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This is going to be a problem for the Plus we will never going to be able to transport it! Maybe by train... At least with the pro and the Lite we can disconnect the battery and ship it separately! I'm planning a trip across the country taking the pro onto the plane but I have to ship the battery hopefully by mail... Would never be able to do that with the Plus...

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Its been almost two months since I started this topic, and finally, thanks to a good samaritan jojo33 efforts and multiple phone calls and many emails, I received a replacement unit. To be honest, amount of time I spent on this would pay of for a new unit if I was to work this time instead, its not right when one has to go through such ordeal to receive what is granted by law.

Anyway, a huge thanks to JOJO33 and his website mini-j.world who contributed a lot in helping to resolve this. Now its time to wait for a good dry weather to ride it again, and I can't wait :)

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On 8/10/2018 at 3:08 AM, denzil said:

Hey all!

Starting a new topic, as I couldn't find similar issue.

Our loved miniPlus not charging. The green light is on PSU and noting on the unit. I have checked for the damage, and nothing I found, we always ride carefully, no water damage either. The PSU is almost new and I always charged/connected with care. I have emailed customer support, but not really hopeful of any help, considering previous experience.

Anyone experienced this? I don't know where to start, all the cables, connectors, look good, unit is barely used, around 60mil on clock only.


Did you ever get problem resolved. I’m having the same issue with a mini pro and mini lite.  Oh they have packs for the lite but cost more than a new unit where I live.  Really needs to be address before selling to consumer.  

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