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  1. Ah of course Me overlooking the very obvious. Working well now, thanks for the reply.
  2. I've heard a lot of good thing about the app, and as the weather finally is decent enough here to take up riding again, I figured I'd give the app a try. First of all: WOW! I was positively surprised with how well it worked, and the implementation of so many features. I've only ever used the default manufacturers apps from KS and GW, and what you have made is years ahead in every aspect. First thing I did when getting home was to send over a donation to support this awesome project. So now I have a question about the AVAS settings. I was trying to set up the Harley sounds, and it seems to work well and responds to the wheel, but only plays the sounds through my phone. Is there a way to get the sound to play on my on board speakers? (Nikola 84v)
  3. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Is it for getting the mail in the morning, or the Dakar rally?
  4. I'm really getting a feeling here that you like to argue a lot, and find arguments where there are none. I'm going to assume this is just me reading the wrong meaning out of your posts. We seem to be mostly in agreement anyways. Crash = bad Safety gear = good Hope you have a great day.
  5. That comparison is only fair if I first had stated something like "It's impossible to have any accident in a car, while not using a seatbelt without getting seriously injured or dying" The reason for my comment in the first place was because of your claim how it was near impossible to NOT damage your head in a fall like that. You might also have noticed how I wrote that despite this I DO in fact wear a helmet? Maybe we can just agree that safety gear in most cases is a good thing?
  6. I'm not going to voice my opinion on any political topics. Still I'll just chime in and say that on both my 30km/h+ crashes my head is the only thing not to have touched the ground. I wear a light open face helmet.
  7. I'm making a similar journey in a few weeks, with stops in Barcelona and Girona. Interested in renting/borrowing and maybe join a local rider/riders for some rides at these places if it is possible.
  8. I'm usually going with the carrying option, as reducing speed is a dealbreaker when I'm traveling. Maybe there is a big untapped market for suitcases with wheels capable of going at 50-60 km/h?
  9. @Mono What kind of suitcase are you using that is suitable for trollying behind you? I've done this myself, but all of the suitcases I've tried had these crappy plastic wheels that start melting when they get a little bit of speed.
  10. @Sports Promotions Did this shoot ever happen? I contacted you guys, but never got an answer.
  11. I've been riding in Trondheim, Norway for years. No problems with law enforcement so far, but I do take alternative paths if I see them early enough. Better safe than sorry. Since we have so many Norwegians in this thread, I'll have to ask. Anyone riding in/around Trondheim?
  12. https://e-wheels.no/produkt/enhjuling/kingsong-ks18xl You could get a decent price on the XL at this Norwegian shop. 20 000,- kr = 2051,- Euro I've bought all my wheels from here. If you don't mind IMHO a complete lack of proper customer support, it could be worth it regarding the price.
  13. Can't we just outlaw being injured all together while we are at it?
  14. Might it be a case of the newbiewobbles, coming from untrained muscles? He said he's been riding for a week.
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