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EUC - Basic Introduction (non riders)

Henrik Olsen

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We have made this video to answer the most common questions about EUC we get when riding in public with e.g. EUC Denmark. The content is also based on input provided by some of you guys in this great forum. I have included a relevant shoutout to http://forum.electricunicycle.org/ under the point where can I learn more, and included a link in the description.

If you like the video I would really appreciate your help sharing it ;-)



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You're doing the good work:thumbup:

Small tip, what I would do if I were you:

Never have just someone talking in the picture and nothing else. Especially at the beginning when catching (or not catching) people's interest is happening. "Show, don't tell". All you need to to is have a EUC in front of you, slightly driving it back and forth on a table, just like in the second part of the video. Something unknown for viewers to look at, that moves, might make a difference in not getting people to close the video (not sure if that happens, but I believe you can see that in your YT statistics).

Also, please no longer the V3 as example electric unicycle, just use a KS14D or whatever (ideally, something with shiny blinking lights) - anything with actually one wheel:)

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