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  1. Dreman

    ACMS+ Noob Questions

    Thanks guys for taking the time to answer. I'll start on your suggestions tomorrow!!
  2. Dreman

    ACMS+ Noob Questions

    I just picked up an ACMS+ secondhand from the forum. I've been trying to take in all the info from the forum but I have some basic questions to which I haven't found answers yet. I have downloaded and installed the "non social" app and wheellog. I've only ridden 3 days and I am up to approx 35 yard rides. 1. Are there instructions for using these apps on the forum? I find bits and pieces everywhere but I haven't been able to locate a basic starting point or manual. 2. How do I calibrate my wheel? How do I know what is the best angle of calibration? I've found calibration setting in the app. I hit start calibration but honestly I have no clue what I am doing. Based on what I read here I am leaning towards 3 degrees negative to start (better control when braking) is my understanding from what others are writing. 3. What's a good tilt back setting? 4. Sometimes when I fall my wheel seems to need to reset itself. What I mean is I go forward and fall. Now when I try to step back on the wheel it seems to want to go behind me instead of forward (as if backwards is the new forward). I fall off because there is no resistance. Now I grab the handle and pull it down towards the ground or tilt it side to side and it seems to "gain tension" again and I can step on it. Not sure if this explanation makes sense because I am not sure that I am not crazy :-) 5. Recommended Tire Pressure? I'm 240 pounds. 6. I've read about Gotway pedals breaking on the ACM and/or Monsters. Do I need to upgrade or were there just a couple of isolated instances.?
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll look at the Ninebot as well. I've been toying with the idea of getting the z10 but seems like it might be overkill for wheel #1.
  4. Acturbo, Would that include the charger as well? Feel free to PM me.
  5. I am 240 pounds so I need a unit with adequate power. Looking hard at just buying the ACMv2 new but since I realize I will be "dropping" it during my first few weeks I would like to practice on one that already has a few knicks. Thanks.