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Weighing the eWheel

Jason McNeil

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My new precision (1gm) postage scale arrived today, with a 45kg max load, finally some weight data :) 

The KS 800W is actually just a tad over 14kg at 14.095kg,


KS14C 500W = 13.235kg, this is the biggest surprise of all, as the info from KS was that the 800W motor is about 2kg more, whereas in fact the difference is only 860gm! 


Ninebot One E, is within the manufacturers specs at 13.825kg


IPS 132, slightly under the official weight of 12kg, at 11.9kg


Previous generation F400/111 with the 400Wh LiPo battery, 12.545kg 


IPS T350/121 also below the official weight 12.92 kg


FastWheel Eva Pro is nearly 1kg over weight, 9.5kg official, 10.275kg actual


Component weight example of the IPS132, 7.8kg for the Wheel/motor & tire


IPS132 control-board is 315gm, the one used for the KS 800W is only 250gm. Most of the difference is because the heat-sink on the IPS is pretty substantial.


Will be doing a proper tear-down, weigh-in of a variety of eWheels over the next couple weeks.

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Well I just checked my KS 800w on the bathroom scales. More to check the scales than anything else. :)

Cheered me up no end. Mine came in at 14.6kg which means the bathroom scales are over by about half a kilo. :) That means I actually weigh a bit less than the 92.4kg that I thought I was. :)

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