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  1. I don't know about you but I have to add air into my smaller wheel every 2 weeks... So yeah it's gonna dry out if it reacts to air.
  2. I use ride-on balancer and sealant. So many stories of how crappy slime is, don't know it became so popular on EUCs but someone did good marketing... Slime dries out, why would you put that stuff in...
  3. I have the 84V MSX, just set the tiltback and it will be fine. For me the tiltback at 49km/h is "invisible" but the effects are very real, as you approach the limit you slowly feel it's harder and harder to go faster or lean forward, effectively "stopping" you from accelerating. I was wondering why I couldn't go faster than 48km/h then I remembered I left tiltback on. You really need to overlean to overcome it at that speed. The only beeps I have are the limiter beeps when riding at the limit. If you're not going to ride fast, just put the tiltback on and you will be fine (of course making sure you have battery).
  4. I actually like a good stiff pair of high top basketball shoes. Has some abrasion protection for ankles and won't come off so easily. Stiffer shoes also let you get a bit wider positioning since it supports you more. If you watch motorcycle crashes, the squids always lose their shoes... to be fair they're going a lot faster but still... If you can just kick off your shoes when you take them off, imagine what might happen at >40km/h Motorcycle shoes are too stiff and I can't feel anything through them so those are out. To each their own!
  5. Are these people trying to impale themselves?
  6. That is completely normal if you are pushing it hard and reversing directions, like idling.
  7. If you can ride "fast", it's really not that hard to go really "fast" on straightways / semi highways. Obviously depending on what you have around you, couple of roads we have available that can be relatively free of traffic, speed limit around 80, with a large shoulder for bicycles. I find it fun once in a while, geared up, just booting it on the MSX I hit the beeps too easily, so a nice bump in speed would be nice. I think some people freak out at higher speeds so they assume no one can ride it safely, but they probably don't have the nice, long stretches of road to ride on.
  8. Just practice and you'll be fine, I have a helmet mounted mirror too. You can also stick a small 3'' mirror or similar onto an arm band and use that, but I find it's faster to tilt my head and use the mirror. Luckily where I live there's plenty of bike routes, and I generally only stay on bike routes or pedestrian paths because I don't trust any cars. Many bike routes here are designated side streets with less car traffic, so there's still cars there but a lot less than normal, so I still use the mirror.
  9. You probably already know someone with an old phone they can just give you
  10. Try the different modes. I started with medium, though it was ok. Tried soft, didn't really like it. Now on hard mode and it's how I like to ride. IMO, hard mode is more responsive from standstill. Acceleration from stop is slow no matter what the mode, acceleration when you are over 15-20kmh is pretty good. Try different things, you'll find something that works for you. When mounting or in on/off traffic, I have my feet close to the shell. For longer and faster stretches I go wider and hover more. I use different riding styles, it just depends on the situation, they are all good for something.
  11. I vote for better user experience. For example having the warning speaker/beeper be separate and much louder, pointed towards user (so you can hear it at high speeds). Make the volume correlate with speed. How is there still only one beeper and only one volume... Easier / standard tire changes Actual wiring jobs / quality of electronics. Actual though into places for attaching lights etc. Actual thought and design of padding / adjustability. Why do so many people have to do diy pads, power pads, ankle pads... Better trolley handles Standard seat / luggage attachment system. Better led controls.
  12. Not sure how fast you're going at, but if if it's relatively slowly (<20km/h) then there's no problem with anything... But try going down a road that's pitted and bumpy over 30km/h... any bump you hit launches you up way more than on flat ground (relatively, because the road drops away so now you have all that extra distance to drop). Going up is the reverse, any bump you hit, the vertical is reduced since the ground in front of you is closer. Not to mention how crappy braking is on the MSX in a normal stance, making it even harder going downhill if you didn't switch your stance up. The thing practically pushes me forward on steep downhills and I have to push back extra extra and even when I do the braking is still worse than on flats because of the extra 50lbs of weight. All of this to say, if you go downhill fast on crap pavement, you're gonna have a bad time. The cure like everything else, is just slowing down.
  13. Yes, I meant live without I took them off because I lost one side and those were a horrible few rides until I made another.
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