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  1. I think most of them got bored when the forum started to turn into brand vs. brand wars. Happened when more and more people came to ask what wheel they should buy. We even had an idiot some time ago jumping into controversial conclusions and then praising himself with fake accounts. Can you imagine? Anyway, the forum membership is already about 11 000. 100 000 riders would be maybe 30M / year industry as not everyone buys a new wheel yearly. This forum doesn’t represent an average EUC rider.
  2. I've done the update and everything was smooth. Kingsong app wasn't even needed. I did the update on DarknessBot and changing speed limits back to max was also easy using it. The pedals feel harder, especially on the hardest "experient" mode. A bit closer to the usual Gotway feel. But the hard pedals still don't feel stiff or lazy to respond. This wheel feels pretty responsive. I really liked it before but now even more. It is difficult to explain the feel. Only thing that comes to mind is that there seems to be slight amplification to your movements in the algorithm. Like if you lean forward the wheel knows you want to accelerate and amplifies the movement slightly. The pedals can stay rock hard and you don't need to lean so much but the wheel still goes like mad. Turning in tight corners feels better also. Feels like the wheel stays with me better and is more ready to accelerate quickly out of the turn. It feels harder and more sensitive at the same time. And of course it is now completely silent. Testing video coming soon...
  3. Maybe Oculus Go Also @Marty Backe, if you are not into high end gaming, go for Oculus Quest or Go. You don’t want to be strapped on a high end PC all the time.
  4. I’d be just fine with that. It’s all about how it feels. If you are measuring the acceleration with a timer you’d better be wearing all the protection to find the limit anyway.
  5. EUC acceleration is not so much about power. It’s about how it feels. If you don’t face plant you don’t use all the available power. 1.13 felt like an improvement in how it reacts and how easy it was to accelerate. Maybe a hint of artificial feel before you get used to it. Like it knows you are accelerating and it helps you a bit. I don’t know how to explain it better. Earlier felt stiffer, more like MSX. But it’s not just simply pedal softness. Interesting to see how 2.0 does it.
  6. Is there a list of all the changes and improvements? I’ll maybe update and try this weekend if others have good experiences. The previous update was all very good.
  7. How many kilometers have you ridden already? You need 10 or 20 to unlock from 20 km/h limit. Also your app needs to be signed in to your account. And you might get problems if you bought it from Aliexpress. Your distributor should help you.
  8. Taisi koko porukka jättää väliin lumen vuoksi. Täällä ei varsinaisesti kukaan organisoi miittejä, mutta jos jotain viritelmiä on, niin hyvä ilmoittaa tulostaan tänne, että joku voi ilmoittaa peruutuksista. Uutta yritystä sitten vaan! Nyt on pitkään lämmintä ja loppuviikosta aurinkoista. 🙂
  9. If you like the ride and comfort or the V10F then you should consider the 18XL. I went from V10F to 18XL and it feels very similar plus it gives you everything you listed. Just make sure to get the larger pedals. It has just been upgraded and has all the kinks of a new wheel ironed out already. There are plenty of new wheels coming in 2020 also, but you might not want to buy from first batch.
  10. Please use this thread.
  11. Interesting news! Is that a 16x2.5 tire? No trolley handle? Good to keep the competition going. This wheel will probably not have fit and finish and all the features of the latest performance wheels, but those specs will keep GW and KS improving.
  12. Huomenna parempi keli. Olisko kuitenkin vasta 11-12 aikoihin ja Keskuspuistoon tai jonnekin vähän kauemmaks. Huomenna tulee olemaan tiet täynnä ulkoilijoita ja koiria.
  13. They’ve already told us in the what’s app group that the new wheel will launch in May or June. They said research was delayed. It’s possible they planned to announce it next week, but with the delay, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I don’t think they’ll announce it so much before launching.
  14. Don’t worry about it. V8 is easier to learn on, but the difference is not dramatic. If you get an 18xl there’s no reason to get a v8 for learning. You will learn it anyway.
  15. KS 16S. The shell and body got destroyed in a crash so he rebuilt it.
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