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  1. Hi th warranty on my mini pro expired a while ago and I’m having a issue with my battery pack. I don’t want to purchase the gold pack just the packs mother board. Any suggestions? “Eg when I go to store for milk I don’t leave with the cow”. A completed pack not necessary have to many lithium battery need to use. thanks
  2. Did you ever get problem resolved. I’m having the same issue with a mini pro and mini lite. Oh they have packs for the lite but cost more than a new unit where I live. Really needs to be address before selling to consumer.
  3. Quick note be careful cause pushing unit past limits kills battery faster. It’s hard to replace the pack. It is for me 3 months to Segway.
  4. It’s good that The Segway is willing to replace batteries of units right out of box. I’ve own my mini pro and 5 mini lites since June 2017. On the mini lite the power button malfunction I call number on manual sent email pics etc, no return email or help what so ever. That unit as much as I hated turned into a parts scooter. It wasn’t fine, I moved on until about November when the Mini pro battery died. Don’t know why but I called number in manual hoping for help so I could continue to ride. To my dismay they had no battery pack in stock and packs that did have were for the mini lites for $300. I could not understand the price for the battery when the mini lite new was only $298 at Best Buy. Its now January and I’m had another battery pack died on a mini lite which sucks. I refuse to pay more for the battery then what a new unit cost. What should I do? I can’t inderstand how units are sold and company have replacement parts which are impossible to get or way to expensive. Lesson learned only buy one and let your 4 kids share. Im i the only one having this problem, I really welcome the help, because the fake Segway may be my only option. I don’t know..
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