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  1. It will be interesting to hear what you think about the 16X compared to your 18L. I’m very tempted to buy the 16X but think it’s too similar to my brand new 18XL. I would at least need to test it first.
  2. Weunicycle at ebay. Looks like same as twheels at Ali. They want me to ship the board at my expense to them and they ship it to kingsong for repair. All this will take 5-6 weeks so I just bought a new boar and get it in 3-4 days and get back to riding. I might still ship the broken board for repair later and get a backup back. Kingsong support just stopped responding after saying they don’t understand what is wrong.
  3. I have hard time getting answers. Tomorrow I will just buy a new main board and forget about warranty. Takes too long and I want to get back riding.
  4. Onhan tuota V5 mallia kehuttu hyvin tehdyksi, mutta on se myös jo vanha ja heikko. Kikkailuun voisi toimia melkein saman hintainen V8 myös, sain juuri itse sellaisen kakkospyöräksi. KS14 mallit on kuulemma tosi hyviä. Mutta mikä on budjetti? Millä hinnalla olisit saamassa ton V5F:n? Mitä, jos ostaisit kikkailuun multa satasella Ninebot one S2:n, käytännössä lähes identtiset speksit v5:n verrattuna ja ajais asian. V5F tarttee myös erikseen ton talutuskahvan, mulla on sellanen kiinno S2:ssa. Kyllä sitä melkein voisi suositella suoraan tehokkaamman ostoa. Tai jos löytyisi vaikka käytetty KS16S tähän väliin, voi vähän kikkailla ja kuitenkin ihan kunnollinen pyörä. Budjetistahan nämä aina on kiinni tietysti. Mutta ei nuo 500 wattiset tunnu kovin kivoilta, kun on ajellut isommilla hetken.
  5. Thanks. Do you know anything more about this? I tried to do the firmware upgrade using the service app but it didn't help. Is there something else I can try with the service app? I'm still hoping I could fix this by installing new main board myself and not have to send it to repair. That would take more time.
  6. Looks so comfortable! Absolutely no need for suspension!
  7. I got that from the support and will try soon. All I need is to locate an android phone that I can borrow.
  8. Some moments from today’s group ride in Nuuksio, Finland. Great day, great trails. Featuring @mrelwood, @Peter Köhler And Tapani. That weird looking EUC is a rebuild of a KS16S.
  9. Most likely the solution is a new main board. I don’t know what is wrong with it yet.
  10. I don’t like that faux carbon fiber finish. Looks cheap. They went backwards in design. Mudflap looks like it will be the first thing to break. What about the part of the shell under the pedals. Did they change it at all? I’m still very exited about this wheel! I don’t see why it wouldn’t perform as well or even better than the Nikola.
  11. No, it’s not that. I tried it anyway and no help.
  12. My 3 weeks old 18XL stopped balancing and doesn’t turn off after charging. The power button only generates beeps and flashes the lights. I disconnected the batteries but after trying again it is the same. Constantly on and no balancing. Anyone else with the same failure?
  13. Mä oon pitkään halunnut kokeilla tota! Mielelläni testaisin ja samalla saat koeajaa mun pyörän.
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