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  1. You want cells rated for high continuous current drain. The MiniPRO uses these two types:LG MF1 for the lower capacity batteries, and the better '320' miniPRO uses the LG MG1 series. In the USA they are between 3-4 dollars each.
  2. I found that if I connected with the ninebot app, and then started up the battery monitor while the app was still running, that similar Bluetooth problems to yours disappeared. You might try that.
  3. IMO Best cheap new android phone is the UmiDigi A3 at $80 from Amazon. But any second=hand android phone with firmware 6.1 (Marmalade) and above will do fine. It would probably also run with 4.4+. With all of them you will have to figure out how to get the .apk to the phone. Sending it as an email attachment often works OK. Or putting it on a USB stick with an OTG adaptor. Note that the Ninebot App doesn't work in my (rooted) phones, only in the 'normal' ones. I wish 'computing' was less complex...
  4. @MRN76Excellent Bluetooth flashing app. I see you successfully cracked the Ninebot upgrade coding so that the machines will accept update code. Great work! Looking at the .apk resources, I see you support one firmware code for the 'MiniPRO' - v1.1.7. But I see the app also supports 1.0.8 and 7.6.0 for the 'Mark2', three versions for the 'One' and 11 versions for the 'Zx'. You have been busy! I guess I dug into your app half hoping I might find Swallowbot there, but no Swallowbot. I have my own copy now, but I keep hoping for a public release... Maybe then I will invest the time to take a closer look at the incremental platform tilt which is still present when going uphill on Swallowbot... I notice that the encoded images are only 48K, rather than the CPU 256K. That's pretty efficient coding! But, on reflection, a heck of a lot of the memory space is empty (FF). Once again, thanks for all your great work! I just wish you were taking advantage of your current lead with the miniPRO Swallowbot development... The World is clearly ready for a public release... or for a public 'open development' to try and keep the platform alive...
  5. @MRN76 Great to hear from you again! With now an Android rollback app! Impressive! Was there some reason the message system would not deliver messages to you last week?
  6. There was a charger sold by More4Mini which gives a 64V charge rather than 60V. This gives about 15% more capacity, but at the expense of battery lifetime. The normal 60V charger only sends each LiPo to 4.0V, rather than 4.2 Inside the battery pack there is a battery management chip which isolates the charging for each cell. When the battery-pack senses it is in distress you have to get past that chip and trickle-charge the worst cells. Different techniques are needed for different levels of failure.
  7. @FreeRide Generally I agree with you. The firmware is probably v1.1.1 as it reported, but perhaps with the pushback having been turned down a little. None of us seem to have any firmware before 1.1.7 to compare it with, and there is a HUGE difference between v1.1.7 and the "v1.1.1" in the pushback . However, the fact that they tried to protect the CPU firmware by locking it with RDP1, the same security used on Swallowbot, indicates to me that somebody did something valuable that they wanted to protect. So it is hard to draw solid conclusions. What amazes me is how much 'better' the Chinese Ripoff-bot feels to ride, yet it seems equally safe when the miniPRO is being stressed. To me, it emphasizes how much Ninebot damaged the utility of their platform in their futile quest for "safety." The v1.30, for example, and Swallowbot itself, is a pain to ride uphill because it keeps incrementally pushing back the platform as you get close to its lifting limit. Even 1.1.7, which doesn't have this behavior, pushes back so aggressively when its limit is reached that it very nearly pushes even an experienced rider off on the steepest slopes. The original design team, those who produced v1.1.1, did a much better job than those trusted with the machine during the marketing phase. @WEagle95 was correct in his warning (in a post on June 27, 2018) about deficiencies in "critical IRQ handlers .. what we must do on a "hard fault" or "watch dog" interrupts in mission critical applications" (I consider my riding it as "mission critical" LOL). He tells us Ninebot just switches the platform off rather than trying to go to an "emergency mode." I have confirmed this. I have been looking over the various firmware code versions for some time now. @WEagle95 really did a great job with Swallowbot (with the tilting platform exception). Yet this was achieved without only two small routines added to the original v1.3.0 binary code, and quite a lot of word-level patching of the various behaviors of the v1.3.0 code. As for Ninebot shutting reverse engineering down, in the USA you are allowed to repair a device you bought (which we now know would be to v1.1.1 presumably). The DMCA Trennial Review made that quite clear ( https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2018-23241.pdf ) specifically "Computer programs that are contained in and control the functioning of a lawfully acquired motorized land vehicle" and I look forward to Ninebot arguing their way around that one... For those that missed it, I have attached a screenshot of @WEagle95 's last post on his Swallowbot work:
  8. Jojo - It looks like all the Ebay and Amazon sellers have removed their Retro-bot control boards from sale in the last few hours from both Ebay and Amazon. This is a pity, as I am very happy with the v1.1.1 firmware they were shipping. The Russian Swallowbot seems to have gone defunct too - I can't send a message to @MRN76 any more, and @WEagle95 hasn't posted for months.
