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  1. Good idea. We used to have upvote and downvote buttons as well. The limit is really what is easily offered by the forum software. This service is kindly paid by the owner and there’s no money involved in keeping this up and moderated. Nobody’s going to make the changes unless it’s just couple of clicks away. But your suggestion could be there available already. Worth checking it out.
  2. I think the biggest question is does it matter if one more part is not according to regulations when one part isn’t? What I mean is that after the speed is already over the limit, then the voltage or wattage doesn’t matter any more if caught by authorities. And you don’t need those anyway if the wheel is limited to 25 km/h (without ability to remove the limit by the user). The most sensible thing would be limiting the wheels to fit moped classification and then push for changes is that class (allow regenerative braking and one wheel). Then just limit it on 45 km/h which is fine for e
  3. No. It’s actually good. You have balanced the cells, which is very important.
  4. The retailer handles warranty and then deals with manufacturers according to their deal. Yes, Inmotion seems to have failed the assembly but handling of fixing it was retailer’s responsibility. In this case it seems like the retailer has tried to set up conditions on warranty that are not in accordance with EU law.
  5. Seems like it's not the usual problems then. The next low hanging fruit would be to check that it's latest firmware and the app is latest version. And you don't actually even need the KS app. You should be able to do everything on EUC world. If that works then maybe try to delete the KS app if the interferes with the settings?
  6. KS requires you to ride certain amount before letting you to change the limit. I guess it's about 10 km. If you have enough kilometres already then the problem might be the app that doesn't work with Chinese market wheels. Contact your reseller about it.
  7. Within EU warranty is not something that you can decide yourself. It’s regulated by law. And includes shipping costs. If you sell something you have to follow the same law. It’s not the customer who decides. Just adjust your pricing to cover the legal requirement of warranty for two years including shipping. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/faq/index_en.htm
  8. Or more pixels = better camera. I hope this is not what is happening with the 126V thing. By reading the discussions around the topic on this forum I get the feeling that very few truly understand the topic and the rest just see higher number as better. I don't mind more voltage as long as there are no big negative side effects. I also understand the want for progress. But personally I see many other features as more important developments. For example lights, suspension, comfort, range, reliability, ease of tire change. I'm personally very likely to purchase S20 next spring. But voltage
  9. Mun V11 joutais eteenpäin kevään hankintojen tieltä…
  10. Short answer: No. There might be a slight difference, but it still takes the same amount of power to climb up a hill. If you weigh more than 80 kg and climb up steep hills fast, the V10F is known to do this. Basically it is a bit too conservative on the warnings and too few MOSFETs to deal with the heat. Just take it easy with the steep and long hills. The good thing is that at least it forces you to step off way before anything is broken inside, so you don't need to worry. It's just annoying if it happens all the time.
  11. Itse en lähtisi kokeilemaan hiljaa jalkakäytävällä ajamista, vaikka teoreettisesti saisikin. Sitä ei tiedetä. Edes poliisi ei tiedä ja väittelystä ei ole kenellekään hyötyä, vaikka sen voittaisikin. Pahimmillaan samalla sitten keskustelu ajautuu muihinkin sääntöihin, jos siitä sakosta rupeaa kinaamaan. Lisäksi tarkemmin katsottuna tuo itsestään tasapainottuva määritellään siten, että laite pysyy pystyssä paikallaan, eli perinteinen kaksipyöräinen Segway on ollut mielessä.
  12. Please read the rules before posting. Include location in the title. Also, this is for secondhand wheels, not for commercial sales.
  13. Please read the rules for posting in this thread first and then try again.
  14. I would be just as interested even if it were a 84V wheel. While I do not believe the rumors of it not being 126V, I’d rather have a very reliable 100V wheel than 126V experimental wheel. With the top speed limited anyway, there’s just no real benefits from higher voltage. Even the lift speed was announced to be the same as V12. But, in any case, if they announce 126V and only two weeks later change it, that tells me something is not right at the company. Inmotion is also not working properly at the moment. Both companies lost their marketing people within a year. Could be the pandem
  15. Harmillista. Kuulostais siltä, että noita ohjaava boardi pitää vaihtaa uuteen. Toivottavasti myyjällä olis nopeasti lähettää. Ei pitäisi olla kamalan paha homma ite vaihtaa. Hyvä tuuri, että voi silti nauttia ajamisesta. Oothan muuten jo kokeillu kaikki resetointikikat?
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