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ACMS+ Noob Questions


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I just picked up an ACMS+ secondhand from the forum.  I've been trying to take in all the info from the forum but I have some basic questions to which I haven't found answers yet.  I have downloaded and installed the "non social" app and wheellog.   I've only ridden 3 days and I am up to approx 35 yard rides.

1.  Are there instructions for using these apps on the forum?  I find bits and pieces everywhere but I haven't been able to locate a basic starting point or manual.

2.  How do I calibrate my wheel?   How do I know what is the best angle of calibration?  I've found calibration setting in the app.  I hit start calibration but honestly I have no clue what I am doing.  Based on what I read here I am leaning towards 3 degrees negative to start  (better control when braking) is my understanding from what others are writing.

3.  What's a good tilt back setting?

4.  Sometimes when I fall my wheel seems to need to reset itself.  What I mean is I go forward and fall.  Now when I try to step back on the wheel it seems to want to go behind me instead of forward (as if backwards is the new forward).  I fall off because there is no resistance.   Now I grab the handle and pull it down towards the ground  or tilt it side to side and it seems to "gain tension" again and I can step on it.   Not sure if this explanation makes sense because I am not sure that I am not crazy  :-)

5.  Recommended Tire Pressure?  I'm 240 pounds.

6.  I've read about Gotway pedals breaking on the ACM and/or Monsters.  Do I need to upgrade or were there just a couple of isolated instances.?

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Here is a video explaining one version of Gotway's app, should be similar to yours.  Watch it on you tube to go to his channel and find calibration video.  Calibrate to 0 degrees first, later you can experiment.

Tire pressure try 50psi to start.

Pedals were a few instances, I wouldn't change them until one breaks, if one ever does.  That said, at your weight, I don't recommend riding off curbs.  ;)

Good tiltback setting is 6mph, just to get familiar with it a few times, then either turn it off or set it to the highest speed you feel comfortable riding.


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1. Instruction: set your speed beeps and tiltback once with the official app, and then never touch that POS again unless you have to. Wheellog for daily usage. Do you have the Play Store version or the newer Wheellog from the forum? The latter can change settings (and may do so without you noticing) which can be a bit confusing as a beginner.
In the Gotway app, "open all alarms" and then "default alarms" will reset the speed alarms ("default alarms" alone does nothing).
If you want the newer, social Gotway app, download it from https://www.facebook.com/groups/gotway/files (get the "GotWay 0213.apk"). But it does the same as the old app.
It is a good idea (after configuring) to check the wheel behavior. Switch it on, lift it between your legs, and see (in the app speed meter) where the speed alarms (2 or 3 beeps) and the tiltback (a strong jolt from the wheel) occur.

2. See here. It shows the general idea, details may vary from wheel to wheel. The actual calibration step is after you switch the wheel off and on again, I believe, so keep it in position until you're definitely finished.

Start with a level calibration, use a real, big level (no phone app), make sure the wheel isn't tilted sideways (left-right) while calibrating and firmly leaning against something (don't just hold it with your hand).

3. 40km/h maybe? Or off. Set it higher than your speed beeps, I believe the old harsh tiltback may throw you off, so try to never experience it (at speed, at least). The default beeps are at 30km/h and 35km/h which is a good setting for your weight.

4. Not sure what is going on there:eff02518bb: The ACM stops balancing if it falls over and only starts balancing when it's nearly level (unlike some other wheels that right themselves from a forwards/backwards tilt) and after a fall may need some moments before it thinks it's safe to balance again. Move it back and forth to confirm it's balancing before you step on. And see if any more of this happens.

5. The highest one the tire is rated for.

6. A few isolated incidents long ago. Forget about it, just don't abuse your wheel.

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