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Import into New Zealand


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Does anyone know the import rules for NZ?  I'd like to send my old V8 to my son, or send him a new Ninebot S2.  Granted there might be GST to pay but are they actually ok to get thru customs?


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I don't know the import ins and outs here, but moving these things around the world can be a bit of a pain. How about supporting our long suffering importers that already have stock here?
Surely some ocker Aussie would love to pick up your much loved wheel and learn how to ride.

NZ King Song Importer in Wellington courtesy of  @The Fat Unicyclist or 

NZ InMotion Importer in Auckland

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Thanks for the shout-outs @Daley1 and @Sidewalk Enforcer.

As well as the King Song wheels, we are also now adding Ninebot to the range - Z10 avaiable now and S2 probably (hopefully) coming soon. And we have had a few ideas about Inmotion too.

@smarty... Getting a wheel from Brisbane to New Zealand will not be cheap, or easy. Some courier companies won't even ship laptops because of the batteries (which areslighty smaller than an EUC). Shipping it yourself you can fly it over (paying an exorbitant price per kilogram) or by boat (where you pay for a minimum of 1 cubic meter). And whether it is by courier or commercial shipping you need to get all of the necessary DG (dangerous goods) paperwork sorted out at both ends.

Can your son ride already? And in which part of New Zealand is he based?

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Thanks all.  He is in Whangarei, doesn't know how to ride hence looking for cheaper options.  Maybe I'll put my v8 in my luggage with battery removed and see how we go. I've heard that certain airlines are more relaxed then others...

@The Fat Unicyclists

I'll be interested to wait for your S2...

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