  9. It looks like all the Ebay and Amazon sellers have removed their control baords from sale in the last few hours from both Ebay and Amazon. This is a pity, as I am very happy with the firmware they were shipping. Even if it is not the Russian Swallowbot (which seems to have gone defunct too - I cant send a PM to @MRN76 any more, and @WEagle95 hasn't posted for months). Consequently I started a new topic: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/14057-sharing-experience-with-russian-swallowbot/
  10. Jojo, I have an old version of the app, (v4.4.6), so the balance slider goes from 0 to 5, with 3.2 recommended. I set it to 5 (maximum) and put my feet further forward on the machine. Although I feel a little more secure, the "rolling" of the platform's balance point as I get near to maximum load is very unsettling. It seems as though Alex&Alex didn't change that function of firmware v1,3 at all. They did reduce the aggressive pushback at maximum load, however (for me, at about 10Kph uphill on our 12 degree grades).. No wonder these users who don't have 1.1.7 (or similar) firmware available are complaining so bitterly about their machines (running 1.3/1.4)! I did achieve a significant change in downhill performance by enabling the Speed Limit button for a few seconds. It looks as though that is something which needs to be done as 'initialization' of the Swallowbot installation. I have already changed from my "manual ride smoothness" to "automatic" and that seemed to change a little. I left the steering sensitivity on 'Automatic'. ps: This v4.4.6 version of the app is the only one I have ever got going, and it is in a spare Nexus-5X without cell service. All my active phones are Rooted and secured, and I haven't been able to get the Segway app to install in them pps: I am starting to become quite firm with my theory that the v1.1.1 Chinese 'Ripoff-bot' firmware may indeed be the firmware initially signed off by the initial development group, before marketing were given the chance to cripple the machine with speed limits, etc... If the rumor you heard was true, that the initial firmware was written by one developer in his school holidays (which is feasible, IMO) then the Ripoff-bot firmware will have to be renamed to something like 'Retrobot.' I am happy with that Chinese firmware, incidentally, so maybe we should start coming up with some better names for it pps: DId you ever see any firmware released from Ninebot lower than 1.1.7?
  11. I have a question for those of you who use a copy of Swallowbot -- What do you think of it? I finally got the Swallowbot CPU from MRN76 working. It announces itself to the app as "v7.6.0"? Yet I see some of the YouTube videos with different version numbers? Any idea why the difference? (AFAIK, WEagle95 only ever posted notice of one development release). The problem I have with it stems from the underlying Ninebot 1.3.0 firmware. I hated this firmware with passion - and changed all my machines back to 1.1.7 (using the JTAG method and the software from MRN76). What I hate is the progressive tilt-back. As you get towards the load limit the feet are incrementally tilted back, little by little, and if you struggle against this to accelerate you get to the point where the platform tilts back violently with beeping, at that point pretty close to tipping you right off. The older firmware versions (up to at least 1.1.9) do not do that. Whenever I go uphill, Swallowbot does this too. Swallowbot does suppress the final violent attempt to throw you off while beeping, but the slowly tilting back platform during uphill acceleration is just the same, and just as annoying. Going on flat surfaces, or downhill, Swallowbot is effortless, and a pleasure to ride.Has anybody figured out a way to manage the uphill grades? Interestingly, the Chinese 'ripoff-bot' firmware does not do this. It announces itself as v1.1.1, and does indeed seem based on this initial firmware. I haven't been able to test its maximum speed, but it is extremely gentle when it tilts after reaching load limit uphill. A pleasure to ride (if you aren't bothered by all the beeping). It seems to have the same high performance at lower battery levels as the Swallowbot. Currently I have Swallowbot in one miniPRO, Ripoff-Bot in another, and v1.1.7 in the miniPRO with knobbly tyres. Each has benefits and each its disadvantages. What have I forgotten??
  12. I used a gear-puller.I left one of the two bolts in, but loose, so I had something to push against Like this:
  13. @FreeRide I have been riding around two identical miniPRO, one with a 310Wh battery and one with a the smaller 240Wh battery. Both batteries have matched cells, and are in good condition. But they each use different quality/chemistry LG-brand cells (see my topic on pulse testing of the batteries) and I get the feeling the cells' discharge characteristics are different. I feel that the cheaper cells in the 240Wh battery drop to 2 bars rather quickly and then stay at that level for much longer than I would expect. I think this is a function of poor BMS firmware, not the control board firmware. Has anybody else observed this?
  14. @FreeRide I found yesterday that my 2.4.6 app speedometer reaches half scale (12 o'clock) while showing about 3.8mph on Ninebot v1.1.7 and 3.5mph on the Chinese 'Swallowbot.' I do not believe those values, and will use a GPS app to check them today. The v1.1.7 machine does have larger knobbly tires. I am pleased with the way the Chinese firmware handles low battery, however. Indeed I am still using my test platform with the smaller 240W battery, routinely riding comfortably at 2 bars. I also am getting used to the gentle pushback to the point that I notice the beeping more than I notice pushback now. I have only seen these warnings when going uphill at a brisk pace, never on the flat or downhill. So I am getting more and more happy with the firmware, it seems to match my riding very well.
  15. @FreeRide It is pretty easy to flash in a Ninebot version of the firmware if you want to do that. I use an SWD programmer, with the Windows software developed by @MRN76 I am still testing to see what I think of the Chinese firmware, and, as I said, I am going to try the Russian Swallowbot CPU at some point to directly compare Chinese with Russian firmware mods. I never expected this Chinese firmware to be same as @MRN76 and @WEagle95 developed. You will recall @AndyYellow here who posted this about the Chinese Firmware he bought from TaoBao: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7293-hacking-the-minipros-speed-limiter/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-197016 So I have never assumed that the Chinese 'Swallowbot' was the same as the real Swallowbot from @MRN76 and @WEagle95 . However, I failed at getting their CPU working on my first attempt, and no other opportunity has arisen to get the Russian firmware. So I am looking to get the best MiniPRO experience I can. For me, the controlled pushback is a big deal. I also want it to be at least as sure as the Ninebot firmware when negotiating ledges and obstacles. I really am not as worried about the maximum speed as I am about getting a reliable, safe, platform. Finally, have you thought of the possibility that there is a 50Km 'bonus level' in this firmware, just as there is in the Ninebot firmware? And yes, I have considered that this firmware may just be the v1.1.1 Ninebot release. But Ninebot don't protect their firmware against copying, and the CPU I received has been secured with RDP1. So I am keeping an open mind, and becoming more comfortable as every mile goes on the odometer
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