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  1. Not interested in hassle of shipping. Local pickup only. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/mcy/d/mountain-view-inmotion-v8-with-v10/6988415644.html Has an extra outer plastic casing and cloth protective cover. The V10 pedals cost $100. Extra outer case costs $100+. Was using it everyday to commute to work, but upgraded to a faster EUC.
  2. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/09/missiles-and-drones-that-hit-saudi-oil-fields-made-in-iran-but-fired-by-whom/
  3. I was quoted $90 for the seat including shipping.
  4. When I first got my V8 I practiced twice day and wasn't getting far. Very frustrating. I consider myself athletic and rode a skateboard often. I took my wheel to a party, and someone said, dude your tire is flat. I pumped it up and was instantly able to ride. Post of a video of you trying to learn and perhaps we can give you some good tips.
  5. Thanks for warning everybody not to ride at highest speed.
  6. I have a white KingSong 18 XL. Will this be stylish? https://www.halloweencostumes.com/authentic-stormtrooper-costume-adult.html
  7. No, i tell them it is too easy to get hurt and to learn to ride they should have safety gear, at least boots and shin guards.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are recovering.
  9. Off topic: I recently sprained my ankle. Had to learn how to ride with one foot. I'm rather proud of myself I can do it at high speed. Only a little more than a mile to work. 9 months commuting to work and still have not learned to ride backwards. I tried but no luck. Pain is a good teacher.
  10. Suspect mine has the same issue. Will contact dealer for warranty help.
  11. Why did you get a replacement? Was it broken? Mine isn't working also. Did you pay for it?
  12. Learning to ride is based on a few factors: Age Prior similar experience Is someone helping you Did you watch training videos on youtube? Is your tire flat? In my case I tried and failed for a week. Then took my V8 to a party and someone said, dude your tire is flat. I pumped it up and was instantly able to ride. Prior skateboard experience, mid 50s. This maybe obvious, but when learning to ride, have a full suite of armor: boots, shin guards, etc...
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