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  1. Learning to ride is based on a few factors: Age Prior similar experience Is someone helping you Did you watch training videos on youtube? Is your tire flat? In my case I tried and failed for a week. Then took my V8 to a party and someone said, dude your tire is flat. I pumped it up and was instantly able to ride. Prior skateboard experience, mid 50s. This maybe obvious, but when learning to ride, have a full suite of armor: boots, shin guards, etc...
  2. Yeah a suspension that inMotion is working on should be interesting. But mostly expect incremental improvements: 1. Stronger motor which means safer, which means more difficult to overpower. 2. Cheaper 3. Stronger case. More difficult to damage case. 4. Lighter 5. Still bigger pedals! 6. Higher off the ground to minimize scrape 7. Bigger wheels for those of us that like the SUV feel vs sports car. 8. More powerful front lights
  3. Odd, I get universal compliments and thumbs up. Would be interesting if you rode with a camera strapped to helmet, so you could post on youtube and shame those people.
  4. Yes, if you ride enough you will fall. I was wearing bright clothing but twice cars have cut me off, didn't fall, but an example of what might happen. I saw an experienced EUC rider, riding in the park on a new EUC, went under a tree and didn't see a twig, and fell. Minor accident. As you get comfortable, you tend to take more risks, riding faster, paying less attention, playing on phone, so that is when most likely something is going to happen. Other rule of thumb is when showing off, tired, night riding.
  5. It doesn't hold my 18L well. Does work well with my V8. I have the larger pedals on the 18L so perhaps that makes a difference. If the stand where bigger it would work, especially if the arms were longer.
  6. I think it depends on the person. Some people have experience in falling and others don't. Some are in more risky environment than others. According to the video at the 6:30 mark, greater chance of injury while wearing a helmet. I don't believe it, but it is interesting. Video recommends to rage a war on cars instead of bicycles.
  7. Transition from 16 to 18 was like zero. I notice the 18 has a smoother ride. I was surprised that my telephone gps speed meter says my top speed is now 30 mph. Everytime I look at it I'm never going faster than 25. Having fun zipping around faster than my v8, although I'm leery of the day it is going to bite me. I'm not much of a helmet person. Before unicycle I rode my bike everyday to work and never used one. When I was learning to ride a unicycle, I would often gear up heavily except for helmet. Never had an accident where helmet would have helped, including lots of skateboarding as a teenager. I did wear a helmet when trying to ride backwards on my EUC. Haven't gotten the hang of that one yet. I'm worried about irresponsible driver. Might wear a helmet one day just so I can strap a gopro to it. Have been a few instances of aggressive drivers coming closer than I'd like. Wondering if getting a small paint gun will help.
  8. Recently acquired a KS 18L used. Really nice machine. Compared to V8 I was surprised that it is not silent, but the high pitch whine may make it more safe as I come up from people from behind they may have an inkling that I'm there. Enjoy the extra speed of the 18L, hopefully I won't pay for it with a hospital visit. I don't regularly use safety gear because my daily commute is only 1.3 miles. When not on my regular commute I do put on more safety gear. So far I'm only doing a max of about 22 mph. V8 max was 19 mph with uncomfortable tilt back and alarm. Changing subjects: foot placement on pedals: I notice that my feet hurt less if I ride with my feet forward on the pedals. Line up the back of my feet with pedal, and front feet are over the pedals by 3 to 4 inches. I suspect this causes less foot strain because less is required to lean forward and go faster.
  9. My 13 year old son is afraid to ride an EUC. I noticed when he tried to ride a skateboard he would fall, somewhat hard. In my case when I would ride a skateboard and similarly an EUC I would jettison them during a problem and just land standing. Other advice: ride slower on new paths or wear a ton of safety gear. Using your arms to break a fall often means a dislocated shoulder or worse. I've ridden with backpack in front of me to absorb a crash, but hasn't come into play yet. Being scared to death / paranoid of serious injury is a good thing. Lastly I suggest wearing bright clothing and a bright EUC. Yes, you are harder to see wearing that cool all black look. Don't always trust the doctors: I dislocated a shoulder riding a skateboard on a half pipe. Doctor told me I needed surgery or I would never recover fully. I recovered fully without surgery. I hurt my ankle playing basketball. Had an MRI done. A couple of doctors said I needed surgery or I would never recover, but they couldn't tell me what was wrong with my ankle. I wore a walking boot / cast for 6 weeks and I recovered. One of the doctors was funny. He said the surgery costs about $50K. I thought to myself, I'm not buying you a new Tesla car.
  10. +1 to keeping back straight while riding. Also when you sit, lean slightly back, other positions will stress and weaken your back.
  11. I feel have plenty of experience with back injuries, my own and others. Guessing: although lifting aggravated your back, poor stance, hunched back, may have been the main culprit. Try keeping your upper back straight. It helped me a lot.
  12. On the plus side inMotion only charged me something like $20 for pedals from their website, where as some new york distributor wanted $100 for the same pedals.
  13. Super niche here in the U.S. Battery technology is improving more than people suspect. End of next year expect a 27% increase in density and 27% drop in cost. EUCs can be made much better. Lighter and stronger. I expect EUC sales to increase as batteries and EUCs improve and drop in price, but will take years not months.
  14. I read your description, but don't understand what caused the pedal to break. Did you fall off and the pedal hit the street?
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