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  1. duuuudes Some very skilful riding on display in this one. Enjoy
  2. That propeller though ... wtf? What is this madness? I love it.
  3. Ooo ... I know this one. Inmotion App -> Me (bottom right) -> Settings -> Metric/Imperial Units Wheel Log -> swipe-right -> Application Settings -> Use MPH
  4. Outstanding! Mine only lasted 1500 km before getting all torn up, and I'm not much heavier. That's some bad ass light-touch riding style you have there. Guess I must have shuffley feet or something.
  5. Wow, did I read that correctly - 10K km and you're still using the oem grip tape on your pedals?
  6. Seen it first hand. Went on a PEV group ride that started at the top of a hill, and as we set off a short but intense cloud burst broke on us and soaked the group. We had around ~ 20 riders at the start with a mixture of scooters, esk8s and EUCs. After the rain cleared and we regrouped, there were ~ 8 left and a few of the esk8s that continued the ride with us spun out on the wet roads on the way down. Scooters with stuck throttles, esk8s with fried motors or dodgy remote controls, tyres that are not all weather/ all terrain capable. The EUCs shrugged off that weather incident like it was nothing, but I'd still like to see rubber gaskets or something sealing the shell before I'd willingly take an EUC into torrential rain.
  7. The build quality of these devices does not let me commute through down pours with any confidence. They certainly seem better than other PEVs in that regard and sure I've been caught in the occasional shower and then I just get wet, but the owner's manual makes it clear ... "Please do not drive for more than 10min in the light rain". I imagine evidence of water ingress on electrical components renders your warranty null and void. So I'm with the other replies above - if it's chucking it down outside, the EUC doesn't go outside.
  8. Thank you for your impressions. It's certainly a mod/ upgrade I've considered previously but your own experience has given me pause.
  9. Whoa - I mean it's *just* a tire change vid but the video production quality is outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more from this guy.
  10. Sheesh - you Gotway riders are a curious bunch aren't you. Two crash posts within hours of each other. Glad to see the injury is quite minor all things considered.
  11. Fundamental laws of physics - all electric DC motors run out of torque when they reach maximum speed ... otherwise they would not have a max speed, they'd just keep accelerating and you'd have yourself an infinite energy machine. Safest thing you can do is set a safety buffer (tilt-back speed) on your wheel that is well inside the top end of it's performance envelope. However the safety margin diminishes with battery level so keep that in mind too.
  12. Entertaining as ever @chrisjunlee . 65 Km/h! You'll need to watch out for the popo.
  13. Let's be real - these types of helmets are not designed for warmth. If the temperature outside is 6 oC / 42 oF or lower, I'm reaching for my motorcyclist's windproof balaclava to wear as an extra thermal liner during my work commute.
  14. "Conditioning" I think is what people call it. Your body should adapt to the new stresses you're placing on it when you ride and as your conditioning improves (along with competency) you'll be able to ride in a more relaxed flowing manner, able shift your feet and relieve the numb sensation that builds up on long rides. At the moment you're probably a little stiff and super-concentrated on not stacking it each time you ride out. From memory it was a good 2 to 3 months of near daily riding before my aches subsided.
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