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Found 8 results

  1. Hey All! New to the boards and relatively new to the EUC crowd also (so please go gentle!), but practicing every day, and loving every moment of it - I'm Week 3 into learning to ride with my FastWheel Eva Pro and thought I'd share just a few snaps of the recent makeover I've given my FastWheel. Naturally, in the process of learning, it has picked up more than its fair share of bumps, scrapes and scuffs from Day 1, so I thought I'd give it a little makeover to tidy it up and give it a little character! This was a really inexpensive, lightweight and fun way to add a (small) level of additional protection, but more importantly covers existing scratches, marks and scuffs quickly and easily. I have yet to finish the last few gaps in the lower part, but after its entirely covered, I will give it a clear acrylic spray coat or two to seal the stickers, give a high-shine and help protect from the elements. Just wanted to share my little creation with those that might appreciate it! Hope you like, in the meantime safe riding... #PimpMyEUC
  2. Whitch one is better and why? I can buy the ninebot one c+ for 500$ and the EVA for 400$
  3. Fastwheel finaly released the Android App for the Fastwheel EVA. It looks much cooler than the Iphone/Ipad App and has more features. Here are some screenshots from the Android App. You can download the Android app from the Fastwheel site, see: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qcWbG So far I can succesfully connect with bluetooth and the app can read out the data from my Fastwheel. The front Light can be controlled by the app. I did not needed a firmware update as I already have the latest firmware. When I have some more info I will let you know how the app behaves during a test drive.
  4. Hallo I have seen in the french site of fastwheel that maximum speed is setted at 22 kmh. I have 18 kmh speed limit on my wheel. Is there any way to change speed limit by ANDROID APP? Thanks
  5. Calling all Bay Area riders, we are having another ride this Sunday January 17th at Stanford University. Meet up time is 2:30pm at Stanford Oval. We will be riding around the many trails that Stanford University has as well as riding around Palo Alto and maybe grabbing a bite to eat along the many restaurants along University Avenue. I have our link on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/621491334621039/permalink/657699887666850/ There are many more rides being planned if you can't make this ride. I will be working with @SuperSport and @BotCali for more rides in the future. Please join our group if you are in the Northern part of California.
  6. We've done a decent amount of KM & testing on the Eva Super (312Wh version), about 50km, & am sorry to say that comparatively, even for a small 12" diameter, it's not a very good Wheel & doesn't live up to the claimed specifications (especially in power) of the manufacturer. Here are some of the issues: From the time you press the button to power on takes ~2.5sec. Powering off is worse, in that you have to press & hold for the 2.5secs. This may not sound like much, but feels like an eternity when transitioning from stairs/up-curbsPower-on generates an annoying tone which cannot be deactivatedThe power meter LED panel is completely unreadable when riding There is no sealant around the joins of the various plastic panels, rendering it completely non-water-resistantAlthough the ergonomics of the handle is of a nice design the seams have irregularities in the plastic which can scratch you handThe overspeed alarm is enabled at only around 15kph & riding beyond this feels unstable & dangerous, it's definitely not 22kphThe tire contact point with the road is far too small, leading to instability & poor ride-quality Tested the climbing strength on hill, did not fair well, comparable to an X3When a 90kg rider tried it on flat terrain, the Wheel stalled & was not able to support himPedals are low & have a tendency to scrape, even on moderate turns There is no App available for the AndroidRange has not yet been tested, but early indications are that it's not very goodThere's a full video review on the way, but I'd thought to share these initial impressions.
  7. Has any one herd of this brand? Any one own one? http://www.selfbalanceelectricscooter.com/sale-5325312-portable-self-balance-electric-scooter-monocycle-sumsung-battery-cell-unique-design.html
  8. My new precision (1gm) postage scale arrived today, with a 45kg max load, finally some weight data The KS 800W is actually just a tad over 14kg at 14.095kg, KS14C 500W = 13.235kg, this is the biggest surprise of all, as the info from KS was that the 800W motor is about 2kg more, whereas in fact the difference is only 860gm! Ninebot One E, is within the manufacturers specs at 13.825kg IPS 132, slightly under the official weight of 12kg, at 11.9kg Previous generation F400/111 with the 400Wh LiPo battery, 12.545kg IPS T350/121 also below the official weight 12.92 kg FastWheel Eva Pro is nearly 1kg over weight, 9.5kg official, 10.275kg actual Component weight example of the IPS132, 7.8kg for the Wheel/motor & tire IPS132 control-board is 315gm, the one used for the KS 800W is only 250gm. Most of the difference is because the heat-sink on the IPS is pretty substantial. Will be doing a proper tear-down, weigh-in of a variety of eWheels over the next couple weeks.
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