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  1. UniVehje

    Battery won't charge past 91%

    @Lunar Did you get this solved?
  2. UniVehje

    Battery won't charge past 91%

    I've also got this issue. Suddenly my battery is not charging past 93%. I've send email to @Jason Jiao about this also. I hope it's a bug that can be fixed.
  3. UniVehje

    Inmotion V10f vs Gotway Tesla

    The beeping can be shut off but yes, it is restricted to 25 mph / 40 km/h (45 km/h using DarknessBot). But it’s not always about top speed for everyone. There are other qualities also. Ultimately I would always recommend to go for even bigger battery than those wheels.
  4. UniVehje

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    YES!!! Should be here any day now. Every day is agony.
  5. UniVehje

    V10F App Questions...

    1. I don’t know about this. There has been some confusion about miles vs kilometers on the app in some versions. Is the difference same if you set it fo km? 2. The app is not showing the temperature that would cause overheating. Don’t worry, you will notice it if the wheel’s safety feature kicks in and forces you off. You cannot damage it.
  6. UniVehje

    Inmotion V10f vs Gotway Tesla

    I own a V10F and have tested the Tesla once. I would still choose V10F because of the fatter tire, better quality and excellen ride settings. The main reason for choosing Tesla would be less aggressive speed throttle on lower battery and higher top speed. I did not like the ergonomics of the Tesla but that is a matter of taste. But the bigger and higher pedals on the V10F are generally liked by everyone. The trolley handle looks better on the Tesla but in practice is not as robust. I think Tesla is a great choice still. One of the best and good value. I think you can get it for a lot less than V10F. And if speed is important then Tesla is the way to go.
  7. UniVehje

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Is it time to give the XL to @maltocs and see if he gets the same result as with his V10F on those mountains?
  8. UniVehje

    Has anybody problems withe the new kingsong app

    I have an 18XL on the way. How bad is the situation with the app and firmware? Should I just leave it at present firmware for now and just do the basics to get the wheel going? Will the new app work on iPhone?
  9. I think you can change the top speed to 35 using darknessbot app. However, the wheel will quite quickly start to throttle the speed as the battery level gets lower.
  10. Both are good. V8 has some nicer features, but you will very soon want more speed and range. If you don’t want to or can’t spend more right now, buy a used one to learn. Believe me, you will get addicted and want to upgrade to a performance wheel in a few months.
  11. UniVehje

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    I also just placed an order for an 18XL. I’m upgrading from V10F mainly because I NEED a bigger battery for longer rides. Now there is the 2-3 weeks of painful waiting... I mostly like to ride on technical trails so I’m really a bit more excited about the 16X. I think it might suit me better. But it takes too long and I’d rather not buy from the first batch this time. And it’s good to have an 18 incher also. It is possible that I will buy the 16X also and then see if I want to keep both. How are you guys liking the 18XL on trails?
  12. UniVehje

    Factory reset for Inmotion V10F

    Are you on latest firmware?
  13. UniVehje

    Factory reset for Inmotion V10F

    Make sure it actually has been changed to the wheel. Follow the instructions carefully. It can look like it changes but doesn’t. I know there is still a bug that does that in classic mode. Comfort mode should be fine.
  14. UniVehje

    Factory reset for Inmotion V10F

    Try changing the ride mode to comfort.
  15. UniVehje

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F