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Seeing behind you...

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Ive judt ordered my Tesla and am stoked for it.  I'm getting ready for it by learning how to mount dismount, stop, turn, etc.  But I'm wondering how someone would see behind them.   As a cyclist I would just turn my head and look.  But on a unicycle then I'd be turning my unicycle. Right?  I'm not sure if one would then need a rear view helmet mirror to see behind you  those things aren't great at night either which I will be doing since I come home from classes at night. 

Is this an issue? How do you handle this?

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There's a natural tendency to turn in the direction you are looking so you learn to naturally counter it.  At first it's difficult, but after a while when you relax, you can look behind while still travelling in a straight line.  Or you can get those rear-view mirror helmet attachments or glove mirrors.

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Adding to @Hunka Hunka Burning Love's post... there is also a helmet that has inbuilt mirror system (showing the "behind-you" up behind the visor) - there is a thread about it somewhere in the forum. 

But I would also practice looking back... it's very handy (for safety reasons). And, like everything EUC, it becomes more natural over time. 

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