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  1. The app displays the temperature at 52C after an hour of ride. It does feel a bit warm on top of the 18xl, but I don't know what is the safe temperature range of 18xl. does anyone know?
  2. I ended up making my own.
  3. Really?? It will hold 50 pounds 18XL?? What material did you use? ABS?
  4. Hello all 18L and 18XL owners. what do you guys use as a stand for your 18XL? Either floor standing or wall mounted stand.
  5. so... are you saying my proposed plan at the top of this thread is still doable??
  6. My garage is attached.. and I see those video clips of InMotion V10f on fire, I get quite nervous having my EUC charged overnight in my garage. maybe a smoke alarm might be good enough for now.
  7. Thanks for the comment. I have no other place to charge. I can only charge in my garage.... hmm. this is going to be a problem...
  8. Hi there. As the battery of EUC becomes bigger, the risk of having bigger fire related to battery is increasing. I'm trying to find a way to fireproof my charging station. I was thinking about getting a metal cabinet, store and charge my EUC in it, and have a fire extinguisher that is activated by fire (similar to the one in the link) inside the cabinet in case it catches fire. https://www.amazon.com/Extinguisher-Suppression-Device-Safety-Product/dp/B01JVXFQ6E/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=fire+extinguisher+ball&qid=1552319740&s=gateway&sr=8-5 what do you guys think? have you done any work to fireproof your charging station? if so, do you have any recommendations on how it should be setup? thanks guys.
  9. after all the responses, i just placed an order of KS18XL with Jason from eWheels. Jason seems to be a great guy. He always responses so quickly and gives me honest opinions.
  10. it does make sense. you explained the aspect of larger pedal that I did not understand before. thanks for taking time to respond to my post!
  11. wow! I should check this forum more often. I just started to read the responses. thank you everyone!!! Why is the extra large pedal a must? Other than the obvious size difference, are there other aspect of extra large pedal that I should be looking into? (does it have better grip? better material? lighter? ) thanks again.
  12. I currently have Inmotion V8 and am trying to upgrade my wheel before Spring. How reliable is KS18XL? can any current owners chime in?
  13. That’s what I thought. Thanks for the response.
  14. Hi there. I recently bought a new Ninebot One E+. I currently own Inmotion V8 and am aware that E+ has lower specifications. On my first ride, I was going uphill and possibly pushed it too hard (and I was wearing the earmuffs so I might have not heard the beeping), and it suddenly just turned off. I think I was going about 13 miles an hour. Needless to say, I suffered few bruises. Is this normal? has anyone else experienced the same?
  15. I just got a V8 and am having a blast. I have a good buddy who rides with me frequently. I’m wondering if there is a riding group we can join in twin cities area. Thanks
  16. Wow. After experiencing my V8 with lower range, and this post about fire on V10, I have to think twice before buying any inmotion product. Hope Inmotion takes care of you.
  17. Ok. So I did a range test today on a road that does not have ANY uphills or any turns. In fact, it was constant gradual downhill all the way till the end. I did not have any backpack (my buddy carried it for me). I am about 185 lbs. i was able to go 19.2 miles and V8 has about 10% battery left. Is this normal?? It does seem to have very low range. I have segway mini pro. It is rated for 15 miles and I can go about 15 miles on one charge. It seems that Inmotion is over selling on their unicycles.
  18. I see. my full load is about 200 lbs including my backpack and gears. I get about 20 miles on this setting now. based on your explanation, it seems to be normal for me to get about 20 miles range.. hmm.
  19. Hello, all. I got my V8 on June of this year and have been using it to commute to my work which is about 10 miles each way. I used to have about 65% of battery left when the ride was done. after putting 400 miles on it, now it only holds about 35% of charge after 10 miles of ride. I took it for a 15 miles ride yesterday and it only had 13% of battery left. is this normal? does the battery life on V8 go down this much in 400 miles? I just wanted to hear from other members. thanks.
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