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  1. I have opened a ticket, 5 days ago, no answer yet, I'm thinking of exercising my consumer rights and return the unit altogether through different channels. I can't believe such a company can have little to none customer service. Surely I won't buy any of segway products ever.
  2. 4 days and no response from customer service, Segway is the worse company to deal with Anyone know the direct number for UK customer support?
  3. I have, but still waiting for their response
  4. Adapter doesn't look dead as green light is there, like it finished charging. Bought it online on segway.ie.
  5. Hey all! Starting a new topic, as I couldn't find similar issue. Our loved miniPlus not charging. The green light is on PSU and noting on the unit. I have checked for the damage, and nothing I found, we always ride carefully, no water damage either. The PSU is almost new and I always charged/connected with care. I have emailed customer support, but not really hopeful of any help, considering previous experience. Anyone experienced this? I don't know where to start, all the cables, connectors, look good, unit is barely used, around 60mil on clock only.
  6. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    Hi, I did as advised below:
  7. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    Hey guys, just a quick update, I finally managed to do a good long ride, around 15km, on flat and good quality tarmac and I must say it does much better job now (I have done tyre cleaning as recommended above). The wheel is not wobbling any more and very steady! Thanks everyone who contributed and advised!
  8. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    Thanks guys for replies. Funny thing that I though I didn't ride correctly before I applied the grip to the wheel, as it feels steady, now it looks like I was wrong. I'll try to avoid any grip on a wheel during straight rides and see if it helps. I also tried different feet positions but I need more time to feel the difference.
  9. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    Finally managed deflate, clear, inflate as per above and went on a ride. It is, probably, just me as a beginner, after all, look at the videos and tell me what do you think?
  10. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    I find segway/ninebot support awful. I had issue with misaligned tyre valve from new, and called UK office many times with no help at all. I almost arranged return (considering this new issue I probably should have) but managed to find this forum with was much more helpful then official channels. I fear if something happens with devices it will be very hard to return/fix under warranty, and I have 3 I don't fancy repairing on my own.
  11. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    I have done little, comparing to your milage, only 34km. I'll try some tricks mentioned in the posts above first. Next time I'm on the road I'll film and post it.
  12. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    I did fully deflate it. I blew the dust off, but next time I'll do it with brush and more as advised. What is the max PSI, I read that recommended is 40-50. Thanks.
  13. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    Update: I've disabled the handle stop function, and tried to pull it with handle. I definitely don't see the same vibration as on balancing video, its pretty steady. But I can't manage to make it speed up slow. As soon as it airborne it accelerate very fast to the max speed.
  14. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    I tried different feet positions, and now I'm quite confident its not that. I'm not a professional but it feels like its not that. When I accelerate it slowly to max, with wheel between my hands, I can feel the vibration, but how do I know its not strong, it manageable to hold, for sure, but I feel it. I also tried to deflate the tyre and inflate it again to 45-50 PSI and that improved it a bit, but I can still feel the vibration. I don't fancy the weight balance at all, but I was wondering if this might be a warranty case? I need to do a long ride in order to understand if re-inflating helped, if not I'll try resit it. Thanks for help!
  15. denzil

    Ninebot One S2 Vibration on 15km/h+ speed

    Thanks guys, I'm thinking of myself as a beginner, for sure, so I will try the tricks with feet position, it was bothering me before, and will try slow spin vibration. I hope its not the wheel, it was so hard to access the tyre valve I would hate to do it again.