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KS 14s ride mode recommendation (for teen kid)

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My daughter picked up riding on a ninebot one a few days ago and has moved up to the ks 14s.  When I was riding the 14s I had it set on the hard mode because it felt more responsive.  So for her, I'm not sure if that mode would be best for her.  She is about 4'-10" and weighs about 80lbs.  I have already lowered the speed limits as well as the alarm settings, got her all the protective gear possible.  Would it be more beneficial for her if I set the ride mode to either "soft" or "medium".  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

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Instinctively, we assume that "hard" mode is more difficult. In fact, although in some simplification, it is simply less force needed to cause the wheel reaction. The girl is smaller, has less weight, so paradoxically this mode may be the most appropriate and the least tiring for her. Eventually, as the @meepmeepmayer wrote, let her decide.

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