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EUC shake


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Hi Guys,

Short Story :
Last night, when I try to accelerate.
I feel it shake, and I can't slow down immediately.
Then I try to step on ground , and stop it.
But it lost control. 


When I ride EUC, sometimes will feel it "shake". 

Could anyone tell me how to handle it?
(can ride on EUC 1 week ago)

Many Thanks

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Ah maybe start by telling us what wheel you ride?  :blink:   No matter!  I shall use my mind reading powahs... I’m just gonna take a stab and say older Msuper V3, and guess that you may have some loose axle shims which could be tightened up with the axle nut maybe?  Or perhaps a loose control board might do it.  Check the board mounts for any damage or movement.

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Thank you for all reply.

I am sorry, I didn't mention what I ride and how it shake.

I am riding V8.

It shake at rear side by side.


Maybe as CptSalami say,I need some muscle training

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