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  1. The batteries were down to 40%. It's working now. I disconnected one battery pack at a time and the charging worked. I charged each to 100% and then reconnected them both, and reassembled. Riding time!
  2. I have a problem with my KS18L – it is not charging at all. It used to have the tail light glowing red, and bluetooth would connect while charging but now - nothing. I've taken the covers off to see if I could see anything obvious. When I plug it in the LEDs in the picture flash for a fraction of a second and then nothing else happens. There is still 84V getting to the board – I’ve checked this with a multimeter against where the charging wires connect to the motherboard. I’ve checked the two 30amp fuses and they are ok. Any suggestions please
  3. I had my V8 in a local bar with an island bar. I got pressured to ride around it. Surprisingly it ended well. Learning: a few beers helps the riding
  4. I (my wife) has N1B. I've used the seat mounting holes to mount a rear basket onto it. That works well. Some negatives. 1. The real world range is nowhere near 50km. My 18L is nearly 100km real world. The N1B is maybe 40km. 2. The rear brake is a mechanical disc actuating from one side only. So requires regular and fiddly adjustments to keep it working but not rubbing. 3. The steering is quite stiff. 4. The rear suspension was shipped without any grease in it. WTF?!
  5. I like the idea of the airbag helmet but with our MHL (mandatory helmet laws) here in Australia it would just be inviting unwanted scrutiny by the police. 😒
  6. This is the module if you are wondering... DC 6.5-100V 50A/100A Digital DC Voltmeter Ammeter LCD 4 in 1 DC Voltage Current Power Energy Meter https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/Cvfwepuy
  7. This is my latest incarnation. Module from ali express. The voltage and wh reading is most interesting to me. You can also set a voltage alarm with it. The box is quite big as there is a shunt inside and also I have fat fingers. Feeling pretty pleased. BTW the wh interest is because this is for my wife's KS-N1-B, and I'm a bit suss on the battery wh rating...
  8. Thanks. his is the voltmeter https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F131191475988
  9. Hi This is my home made charge monitor. Self powered voltmeter and GTX 16-3 connectors (ebay). A bit of soldering and voila. Total cost AUD$20 The scooter has no proper voltage display anywhere 😳
  10. Ok, what about a back to basics approach. A simple inline voltmeter with multiple connectors to suit a range of wheels? Manually stop charging at your desired voltage. I do this with my KS18L over BT.
  11. Thanks all. He is in Whangarei, doesn't know how to ride hence looking for cheaper options. Maybe I'll put my v8 in my luggage with battery removed and see how we go. I've heard that certain airlines are more relaxed then others... @The Fat Unicyclists I'll be interested to wait for your S2...
  12. Hi Does anyone know the import rules for NZ? I'd like to send my old V8 to my son, or send him a new Ninebot S2. Granted there might be GST to pay but are they actually ok to get thru customs? Thanks
  13. Thank you - that worked!
  14. Hi I just got a KS-N1-B for my wife who can't ride euc. Basic question: How do you turn the headlights on? I've tried turning it on in the dark in case they are automatic like my 18L. I can't see a switch anywhere. 😒 @The Fat Unicyclist
  15. Yep. I've done that. I'm in android 8.1. It is bizarre - I keep getting an error message even after I've done a force stop. Soo annoying
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