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Inmotion V3 pro


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WheelLog worked for me, though I don't think you can customize the wheel with it.  I'm not aware of any others that will work, but have no idea and am interested in the answer too.

In my case, I've got an Android tablet as well as a phone.  If I had the problem you have, I'd try installing the app on the tablet, or try borrowing someone else's phone --- as you don't need frequent access to the app to modify the few parameters that you can.

I don't know about the IOS experience, but if you have android, did you get the app from the Play store, or from the InMotion website?  My recollection is that after installing the app, at some point I had to update it somehow, so whichever location you got it from, maybe uninstall and try the other?

Best of luck!

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