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Where to get the minipro load charge adapter?

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I have same question.

Normally we have two wires: Power and Ground. This GX12 connector has 4 pins. What are they? Is it some activator for the charger to start giving out power? With voltage meter I can detect 1V between 2 pins (right down and right up, when facing plastic pin down). All other pins combination show zero.

But here on forum people somehow managed to get 60+V from charger output. Maybe my charger is sleeping? then how to wake it up?

Next question. To revive 1S battery (say on my RC car) I usually switch my Li-Po charger to NiMh mode and send 1V/0.1A power to the battery. After 10 mins it is revived and I can normally charge it.

Can I use that my Li-Po charger to revive minipro battery?

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There was a charger sold by More4Mini which gives a 64V charge rather than 60V. This gives about 15% more capacity, but at the expense of battery lifetime. The normal 60V charger only sends each LiPo to 4.0V, rather than 4.2

Inside the battery pack there is a battery management chip which isolates the charging for each cell. When the battery-pack senses it is in distress you have to get past that chip and trickle-charge the worst cells. Different techniques are needed for different levels of failure.

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Okay. I think I figured it out, I managed to revive my battery.

1) 2 pins I still don't know what they for, but two other pins are Power and Ground. Actually they are shown on the back of the charger. So you don't even need tester.

2) charger has green led. This is when it gives out 1V power. But once you start charging it turns red. It still give out 1V for next fiveish minutes. But then it switches to 59V.

3) My battery showed 4.5V. So it was completely dead after the winter. Nevertheless I attached those two pins to the battery directly. Then waited 4 hours. Then attached charger t ocharger port and waited 4h more. Now my battery is fully charged and minipro is back live again!

4) All 8h charging was done in the garage on the concrete floor.  Since I am now in risky zone, I will always charge minipro in garage.

5) This lesson taught me a lot. I walked through my house and charged all Li-On batteries (screwdriver, RC cars, helicopters, and so on).

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Screenshot_20190306-001116_Gallery.jpg.6I was able to save a dead battery using this primitive method.

The battery was only reading 4 volts. I touched the wires to the battery for about 5 seconds.

Did it 3 times and plugged charger into the battery. Battery started flashing red/green.

Then after 15-20 minutes went to solid red and fully charged.

I think touching the wires to the battery terminals somehow wakes it up.

Don't know how or why, but it worked for me.

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