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  1. I'd more worrying about a wheel, its not water proof and it clearly states: do not ride on the water.
  2. Hey guys, are you still riding your wheels during this wet weather? I haven't touched mine for a while now.
  3. Its been almost two months since I started this topic, and finally, thanks to a good samaritan jojo33 efforts and multiple phone calls and many emails, I received a replacement unit. To be honest, amount of time I spent on this would pay of for a new unit if I was to work this time instead, its not right when one has to go through such ordeal to receive what is granted by law. Anyway, a huge thanks to JOJO33 and his website mini-j.world who contributed a lot in helping to resolve this. Now its time to wait for a good dry weather to ride it again, and I can't wait
  4. Yes, thanks jojo33 for your help, Segway finally answered to my email and looking for a faulty unit return, soon they receive it - ship a new one. But it proven to be a challenge to ship that heavy unit also containing batteries under personal account. They offered to organise collection, so I asked for this, I'll keep you posed soon I receive a new unit, hopefully.
  5. And this is not actually true, this is exactly the form I used, its been two weeks now since I posted it.
  6. Thanks man, appreciated it very much! But I'm not that hopeful. I spoke to Segway UK today and they promised many times that someone will contact me TODAY to resolve it, well its an end of a day and no one has. I'm pretty much loosing my hope.
  7. Great post man, I agree 100%, I ride away from the crowd, never on the main public road with majority rides done on a private road where I entirely within my rights Not sure about meet-ups I never done any, I'm from SoCo Dublin and here never been any meetup. I can't do this weekend, and I will be working. But I can do sometime in September, again schedule very tight and last time I took my wheel out, was a month ago, shame on me
  8. Completely separate question, does anyone in Dublin have Segway miniPlus or Z10? I need to borrow a charger to check if my charger is gone or its actually my miniPlus is busted. Segway support for UK/Ireland is almost non-exsting, I've been trying to resolve the "not charging" issue for 12 days with zero response from Segway Thanks to jojo33 its going to a different level now, but its really frustrating the way it is now.
  9. I really hope you right. And it makes perfect sense to classify EUC as NOT MPV to me. I'm seeing people using EUCs in Dublin, and there is also FB group for meet ups etc. I'm glad you made it as far as presenting CoC and clarifying it. Are you planning to do daily commute on your EUC?
  10. Hey man, the rules are pretty mess-up in Ireland, I'm afraid. Official doc is here http://www.rsa.ie/Documents/VS_Information_Notes/Two_Three_Wheeled_Vehicles/FAQs on Segways or Powered Transporters.pdf But motor tax office will not tax it as speed limit < 25km, insurances will not insure it as its not taxed, so you can't go on public road, and you can't do it on footpath. So only private road with land owner permission, that what we do at the moment, pretty depressing considering other developed countries.
  11. I really hope its a charger, it will be an easy fix, if it is. The unit itself works just fine, but only have 10% battery left.
  12. Thanks Jojo33. I would really appreciate any help, to spend €800 and not be able to use the device after only 60km, its really frustrating. I PM'ed you the details.
  13. I have a feeling they don't. I have submitted support ticket, 2 weeks ago, called them number of times, with one actually went through, only to promise they called me back, hopeless Next stage, I suppose, is a small claims court
  14. I have opened a ticket, 5 days ago, no answer yet, I'm thinking of exercising my consumer rights and return the unit altogether through different channels. I can't believe such a company can have little to none customer service. Surely I won't buy any of segway products ever.
  15. 4 days and no response from customer service, Segway is the worse company to deal with Anyone know the direct number for UK customer support?
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