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                    Yesterday I joined @Marty Backe and @YoshiSkySun for a hastily scheduled group ride in the local concrete flood control channel near Marty "has anyone seen my balls" Backe's house so he could test the prowess of his new Tesla on a group ride.In the bottom of the channel is a stream of water which is about six feet wide and six iches deep.I had crossed the stream several times on my Monster during the ride and has we were ready to head back,I had to cross it one more time.It was deeper than six inches where we were so I headed upstream to find a more shallow area to cross.The place I came to looked no deeper than six inches so I started to cross the stream only to realize I had mistaken the depth as me and my Monster quickly sank to my knees.The Monster was totally submerged for 2-3 seconds before I could pull it out and put it ashore.Needless to say,it would not power up.All that would happen when I pressed the power button is the simultaneous blinking of the headlight and rear LEDs.I borrowed @Marty Backe's multi-tool to remove the side cover to see if there was any water on the control board.Surprisingly there was very little.So I tried to power it up again and voila! The Monster came back to life and was just fine!:)Rode it another 15 miles back to our starting point with no problems.It is truly an amazing wheel.Now I know why @Marty Backe stencilled "Gotway" on his helmut.:D

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