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  1. Looks like we will be riding the ring road later this summer. Maybe we’ll meet then. Happy to hear the V8 has a nice home now. — Yesterday we had a resting day and just walked around old Rauma. Today the trip continues with a 60 km ride to Pori. Video of the first three days is almost done.
  2. I’ve never had any problems charging at any restaurant or cafe. Usually we plan a lunch break for the trip and charge there. Or sometimes just at the entrance of a local supermarket. Quite often we even find an outlet outside the buildings. Shopping malls have a lot of outlets all over if you start looking for them.
  3. Liam confirmed it’s white. I think that’s just a red protective sticker on it. — But those few changes are nice. I like that chrome plate but I agree the orange parts on the pedals will look dirty all the time. The tire choice is a safe bet from Inmotion. That’s a very nice tire to ride on streets and pretty good for off-road also. A good combination of both. Behaves very well on carving. But it will wear out fast, possibly needs to be changed after 3000-4000 kilometers. So for me that’s one summer and I’ll be using a more aggressive winter tire also.
  4. Not going to fit. I tested with a tire that measured 2.75” and it just barely fits.
  5. Started today. Already at the first overnight place in Naantali. Tomorrow is going to be tough. We have almost 70 kilometers to ride and it will start raining heavily at about 9-10 am and continues the whole day. If we want to stay somewhat dry, we have to wake up early and keep moving pretty fast.
  6. Tein juuri oman postauksen meidän reissusta. Olemme juuri junassa Turkuun ja aloitamme ajamisen siitä. Teemme tuonne toiseen ketjuun päivittäin matkapäiväkirjaa ja pari kertaa viikossa videoita reissusta. Jos asut länsirannikolla ja haluat tavata meitä matkan varrella, laita viestiä!
  7. Tour de West Coast Finland - 1000+ km road trip on EUCs. What: We are riding from Turku to Hailuoto (a large island near Oulu) on our unicycles during our three week summer holiday. The tour will follow the west coast of Finland and we will choose the smallest roads closest to the shore. We will be sleeping at AirBnB or camping sites. Daily activities will include a lot of riding (40-100 km per day) and checking out small towns, museums and other interesting places. The total distance on the wheels is expected to be 1000-1500 kilometers. This is not an endurance or extreme distance trip. We will have pretty relaxed plan and daily rides are relatively short. The main goal is to have a nice vacation, not to break distance records. Who: I will be riding with @HelRider and hopefully we meet new riders on our journey. Why: I got bitten by a long distance riding bug last summer when I did a couple of longer tours (200 and 260 km, two nights). I enjoyed the freedom of just riding and not having to turn back home. The inspirations to these trips have been @Sebaand Monsieur Flex with the world tour. For this summer I planned much longer road trips all winter. The virus forced me to plan my trip to be in Finland. The west coast is very beautiful and I’ve never been there before. During the spring @HelRider decided to join the trip and we started to make more detailed plans. We also did a couple of practice rides together. How: Wheels: 18XL for me and V10F for her. Charging: I can do 100 km and she can do 60+ km on one charge. We have a 5A rapid charger with us with adapters for both wheels (thanks @1radwerkstat). We will charge at least the V10F during lunch breaks and we have two days when the 18XL might need some fast charging also. Sleeping: We have booked camping cottages and AirBnB’s for the trip. No tents this time. Equipment: I have a 36l Osprey backpack plus a 6l lumbar pack. Weight about 9 kg. @HelRider has a 40l Osprey backpack, weight 7,5 kg. Minimal clothing and equipment. Preparing: The tour is roughly planned and most of the nights are booked beforehand. Daily plans are done on Komoot app and we like to have some freedom to just go where there are something interesting. The wheels are checked to be in good shape. Most important preparations were done on our practice tours where we finalized our choice of shoes, settings, clothes etc. Terrain: Mostly small country roads with asphalt, pretty often gravel and small paths. Navigation: Komoot and google maps The plan: Here’s the initial rough plan for the trip. You can expect to have daily updates on this thread and videos 2-3 times a week. If you have questions, you can post them here and we’ll make a Q&A post or video later.
  8. Nope. We’ve never had rating for the whole wheel, on any wheel. Motor’s nominal rating means what the motor can take (continuously), not what it gives. The power coming from the batteries can peak very high and AFAIK Inmotion is the first manufacturer to even speak about controller output (throughput?), which is more important. And the peaks are always higher, it’s the wires and components that can’t handle the current very long. Unfortunately we don’t have a simple number to compare all the wheels like the kW or hp rating for IC engines. But that’s what everyone is going to do anyway, hence the need for manufacturers to compete on who can announce bigger number for the motor.
  9. Wait a minute. That’s a 20s6p battery, 120 cells. That would be $240 plus bms plus assembly into a package. And in general, price of something is usually a subject of supply and demand, not cost of parts plus markup unless it’s a commodity item.
