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Over charging


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I read that batteries should be charged until the 'red' light turns 'green' on the charger then up to another 15 mins optimally!

Can anyone shed some light on this recommendation - does excessive charging damage batteries?

I connect and turn on, set timer for 50 mins, check 'light' and usually set timer for another 15 mins.  If the light is 'green' I unplug [usually], if not another 15 mins. I can't tell whether the light changed a minute after setting the timer or 14 mins!!  Don't suppose there is a charger monitor?

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The BMS will take care of preventing overcharge (as long as you haven't shunted the wrong mosfets ;)). You shouldn't be able to overcharge the batteries unless your charger or battery BMS(s) is/are faulty.

The light on the charger changes color based on charging current, for example in the Firewheel charger, it turns green once the current drops below 250mA.

The charging of a Li-Ion -battery is two-phased: constant current with raising voltage, then constant voltage where the current starts to drop:


The cell balancing seems to only occur during the pretty final phase, where the current has already dropped low and the charger is showing a green light.


For monitoring, I use:


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