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  1. CptSalami

    Vans for EUC riding?

    "army boots" are working wonderful for me. Gives a lot of support and are pretty comfortable. I would definitely stay away from sandals, 10 messed up toes after a a crash is not something that is very tempting
  2. CptSalami

    Inmotion V10F lovers / no negative comments here

    Can possible save you some money on heating the house during winter months.
  3. CptSalami

    which is the front/rear of airwheel mars rover Q3

    Just want to chime in on this topic. An Airwheel Q3 was my first wheel (back in the day, eh), and for someone who are new to this hobby it feels like an incredible machine. On mine there was no difference in performance or feel whatever way it was ridden, so I'm gonna guess it will be the same for you. If you are like me and most other riders, you will quickly outgrow the 2 wheeled design and start to yearn for something bigger, faster, more reliable and comfortable. If you enjoy the Q3, oh boy your mind is going to get blown if you get on a "real" EUC. Good luck to you on your journeys, and wear some safety gear
  4. September 2017, flat ground KS-18A with about 70% battery. Going 30km/h flat ground, no acceleration and BAM! Thumb broken, knees and elbows + left side severe road rash. Still don't know the cause of it as my reseller won't even have a look at it and claims it can't have been anything but an overlean. He claims "cut outs like that can't happen". I haven't opened it myself, the wheel still works but the pedals are really "mushy" and not hard at all like the 18a or 18S should be. So I simply got an 18S intead and that has not let me down yet.
  5. Alright, answered and delivered from Norway. Let's hope they won't screen me out, and that I could be of some help to our UK EUC brethren.
  6. CptSalami

    some newbie BS: Darknessbot vs Kebye Gotway

    I can unfortunately not help you with the DB, but we have many excperienced users here. As for the revving, is the wheel spinning up to speed? Or is it just the sound of a fan going? I'm not even sure if the MS3 has fans or not.
  7. CptSalami

    Thoughts as A beginner

    Have you been writing so much about wheels that "week" gets autocorrected? 😁
  8. CptSalami

    Doubting KingSong

    I'm guessing it has to be the retailer he is talking about, it's the only EUC shop in Norway I'm pretty sure. I've had nothing but bad service from them for the 3 years I've been a customer. If there were other options I'd buy there instead...
  9. CptSalami

    eBay fake warning! KS18 AY

    @alcatraz Personally I would recommend shelling out the extra cash for the 18S, if you are interested in this type of wheel. I have owned both. On the AY I did not feel comfortable at more than 36-37km/h. S version I'm cruising at 48-49, no problem (On good roads that I have excperience on). Still, the AY is a fun wheel as well.
  10. CptSalami

    Average age of EUC rider

    Seeing as the "kid" category goes all the way from 24-27 years old here, I'll be joining it with my 25 years of age. 3 years riding EUC. 😋
  11. CptSalami

    KS 18S Heavy back and forth oscillation

    Made it back home without any sign of trouble. Even made sure to hit the exact same bump at around the same speed, and it was fine. Will put my mind at ease and just enoy the ride without worrying too much. Gotta say the KS 18S is a fantastic machine, and it works well on both snow and ice
  12. CptSalami

    KS 18S Heavy back and forth oscillation

    Thanks for the replies. It was -9 degrees celcius at the time this morning, so I can confirm it was cold outside. So it might have been something with the gyro like you suggested @KingSong69. I was not really aware that the cold would have an impact on the wheel other than draining the batteries a lot faster. Also as mentioned the wheel behaved normally for the rest of the ride. I'm not very confident with opening the wheel myself and checking the hall sensors, as I am afraid of fiddling with it and doing something wrong. But will send it back to my seller for a check if it happens again. Will drive it home from work and report back later today. If you don't hear from me, assume the KS 18S tried to kill me
  13. I was driving my new 18S (100 km total on it) to work today, and for the first time experienced any kind of unpleasant oscillation. Driving over a small bump in the road at 15 km/h i got a sudden, very powerful back and forth shaking in the wheel, that would not stop until I came to a halt and got off it. Very nearly threw me off the wheel. Got back on it afterwards and continued with the remaining 8 km of my ride without any more issues with speeds up to 40 km/h. Had it occured at a higher speed, staying on the wheel would have been extremely difficult. Never had this kind of thing happen before on any of my previous wheels (Airwheel Q3, King Song 16B, King Song 18AY), and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why this happened? Or have any experience with something similiar?
  14. I sure like to think that wearing my Flexmeter wrist guards would have prevented the fracture by letting my hand slide a bit, instead of simply absorbing all the energy on impact. The rest of my usual gear (That I did not wear at this particular ride) consists of knee and elbow protection, as well as a helmet. By some stroke of luck my unprotected nogging was the only thing NOT to touch the ground. I'm not completely sure what it is you are asking here, would you mind rephrasing it?
  15. 30 km/h on flat smooth pavement on my KS-18AY last September. It felt like what I can imagine an overlean will feel like (been riding for years without any accident on various wheels.), with the wheel just suddenly not holding me up anymore and dumping me forwards. The weird thing was I was not accelerating, and had a pretty full battery. The only trip I have had on it after is the trip back to civilization to get help. Not much trust left in it after that. The damages I racked up was severe road rash to knees, elbows, my whole left side and as an added bonus a nifty transverse fracture of my right hand thumb metacarpal bone. I'll have to take some of the blame for the injuries myself, as I was driving completely without my usual safety gear. In my mind a "slow", "careful" short run at 30 km/h on my 40 km/h capable wheel was low risk. Oh boy was I wrong. Will certainly not make the same mistake twice. Fixed the issue by upgrading to a KS-18S 1680Wh 1500W . I'm really pleased with the S, it's a beast who easily can traverse the snow and ice we have in Norway at the moment.