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  1. brianle

    IPS S5

    From https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ips_i5_and_s5_the_new_electric_unicycles_from_ips-c__253 "The IPS S5 will be a 16" electric unicycle, which - except the larger tyre diameter - will be equipped with higher capacity Panasonic batteries and more powerful electric motor. For sure it will weight more than I5, however we can expect it to be a great competition, in terms of the weight, to other 16-inch wheels. It has to be reminded that 16" electric unicycles are usually heavier than fourteens." Perhaps this was "playing" on the part of whoever their source was when that article came
  2. brianle

    IPS S5

    I'm curious what led you to order the S5. I got my i5 because it's about the smallest and lightest EUC I could get. What I read about the S5 is that it's a 16" wheel with higher battery capacity and a more powerful motor --- bound to be bigger and heavier. Is the point for you to have the lightest 16" wheel you can get, or ... ? Not trying to challenge you here (!), just curious.
  3. Super, thanks Esper! I guess my bigger concern is that I can take the bus OUT, but am not allowed to board when I want to go BACK. I guess worst came to worst I could optionally just ride the EUC to another stop and try again with a different bus driver; sometimes two different lines will get me there and aren't all that far apart in EUC terms, or in some cases the next bus isn't all that long a wait. But yes, acting nonchalant, "this is normal, nothing to see here" is certainly the way to go. Asking "is this allowed?" just sets you up for trouble. With my folding bike I can fit it un
  4. Dang, I've been out of town so I missed this. I'm in Bellevue, FWIW, but could get into Seattle for a ride I expect ... hmm, so long as bus drivers don't object to me bringing on an EUC ... I've had no problem with a folding bike, but it doesn't have a battery. I could bring my backpackable EUC in stealth mode, but would rather the KS16S in a group ride situation!
  5. It varies for me too, but I've never tried the kind of mileage that some report. It depends on the day, the foot-ware, the particular EUC, and likely on me as well. But typically by 4 - 5 miles I'm feeling some soreness in the area of the arches of my feet, akin to mild cramping but not actual cramping. I do once in a great while dismount and walk it off for a while, but not too pleased to be doing that. I don't typically have to get off my bike and walk it for a while, and I'm doing more physical work on it. I'm still searching for ways to improve this; have tried various foot-ware and
  6. The getting-started email from eWheels for my new KS16S suggested WheelInfo as the app to use after getting it speed unlocked. I already had WheelLog installed and that works very well. So I went to Google Play with my Android phone, downloaded WheelInfo, it looks quite like WheelLog. Bluetooth shows my EUC, but after it's presumably paired it shows no data, no speed, no 'odometer', nothing. Is there perhaps a better source to get this from rather than Google Play? On Google Play it's called Wheelinfo84v by Dongsoo Lee. Hmm, I wonder if the '84v' in the app title is a clue? The
  7. Peanut butter is pretty good for getting stuff like that off, I find. I'll eventually find something else to pad with this stuff, however. I've minorly dropped the 16S a couple of times in the past few days, but am hoping for no major catastrophes. It does ride a little differently than my others; I have to sort of adapt back and forth to hop on (what traditional unicyclists, at least, call "quick start") as it's a bit different in that way from the much thinner IPS i5, but I expect I'll get so that I can adapt pretty quickly. After, inevitably, a few embarrassing moments
  8. I post this on the theory that someone else might be puzzled too (I'm happy to admit when I'm ignorant :-)). Shortly following the shipment of my new KS16S, eWheels sent me separately a set of wrist braces along with a package labelled mostly in Chinese but including the English words "Safety Protector". This consists of a roll of flat rubbery stuff, well, flat on one side and on the not-so-flat on the other, that's 80 mm (about 3") wide, 8 mm thick (about 1/3 inch), and 2 meters long (6.6 feet). Included is a roll of "safety tape". Pictures on the packaging appear to show it being ins
  9. I used Wheellog today for a 5 km jaunt, a fine app. Turns out that now that I have an unlocked unit that goes faster, at 25 kph or so I was already feeling nervous. I got to nearly 28 kph and quickly backed off. Perhaps a little more nervous than usual from a minor fall yesterday that left both wrists sore today (today I was wearing the wrist brace protectors!). But I don't think so. My other EUCs are capped at about 18 kph, and I was periodically wanting to go a bit faster without beeping or warnings or tiltback as a result, but at this point I'm doubting that I'll ever take it abov
  10. Wow, thanks so much! Someday perhaps, all the required information will be in one place ... Fortunately I have Android 8.0, not 8.1, and looking at the app settings for the v4 app and authorizing location and storage did the trick immediately. I was able to go through the process to unlock (helpful I only have 8 km on this machine so far), and then adjust the speeds at which various beeps will go off. Interestingly, after turning off the level 1 and 2 beeps and adjusting 3 & 4 warning levels to the top of my speed range (34 and 35 kph respectively for the 16S), I then downloaded
  11. Just got my new KS16S today, and overall it's nice --- though I was surprised that without some momentum when approaching a somewhat steep hill that this powerful motor seemed to crawl up the hill (did better if I approached the same hill at some speed). And I'm not so keen on the constant high pitched noise (on top of the more typical motor noise). But I can't unlock it. Installed the v4 Android app on both my phone and android tablet, and tried quite a number of times on both to scan for my unit, and not only doesn't it find it, the v4 app doesn't find ANY bluetooth devices, and I've
  12. Just got my new KS16S today, and yup --- initially I thought some sort of high pitched sound was coming from somewhere in the neighborhood, but as I continued to ride and the sound continued --- rats. Someone my age should by rights have lost enough upper range hearing that this wouldn't be an issue, but I find that noise pretty irritating. My other EUCs don't do that. I've got it on in my office now, in vain so far trying to connect the KS app via bluetooth, and even stationary there's a high pitched sound that I could happily do without.
  13. Just downloaded the KS16S spec sheet, and it says: "840wh Lithium battery, with equilibrium, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection" This doesn't say if they're Li-Ion or Li-Po (Lithium Polymer, aka Lithium-ion Polymer). But according to wikipedia, Li-Po batteries suffer from the same safety issues as Li-Ion, to whit: "This means that overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, short circuit, crush and nail penetration may all result in a catastrophic failure, including the pouch rupturing, the electrolyte leaking, and fire." So saying "polymer" as if it's
  14. Apologies for resurrecting a somewhat old thread, but the concern I have about taking an EUC on Amtrak isn't just that they might not let me on, it's that they MIGHT let me on traveling away from home, but then not let me get back home the same way (!), i.e., a round-trip train trip with an EUC. A suitcase doesn't work, as I want to ride it a fair distance to/from the train station. Maybe a soft duffel-bag type case ... ? Reading about this, I see that hoverboards are banned due to the lithium batteries; I don't see why an EUC would be treated any differently? I read about one instanc
  15. Rats, wish I had seen this excellent review before I bought mine! Mea culpa, but I was somewhat on the fence about getting a chin bar option at all, so I'm still content with my decision. Seeing also that @Rehab1 actually did some empirical crash testing with this unit and gives it a thumbs up makes me feel even better. Thanks to you both!
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