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are these wristgaurds good enough for 30kph+ riding?

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i was looking around and i found a box of some pretty hefty: Kneepads, elbowpads and wristguards that were laying around

the kneepads look well enough they have thick foam and a hard platic shell but what about the wristguards look at photo its like a glove made of durable fabric and fake learher and hard peice of platic

but is this good enough? If not what do i need to look for in a good pair of wristguards?

AdobePhotoshopExpress_410250e7dc6b4e379580930e29b3572e (2).jpg

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2 hours ago, litewave said:

This topic has been covered at length before. The short answer is that they are better than nothing, but low-grade, nonetheless. I believe @dbfrese and @radial both sustained wrist fractures while wearing a similar product. I wore the Triple8 wristsavers for over a year but have since upgraded to the Demon Flexmeters. I had only one low-speed stumble where I fell forward onto my arms with the Triple 8s, and I really felt the compression shock. The metal splints in this design will transfer the impact forces almost directly to the heel of the hand, into the wrist and up the arm, which is why the Flexmeters with D3O really are a much better choice from a safety perspective.

safety defenetly isnt one of the things i want to compromise on does this one look better or is it the same as the other? this one is just more like a glove but with a bendy peice of plastic compared to the other one wich is pretty solid so wich one is better hard or bendy? i will go serching the forums for a wristguard post :efee47c9c8:

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