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V8 with 400 miles. Battery only lasts about 16 miles


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Hello, all.  

I got my V8 on June of this year and have been using it to commute to my work which is about 10 miles each way.

I used to have about 65% of battery left when the ride was done.  after putting 400 miles on it, now it only holds about 35% of charge after 10 miles of ride.


I took it for a 15 miles ride yesterday and it only had 13% of battery left.  

is this normal?  does the battery life on V8 go down this much in 400 miles?


I just wanted to hear from other members.



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Ok. So I did a range test today on a road that does not have ANY uphills or any turns. In fact, it was constant gradual downhill all the way till the end.  


I did not have any backpack (my buddy carried it for me). I am about 185 lbs.  

i was able to go 19.2 miles and V8 has about 10% battery left.  


Is this normal??  It does seem to have very low range.  


I have segway mini pro. It is rated for 15 miles and I can go about 15 miles on one charge.  

It seems that Inmotion is over selling on their unicycles.  

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Gotta remember it’s only a 480wh battery. That’s usually fine for most daily task. I’ve got 900 miles on mine and it’s two years old. The battery seems good as new. It’s weak in the mountains now where I moved to. I have to creep down the hills or it will say, “OVERLOAD, GET OFF.” At the same time giving me extreme unridable tilt back. I’ve never crashed from that but it’s always close. My mountain range at 264 +/- is about 10 miles. It’s really been an excellent well built wheel and will soon become my solid backup wheel as I upgrade to either the MsuperX 100v/1280wh or 84v/1600wh. Possibly the ks18s1600wh or ks18L. 5 days of overtime to get that!

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Some stats which may put this into perspective can be found in this thread:

The (expected) range is mainly between 12 and 20 miles, depending on the conditions (hills/offroad/speed/...).

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