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  1. Unicycle rental?! That’s a novel idea actually. I like it!
  2. Don’t give up! One of the things in my life I’m thankfully I didn’t quit on because of how satisfying it’s been for me.
  3. Hello All, I've elected to sell my Kingsong 18XL. It is the newer version with the upgraded pedals and stronger trolley handle. I purchased it new from Jason at eWheels in March 2019 and it is still under warranty. I'm selling because I've barely ridden it since purchasing. I travel for work so it barely gets used. - Rides Flawlessly...0 issues. - No scratches, never been dropped. If not for normal scuffs on the bottom of the pedals, it would be perfect. - Has 73 miles on the odometer. - Includes a Neoprene cover that's been on it since almost the day it was purchased
  4. I have an 18XL with less than 25miles like new for $1800 shipped.
  5. Would you do an 18XL? I have one that is still new. Has less than 25miles on it bought from Ewheels and doesn’t have a mark on it.
  6. Literally I saw 5 different examples in various posts on the first page. The overheating Nikola+ post says in the first reply. "My Nik+ fan turns on almost right away and stays on until I turn off the wheel. As with any new GotWay wheel, open it up and make sure wires are properly tied down, harness secured, etc. I wouldn't trust the QA on GotWay wheels." From what I've seen, the issues with the 16x seem to be a small batch of isolated events and the Nikola+ has experienced similar QC issues.
  7. Not really. You have a clearly stated bias that started off in the original thread title that you have since modified. You reference the wheel as chock full of issues and the Gotway as a clean and holy perfect wheel but yet a simple perusal into the Gotway forum shows that their wheels are rife with issues and it's even standard best practice to dismantle the wheel on arrival and be sure everything is screwed down properly. I mean....WOW. It's almost hilarious the amount of quality control issues the Gotway's have. Honestly, I'm not sure your intent here....other than to shake the
  8. I want to get a 16x just because of the Kingsong bashing going on in here.
  9. +10001 on this. Jason has always given me great customer service. Matter of fact, we've been communicating back and for this week. He's a great ambassador to the community and runs a solid shop.
  10. I’d love either one guys! How much would you part with them for? I don’t know what shipping would be like for the one across the pond so the US version might be more of a benefit. Let me know what works for you.
  11. Hey guys, I’m interested in buying a kingsong 14c that has bad batteries. Or no batteries.
  12. Can you give us a review? Would love to know your impressions.
  13. $1600 shipped to Kansas City. Can PayPal the money tomorrow.
  14. Thanks! Already ordered!!
  15. Thanks guys! I didn’t know they delivered internationally. Thanks for the heads up.
  16. I thought I read at some point that someone was selling a protective cover for the 18l/xl. Did I have a few to many drinks and make that up? Is anyone selling a protective cover in the US?
  17. Me too! Did you order from Jason as well?
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