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  1. UniVehje

    V10F First impression

    I'm pretty sure it's one of the listed pre-made animations. You might be able to delete them, though.
  2. UniVehje

    V10F First impression

    Yes it is. But for the transfer the wheel must fisrt be placed on the resting position. Just like when updating firmware or doing body calibration. https://www.inmotionworld.com/blog/what-is-zero-offset-calibration-of-inmotion-unicycle
  3. UniVehje

    V10F First impression

    You can change or delete this horrible siren using the app. Go to sound settings and try to find out which Chinese text is for this sound. Record silence for a second and do the transfer as with lights. It is very buggy but worth the effort. Enjoy the silence! If you use iOS download DarknessBot and change speed limit to 45 km/h. On Android there might be another app for that.
  4. I think this normal. You don’t want to change ride settings while moving.
  5. UniVehje

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    I’m the same weight and I’ve got the overload only once during 3000+ km and I was really pushing for it. Don’t worry about it. Most likely you will never experience it. The wheel will just protect itself and won’t overheat. It’s an issue for heavier guys riding on mountains.
  6. UniVehje

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Multa on muuten ehkä tulossa V10F käytettynä myyntiin kevään aikana, jos joku suomalaisista on kiinnostunut. Isompaa akkua pitää saada kesäksi.
  7. UniVehje

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Onnittelut uudelle! Odottelu on raskasta, mut onneks on huonot ajokelit.
  8. UniVehje

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    How’s the sound on the 18XL? Still as annoying as the 16S?
  9. UniVehje

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Tervetuloa! Itsekin aloitin ninebotilla (S2) ja päädyin tänne, kun tuli tarve ostaa nopeampi. Onko jo mielessä joku tietty?
  10. UniVehje

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Mutta video tämän toiminnasta kiinnostais kovasti Erikoisen näköinen viritelmä.
  11. UniVehje

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Mulla oli tollanen viime vuonna, myin kesällä pois 300 eurolla käytettynä ja meni nopeasti kaupaksi. Tuo hinta on kyllä hyvä. Laite on ihan hauska, mutta ei toki pärjää yksipyöräisille. Se on kyllä paljon helpompi oppia ja käyttää. Rakenteluista ja modauksista en osaa sanoa, en ole nähnyt sellaisia.
  12. UniVehje

    Impossible to send light effects to my inmotion v10

    You have to set the wheel on its bumper. Press the handle button and put it on resting position, same as when updating the firmware or resetting. Then do the transfer.
  13. UniVehje

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    Any news on this yet?
  14. UniVehje

    King Song KS18XL

    V10F has the same power and comfort is up there already, I'm not looking to upgrade those qualities. But, like you, I need more range for those long rides. I'm also interested in just trying something new. I think I will wait until April and see what happens with the market.
  15. UniVehje

    King Song KS18XL

    Thank you. So 2500€ over here. I was prepared to pay 2000€, but this needs some more thinking. I hope the prices come down soon. I’m not sure if it’s worth upgrading from V10F.