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  1. This is an extremely interesting discussion. It is important to realize that ultimately we are discussing perceived acceleration, how it feels, what feels zippy. Absolute maximum acceleration of each wheel might be academically interesting topic but in reality that is not how we ride. What we experience is the effort it takes to gain speed. I think It’s probably some combination of power, wheel diameter, pedal softness/hardness and firmware algorithms. Here are my observations: 1. My 800W V8 feels zippier than my 2000W 18XL. This will always be true even though the 18XL might be able to accelerate faster in absolute terms if taken to the very edge (just before face planting). It is true even if they actually did accelerate just as fast when measured in lab conditions. The bigger wheel will require more leaning and that feels like a bigger rider input. 2. My gut feeling is that I could reach first 5 meters or 10 km/h quicker with my V8 but 100 meters or 30 km/h speed quicker with the 18XL. Simply because I would be more confident leaning heavily on the 18XL. And I would still think the slower to 30 km/h V8 would feel zippier and less effort. 3. You can only test different wheels side by side using robots or lab conditions. I can now accelerate faster with my 18XL than I could when I first got it. I can also now ride up hills that I could not ride when it was new to me. If you just jump on a new wheel it will feel different and sluggish because your brain is not yet tuned in. Just changing the riding mode to hard, medium or soft will feel wrong initially and takes about 50-100 km to get used to. 4. Wheel diameter seems to be the biggest factor but firmware is not insignificant. Inmotion updated V10F firmware to include a setting that felt zippier. Same happened to my 18XL with 1.13 firmware. It probably didn’t get quicker in absolute terms but definitely felt zippier and more responsive after that. If we could find out what exactly they did to the firmware that would help us understand this topic better.
  2. UniVehje

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Two of my favourite things to do. Very excited about this!
  3. UniVehje

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Do we now have a date for V12?
  4. Agreed. Latest iteration of 18XL has the new silent and stronger motor and also all the other upgrades. No gyro effect, which is rare in this category. It fits everything you listed and is a reliable package with teething issues ironed out already. You just cannot go wrong with it. Remember to confirm it comes with the bigger pedals.
  5. @mrelwood tietää nää jutut. Mun uus minicross rengas tais olla merkinnältään 2.5-14 ja sopi mun 18" pyörään. Eli taitavat tosiaan merkata sen vanteen halkaisijan. Saattaisi sun pyörään mennä joku 12" merkinnällä oleva.
  6. Aurinkoinen (mutta kylmä) viikonloppu tulossa. Nyt olisi hyvä aika miitata!
  7. Have you noticed something being wrong with your bearings? I’ve been sensing maybe some roughness lately but I’m not sure. It’ll be a big project to change them. Sorry I cannot help with the size, maybe you can ask directly from Kingsong?
  8. You can use DarknessBot to increase top speed. But it will still throttle early.
  9. Eiköhän tuo vielä sula. Tai sitten ainakin pääsis testaamaan renkaita kunnolla. Kylmä siellä toki on. Olisin kyllä lähdössä, jos muuten sopii.
  10. They just keep making it better! Anybody know where to order in Europe?
  11. Interesting find and great topic. You might be on to something that needs to be looked at more. I've found that tire choice affects riding feel more than wheel choice. My 18XL Chaoyang H-5102 doesn't have gyro effect and seems not to have reinforced side walls.
  12. Easy and important upgrade for Kingsongs: you already have two USB ports, why not have one of them changed to usb-c? Most new phones are usb-c already. And all manufacturers should be experimenting with suspension.
  13. Speksien mukaan 18x12.5 mut on se vähän leveempi ku orkkis. Mut ei 3” kuitenkaan. Ostin mrelwoodilta ja se oli ostanut käytettynä taas jostain muualta. En oikein tiedä alkuperää tarkemmin.
  14. Hyvältä näyttää. Mä vaihdoin kans kuvassa näkyvään talvirenkaaseen @mrelwoodin avustuksella. (Tai mä taisin olla se avustaja) Todella hyvä pito ja mukava ajella vähän varmemmin ottein. Alussa vähän outo käyttäytyminen, mut jo alle 100 kilsaa riitti totutteluun. Asfaltilla ei kyllä ole kovin mukava.
  15. No sit mä sanon, että tee rohkea veto ja osta 16X, niin me päästään kaikki testaamaan sitä! Onhan se ainakin erilainen ja tykätty. Ei sitä kannata liikaa miettiä. Pian kuitenkin on markkinoilla uusia vehkeitä ja tekee kuitenkin mieli vaihtaa. Ei se mikään loppuelämän päätös ole. Ja eiköhän ne pahimmat viat ala olla jo korjattu.
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