, when I'm practicing my backwards turn I find it easier to turn my head towards the turn. So riding backwards in a left circle, I'm looking to my left side because it's easier to see to the side and behind.
  14. By all accounts they are improving but there were a lot of horror stories and some places dropped GW because they wouldn't fix issues a few years back.
  15. For speed 70kmh sounds good I wouldn't mind 60kmh cruising for short bursts which I'm afraid to do with 84v msx as it beeps around 50kmh for me. Everytime I want to push it I get insta beep! There's not many stretches of road you can do that on, but there are a few around me and it would be nice to max out on those. Once you get used to it the current "higher" speeds don't feel very fast on open smooth pavement. I normally ride 20-40, but when you want to go fast it's nice to have the option!
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