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  1. Sidewalk Enforcer


    I also picked up a Bell Super DH last month when it was on sale as I wasn't happy with the non-chin bar skater helmet I bought initially when I started riding. Expensive - yes, but also found the fit much better than the Fox Proframe (for my head shape). Nice and light, can wear it for hours and hours while riding - no problems.
  2. Sidewalk Enforcer


    Holy balls. I did not appreciate how much time and effort you guys and gals go through to stitch these videos together for our enlightenment. Much respect, I am in awe.
  3. Sidewalk Enforcer

    Two small issues I'm having with my inmotion V8

    That's a fair point, but 52 psi - yikes! I'd be bouncing off the moon at those pressures. But I'm like 130 lbs. I prefer the squishy feel so run mine ~ 34 psi. I did pay the price early on in my ownership however - carelessly ran the tire down to 23 psi and as you say - ended up with a pinch puncture and a long walk back home.
  4. Sidewalk Enforcer

    Two small issues I'm having with my inmotion V8

    Yep, the app is not great at connecting to the wheel but eventually it connects for me (using Android BTW). Strangely the Wheel Log app hardly ever fails to connect but you can't adjust settings with that app. General technique for me is: Turn on the wheel, lean it against a wall and leave it idle for ~20 secs. Activate all phone radios - Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS with high accuracy location detection or whatever it's called. Start the Inmotion app, grant it whatever ungodly level of permission access it requests. Restart the Inmotion app if it fails to connect twice. Speed wobbles (I'm told) are almost always rider-induced. You approach a speed that you're not 100% comfortable with, your legs subconsciously tense up, oscillations start up, you tense up more amplifying the effect. Personally I don't have the safe environment to ride at top speeds around where I live, so that's not an envelope I push too often.
  5. Doesn't sound like you received good advice from the retailer. Size 13 feet!! You must be huge. Fellow V8 owner here, but we're on opposite sides of the spectrum size-wise and I've had zero issues. Sounds like you've managed to generate overlean cutouts from the wheel four times within 250 miles. Well I admire your persistence. The wheel's only going to supply enough counter torque to your inputs up to the maximum of it's design specification. If you unlock the maximum speed in the app, you've reduced the safety margin of reserve power the wheel has left to give. Somebody your size probably should not be riding an EUC below a 1500W motor.
  6. Sidewalk Enforcer

    In the news...

    Gutted to see that this morning. I was really looking forward to that series. Video footage
  7. Sidewalk Enforcer

    The Kingsong 16X First Ride

    Ooh, I like the look of that. Beast-mode engaged climbing up those slopes!
  8. Sidewalk Enforcer

    EUC gear purchases ;)

    That sucks - RE: court etc. Sorry to hear about that. As for those Cordura pants, probably going to be unbearably warm for anything outside of the 2 deep winter months as they won't breath very well. I do wear my Draggin jeans on the EUC sometimes which have some build in CE knee and hip padding, and the denim lets air flow reasonably well too. Still wouldn't wear the jeans on a warm day though - far too hot.
  9. Sidewalk Enforcer

    EUC gear purchases ;)

    Fellow biker reporting in. What's this "used to" business haha, once motorcycling is in your blood you're hooked for life. One of us, one of us ... Would I go out and buy it specially for the EUC? Not sure. Good quality gear designed for a performance envelope that massively exceeds something an EUC incident is likely to present does give me a sense of safety. But since I have it round house anyway ... why not! Especially when it's chilly outside, and we're heading into the winter now (my first with the EUC).
  10. Sidewalk Enforcer

    NEW OneWheel Pint

    Couldn't tolerate the low range on those things. The utility of my V8 with its 50 KM / 30 Mi range puts so much of the city within striking distance for me. The freedom of movement I've found exploring the side streets around the suburbs has been a revelation.
  11. That was my understanding too - having read other posts from UK dwellers.Happy to stand corrected though, perhaps London has its own regional by-law? Same legal standing exists in NZ - here the Land Transport Act effectively states that any motorised vehicle that cannot be registered, cannot be operated on the road. They had to make an amendment under urgency last year to allow the Lime e-scooter trials in various cities to operate without breaking the law. That amendment, declaring e-scooters not to be classified as "Motorised Vehicles" under the act was needlessly specific IMHO, limiting the amendment to electric powered vehicles with 2-3 wheels not exceeding 300W, a horizontal board and vertical handlebar for steering. They even defined the maximum wheel diameter in the amendment . So here I am, relegated to footpaths, which lets face it are not designed with wheeled vehicles in mind, but for feet. Keeps me super alert though, and my speed way down.
  12. Sidewalk Enforcer


    It sucks that this happened to you Andy, glad to hear that you did not suffer serious injury from a situation that could have been a lot worse. From a manufacturer's perspective, particularly in a litigious-happy society like the USA, I can understand why they would seek any out-clause they have available to them to distance themselves from liability. What I can take from this tale is that it is a sobering reminder that Li-battery powered devices have a small but non-zero probability of spontaneously self-combusting. I mean, the interwebs are full of videos of hover-boards, mobile phones, laptops etc. bursting in to flame. Never leave them on charge unattended, or overnight while asleep in the next room - which as a new EUC owner, I have done on occasion. But not after seeing this! Thank you for sharing.
  13. Sidewalk Enforcer

    Can a Tesla keep up with the E-Boarders?

    Oof. Those things look fast. Very different vibe to the EUC. Go the V8! haha
  14. Sidewalk Enforcer

    A matter of the app...

    Sounds like you've got it sussed already but Speedy Feet had a nice overview of the app functions if you've not seen it yet:
  15. Sidewalk Enforcer

    The pedestrian debate

    Mini Bell Bought a small hand-held bell shortly after I started riding as "calling out" tended to startle pedestrians more often than not. Most recognise the ding-ding of a bike bell and react appropriately. Clips on to my wrist-guard strap.