  10. Just use the app to do it. Pretty simple and quick process.
  11. Kyllähän sä uuden tarvitset nopeasti. Tuon mun sepustuksen ajatus oli, että nyt kannattaa heti lähteä jonoon, jos S18 haluaa saada tälle kesälle. En olisi yllättynyt, jos ihan heti ensimmäisestä erästä ei enää saa pyörää. Kannattaa kysellä kaupoista tilannetta. Ja tosiaan riskinä on, että sitä odotellessa kesä ehtii mennä. Siinä mielessä jousimallin hankkiminen vasta myöhemmin voi olla järkevääkin, että nyt saa nopeammin alle kunnollisen pelin ja päivittää ehtii sitten lastentautien korjaamisen jälkeenkin vaikka ensi keväälle. Mutta toisaalta pyöräkuume on sellanen, että onhan se mieluinen peli saatava ja kaikki muut tuntuu tylsille. Kunpa joku osaisikin sanoa tarkan päivämäärän milloin S18 varmasti olisi ovella. Päätös olisi varmasti paljon helpompi.
  12. Taitaa näitä uusimpia löytyä ihan kaikista isommista nettikaupoista. Parin tonnin luokkaa, mutta toistaiseksi vielä ennakkotilauksena. Hinnat ei näytä vaihtelevan kovin paljoa. Tuosta aiemmin linkatusta postauksesta löytyy ajantasainen lista kaupoista alueittain. Meidän S18 tule eunicycles.eu:lta. Group buy tuskin tuo mitään etua, ellei joku jaksa säätää ja organisoida. Itselläni oli ajatus väsätä sellanen, mutta menisi lomien jälkeen. Ymmärrän tuskan. Kyllähän se näyttää herkulliselta ja pyöräkuume on paha tauti. Järkevyydestä on vaikea sanoa vielä. Historia opettaa, että alkupään sarjassa on ollut aina paljon ongelmia. Kaikilla valmistajilla. Alkuinnostuksen jälkeen myös hinnat laskee pari satkua. Sitten on myös kysymys saatavuudesta. Jos ei ole jo jonossa ennakkotilaajana, niin voi joutua vielä odottamaan. KS:n toimituksesta en tiedä, mutta V11:lla on jo tuhansia ennakkotilauksia ja tuotantoa vasta yritetään käynnistää. V8F julkistettiin syksyllä ja vasta nyt alkaa löytyä saatavuutta, niitä oli ennakkotilattu 3500 kpl. 16X:ää valmistettiin 600 kpl /kk pari kuukautta käynnistyksen jälkeen. Siinä vähän numeroita puntariin. Toivotaan parasta!
  13. I can confirm I get the same bug on the new iOS app. The pedal setting seems to stick but when I come back to change it again it shows that weird number and the slider is all the way to the right.
  14. That’s certainly a strong statement. I know you’re just reporting what you heard. I would pass a claim that S18 has better suspension for mountain ride. But a claim that (at least) the second best offroader ever created is not a good mountain wheel? And possibly best ever weather proofing and potentially H-666 tire are not good for rainy weather? I’m pretty sure it will be way better at these than any other wheel previously available. So maybe not best, but at least very good. And whether the S18 is then even better is to be seen. But if it really comes with the tire that was installed on the EUCO unboxing unit, then you can forget good off-roading, especially on wet or loose soil. V11 with H-666 (if that’s the final version) will go much further and faster no matter the unsprung weight or finer settings on the suspension. And it seems like the V11 might fit a knobby tire, the H5102 on the S18 appears to be already rubbing the fender. There seems to be no way to fit a knobby tire. I was excited to get to loan the S18 coming to our household for some shorter technical trail rides. But after seeing the tire situation I’m not very excited any more. I got used to riding with a knobby tire and know how much better it is when off-roading. H-666 will pass as off-roading tire for summer season but will probably not fit the S18. My point being: having any type of suspension will make any wheel much better for mountain ride. But after that the tire choice will probably be more important than fine details in the type of suspension. You don’t see a lot of road bikes with expensive suspension used at single tracks. But you will see a lot of knobby tired mountain bikes with no suspension there.
  15. The numbers can lie exactly because of that lean. I'm not saying the Sherman couldn't accelerate faster than the other wheels mentioned, but exact comparison would require a robot to perform the leaning with precisely at the point of over lean. In my opinion these acceleration tests on EUCs are pointless. Also, it's been 1,5 years since the previous tests and Kuji might have gotten braver and more skilled at this. It's very difficult to compare the numbers. What you can take from that test is that the Sherman must feel very strong and can do at least those numbers. What we don't know is the exact leaning angle and whether the others could have done the same wihtout face plant. And I could be wrong, maybe Kuji really can feel where the limits are and can take it right to the edge. The point is, you will probably accelerate just as fast on any of the wheels but some of them might feel like more effort.
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