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  1. V10F is rated (by Inmotion) at 90-100 km range with 70 kg rider, constant speed. I used to get 65 km with around 10% left. And the V10F lets you ride well past 0%. That’s at just 68 volts.
  2. I’ve now owned a V11 for almost a year. During this time the wheel has been broken three months. Right now I’m almost two months in waiting for latest spare part from Inmotion. I’m on my third motor. During the year I also rode three months with a very noisy bearing while waiting for a new one to arrive. That also took two months. That’s very little riding for the money. I had to buy a spare wheel. The V11 is the worst and best wheel I’ve owned.
  3. Hi, S18 is sexy but the V11 looks better in person than in pictures. The fit and finish and some details are nice on the V11. On the other hand, the S18 didn't look so nice in person when I saw one. The suspensions are very close to each other when working properly. If there's a difference, it is small. For your use the V11 suspension is very comfortable also. The bearing issue is a real one if you want to use it in rain. The latest wheels from the factory should perform better but there is still a risk. We need more data from real world on the latest improvements. The S18 issues ar
  4. https://www.leparisien.fr/paris-75/paris-miriam-la-jeune-femme-renversee-par-une-trottinette-est-decedee-18-06-2021-7RBZH2PIXZCQVLHLDAVKK3BC6A.php https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=fi&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hs.fi%2Fulkomaat%2Fart-2000008094783.html Our biggest newspaper had an article today about Paris wanting to ban electric scooters after a pedestrian died. We have also had one MP suggesting a law limiting the speeds even lower than 25 km/h after an article in newspapers that 25 % of nightly emergency room customers have fallen on rental scooters. A
  5. I guess majority of us would ask if the screen is changeable from standard to imperial units. The phone app is and it’s probably just a matter of software update for the screen on the wheel to be changeable as well.
  6. AFAIK there is very small speed throttling curve on V12 as well. It means the top speed is reduced as the batter gets lower. But it's difficult to compare on percentages as Gotways won't deplete batter as far as V12. Apart from those other features you don't care about, the main difference could be riding feel. This is a matter of taste, but Inmotion V12 offers much better settings to change riding behaviour and feel.
  7. I think this is the problem of this thread. This is creating an unnecessary divide in the community for no good reason. The whole story is not represented here and there are too many overlapping topics. Discussing different ride cultures in this thread is not possible. The way I saw things happen was on multiple channels. People first reacted to the teaser video that seemed to glorify dangerous racing in public. But then came a secondary reaction to the bullying. I also reacted on various channels to the teaser video and got insults in response. I don't mind that and would have let it be
  8. Mikä siinä oli vikana? Käsittääkseni tuon vaihtamisen jälkeen InMotionin pitää rekisteröidä se vielä erikseen. Eli ei ehkä ihan suoraan toimi. En ole varma tuleeko sieltä sulle se ylempi vai alempi boardi. Ylempi boardi on helppo vaihtaa. Sen joutuu irroittamaan myös rengasta vaihtaessa. Kannattaa ottaa valokuvat ennen ja sitten vaan varovasti irroittelemaan pikaliittimiä. Niiden kanssa varovasti. Itse boardi lähtee sen jälkeen 3-4 ruuvilla irti. Alempaan boardiin en ole koskenut koskaan ja en tiedä kuinka vaikea se on vaihtaa.
  9. I'll edit it. I guess that was too blunt and an insult. I'll try to find another expression for someone behaving badly. Edit: the neutral term seems to be bully.
  10. My spouse used to own a V8 and I often borrowed it for commuting. It is a very nice wheel for that. But if you plan to ride 50 km trips, then a bigger wheel would suit better. Especially if you have the budget for that. V10F has a 960 Wh battery that takes you around 50-60 km in real life. It's easier to ride a bit faster so you should think about it as 50 km wheel with some kilometres to spare if you keep at 30 km/h. Most of the time you can think half of what the manufacturers claim. (They test at 25C weather, no wind, 75 kg rider, 20-25 km/h constant speed with no accelerations or uphills)
  11. You have observed well. That is pretty much how the market is right now. There are only four active manufacturers and last 2-3 years they all have been competing in the big wheel and performance category. However, there are some good wheels introduced 2-3 years ago that are still completely valid options. It might seem like they haven't been developed but they have become more reliable and refined. For example I used to own a V10F from the first batch. Two years later my spouse bought another 2020 model and it feels much better to ride and is clearly better made. And it's still a very go
  12. Tässä tuli ylempänä jo pari tosi hyvää neuvoa ja olen samaa mieltä noiden kanssa. Voisin vaan lisätä vielä oman ajatuksen näistä pädeistä. Itsellä on nyt kilsoja kertynyt 3,5 vuoden aikana jotain yli 15 000 ja en ole vieläkään asentanut pädejä. Toki mielessä on ollut, mutta en ole ehtinyt. Kannattaa nyt vaan ajella ilman vielä hetki ja asennat sitten, kun tiedät täsmälleen kokemuksesta missä kohtaa ja mihin niitä tarvitset. Itse aion laittaa hätäjarrutuksia varten taakse pienen nyppylän ja toisen eteen jyrkkiä ylämäkiä varten. Hyppyjä varten en ole edes suunnitellut mitään, koska en hypi. Muut
  13. To anyone defending Mickey because of that video: - He is not stopping making videos. Watch to the end. He is just trolling. - It is a fake apology and only towards his sponsors - There is no remorse, he still thinks he is in the right. - There is no real threats towards him. He is just making it up. He has done it before. - He is not saying what kind of language HE used when somebody commented about the kind of riding portrayed in the video. - He is not disclosing that anybody mentioning politely that this kind of riding is not okay was met with ridicule, ins
  14. Moderation comment: Everybody, please discuss the topic with respect to each other and mature behaviour. No need to insult those who disagree with you. The topic is pretty much all discussed through already and there are very little to add. Don't get into fights if you don't have anything valuable to add here.
  15. Omassa on jotain 2000-2500 luokkaa. En muista tarkkaan ja nyt ei voi tarkistaa.
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