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  1. CptSalami

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    https://e-wheels.no/produkt/enhjuling/kingsong-ks18xl You could get a decent price on the XL at this Norwegian shop. 20 000,- kr = 2051,- Euro I've bought all my wheels from here. If you don't mind IMHO a complete lack of proper customer support, it could be worth it regarding the price.
  2. Can't we just outlaw being injured all together while we are at it?
  3. CptSalami

    EUC shake

    Might it be a case of the newbiewobbles, coming from untrained muscles? He said he's been riding for a week.
  4. CptSalami

    KS18L Not as described

    I have not been able to have a look at the video regarding the sideways tilt, but believe I might have a similar issue on my KS18S. Yes, it occurs wether I ride it "forwards" or "backwards" , always the same pedal will be dipping a consideral amount more than the other, and it is the same pedal dipping wether I have my left or right foot on it. I've ridden lot's of different wheels over several years, never had this issue. As it has been getting worse lately as I have gotten close to 3000km on, I suspect it might be a problem with the seating of the tire, and the thread on one side being worn more, making it worse. (Riding 99% with power button on front) It's recently gotten so bad I think I'll have to try a realignment, but it has never really been a big bother. Curious if it is the same. Anyways, good luck with that refund!
  5. CptSalami

    Elektrisk enhjulingar Sverige lagar

    Hei, Vi i Norge har rimelig like regler når det kommer til elektriske kjøretøy. Maks lovlige hastighet er 20 kmh, og det hjelper ikke å sette ned toppfarten til 20kmh på ett hjul som kan kjøre raskere. Fordelen for oss som kjører slike et at det er ikke så mange av oss, så politiet har ikke noe fokus på å stoppe oss. Jeg har kjørt i Norge i flere år, og har enhjulinger som går opp til 50kmh. Så lenge du ikke kjører som en idiot, og har respekt for fotgjengere, og andre som deler veien tviler jeg på at du vil få noen problemer med politiet. Det virker som at det er folk i England som har mest problemer med myndighetene, der er det flere tilfeller av folk som har fått sine hjul konfiskert. Skandinavia er nok trygt i noen år framover, så det er bare å kjøpe seg ett hjul og kjøre i vei!
  6. CptSalami

    Vans for EUC riding?

    "army boots" are working wonderful for me. Gives a lot of support and are pretty comfortable. I would definitely stay away from sandals, 10 messed up toes after a a crash is not something that is very tempting
  7. CptSalami

    Inmotion V10F lovers / no negative comments here

    Can possible save you some money on heating the house during winter months.
  8. CptSalami

    which is the front/rear of airwheel mars rover Q3

    Just want to chime in on this topic. An Airwheel Q3 was my first wheel (back in the day, eh), and for someone who are new to this hobby it feels like an incredible machine. On mine there was no difference in performance or feel whatever way it was ridden, so I'm gonna guess it will be the same for you. If you are like me and most other riders, you will quickly outgrow the 2 wheeled design and start to yearn for something bigger, faster, more reliable and comfortable. If you enjoy the Q3, oh boy your mind is going to get blown if you get on a "real" EUC. Good luck to you on your journeys, and wear some safety gear
  9. September 2017, flat ground KS-18A with about 70% battery. Going 30km/h flat ground, no acceleration and BAM! Thumb broken, knees and elbows + left side severe road rash. Still don't know the cause of it as my reseller won't even have a look at it and claims it can't have been anything but an overlean. He claims "cut outs like that can't happen". I haven't opened it myself, the wheel still works but the pedals are really "mushy" and not hard at all like the 18a or 18S should be. So I simply got an 18S intead and that has not let me down yet.
  10. Alright, answered and delivered from Norway. Let's hope they won't screen me out, and that I could be of some help to our UK EUC brethren.
  11. CptSalami

    some newbie BS: Darknessbot vs Kebye Gotway

    I can unfortunately not help you with the DB, but we have many excperienced users here. As for the revving, is the wheel spinning up to speed? Or is it just the sound of a fan going? I'm not even sure if the MS3 has fans or not.
  12. CptSalami

    Thoughts as A beginner

    Have you been writing so much about wheels that "week" gets autocorrected? ?
  13. CptSalami

    Doubting KingSong

    I'm guessing it has to be the retailer he is talking about, it's the only EUC shop in Norway I'm pretty sure. I've had nothing but bad service from them for the 3 years I've been a customer. If there were other options I'd buy there instead...
  14. CptSalami

    eBay fake warning! KS18 AY

    @alcatraz Personally I would recommend shelling out the extra cash for the 18S, if you are interested in this type of wheel. I have owned both. On the AY I did not feel comfortable at more than 36-37km/h. S version I'm cruising at 48-49, no problem (On good roads that I have excperience on). Still, the AY is a fun wheel as well.
  15. CptSalami

    Average age of EUC rider

    Seeing as the "kid" category goes all the way from 24-27 years old here, I'll be joining it with my 25 years of age. 3 years riding EUC. ?